January 1, 2011
By shreydesai GOLD, Saratoga, California
shreydesai GOLD, Saratoga, California
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“Today is the day, I will release the software for the world to unite together. The unity between us humans will be strong within our blood. I call this new technology…”

20 years later…

The year was 2032. All humans had moved to the planet of Mars. Earth had become a danger for the human race as evil lurked in every corner. The Earth was filled with nanobots except for one cyborg named Spectrum and his human assistant, Valkrie.

Spectrum was a calm and peaceful man until he had an accident in a factory in 2012. He was enriched with the neurobreaking technology, blueposi0n. This technology was very dangerous and was responsible for all the nanobots which now roam the Earth. This accident was a major effect, and Spectrum was now the last of his kind. All the others had moved to the red planet of Mars.

Spectrum’s mission was to call back the humans after he had destroyed the main base for the nanobots, known as yellowra1n. These nanobots (aka blacksn0w) were forcing out human civilization in great numbers. As a cause, the technology bluepois0n was released, and Spectrum was made to reverse this cause.

Now, rumors and fights evaluate the planet of Mars as most of the human civilization was moved to Mars. All buildings on Earth were demolished and it is now ruled by the blacksn0w. All human structures on Earth have been destroyed, and now it was all up to Spectrum if he could stop the global network of yellowra1n….

“Die you nanobots!” Spectrum cursed. He was close to the USA Network of yellowra1n. He was fighting with the blacksn0w, but he was nowhere near close of defeating them. He tried to use some of his cyborg powers such as the destabilizer, but his touchscreen dashboard for powers wasn’t working properly. It was destroyed and damaged by an ambush of nanobots which had once caught him lurking around yellowra1n.

Spectrum was falling behind. He couldn’t fight any longer against the nanobots. He tried replying to his battalion, but the whole area was damaged and conquered. To have some assist in his missions, Spectrum used metal junk around the Earth to create a battalion of controlled soldiers which fought with him in battle.

“Quadron 1, do you copy? Quadron 1? Valkrie? Where are your men?” Spectrum asked impatiently.

“Spectrum, our men are safe, but we really need to find some cover! Is there any way you can come and rescue us? Valkrie asked.

“Valkrie, hold on. I have almost destroyed the yellowra1n USA Outlet, and I have hacked into the mainframe. Wait about 10 minutes, and I will be at your coordinates.”

“Roger that.”

Spectrum was in the mainframe of yellowra1n. He had managed to pass the blacksn0w guards and was now destabilizing the yellowra1n outlet. With this conquer, blacksn0w in the Los Angeles part of California would be destroyed with no network to connect to.

Spectrum turned on his tracking device. He suspected trouble at once when he heard the beeping through the platinum doorway of the underground passageway. Spectrum hid under a cavern shell as he saw two blacksn0w guards come in to check the system. With the controls in hand, he hid his file, and put a ghost version on it, so the blacksn0w could not detect it.

Spectrum had really bad feelings about the blacksn0w patrolling around this area. If it wasn’t hard enough, situations now would get even tougher. 2 years ago when Spectrum didn’t know anything about the blacksn0w, he got up and tried to tackle down two blacksn0w guards. When he came back to his base checkpoint, he was majorly injured and badly bruised. A normal human would have died instantly by an ambush. The only reason Spectrum survived that incident was because that he was a cyborg.

After about 10 minutes of suffering and agony in the cavern, the blacksn0w finally left the area. Spectrum came out of his hiding place and touched the yellowra1n control panel once more. The control panel suddenly came to life, and showed the yellowra1n logo once more. When the screen came up, he detected something unusual. This is what Spectrum saw on the control panel:

Welcome to the yellowra1n Database Control Panel


Spectrum was really confused. He had never seen the yellowra1n control panels ever password protected. He had worked on and hacked more than 10 yellowra1n control panels and they were never password protected! He was stunned. He had never thought the blacksn0w would ever do something like this.

Spectrum returned to base after helping Valkrie. Valkrie was his only assist left and his battalion, so he had to take great care of them. Spectrum and Valkrie were very close in destroying the global network of yellowra1n. Spectrum had longed to wait to turn on his own touchscreen dashboard and go the the Human Appliances section and call the humans back. He had longed to do that for over 10 years ago.

Spectrum’s mission started in 2022. Ever since then, he had traveled with the leftover human force called Alpha 1. They fought valiantly against yellowra1n and blacksn0w, but eventually ended up dying in less than 3 years. Ever since then, Spectrum had only Valkrie on his side and his robot battalion which he named Beta 2.

Out of the blue, the radar started beeping! There was some trouble in the area.

“Valkrie, what you spot on your radar?”

“Spectrum, we got some bad news. I find blacksn0w closing on our outer perimeter. We have to do something about this.”

“Valkrie, order Beta 2 to gather up, and send them to the outer perimeter to break down those guys. I need to go solo.”

“Spectrum!” You cannot just leave us here to die! Are you out of your mind? I thought we followed the Code.”

“Valkrie, sometimes, you just have to follow orders. I have to do this myself.”


It was too late. Spectrum had disappeared in his pod, and was launching to the yellowra1n database.

At the outer perimeter, Valkrie stood frightened by the constant sounds which haunted the passageway. His tracking device located blacksn0w in less than 500 yard perimeter, and they were closing in. Suddenly, there was an explosion. A large rocket flew into the air, and exploded into large chunks on metal.

Valkrie tried jumping out to get air support, but he was weighed down by a rock that had fallen on him. Since Valkrie was human, his flesh was not that strong. Red blood started gushing out of his skin, and he tried to get out of this mess. His bones in his leg were probably cracked by now as he couldn’t feel his inner self.

The next thing Valkrie saw were blacksn0w members jumping all over and shooting down Beta 2 and bombarding the area with missiles and guns and more. Soon, there was a clear winner. The blacksn0w had triumphed….

In the air, Spectrum was 15 miles away from the battle. He had no idea of what tragedy had happened. His mission was to go back to the yellowra1n outlet. On his pod, Spectrum layed out his plan to himself. He stood in front of it for a long time, and perfected his procedure as his destination grew closer and closer.


The pod had landed in the back area of the yellowra1n headquarters. There were a lot of blacksn0w troops patrolling the area and were snooping around in front of any nook and cranny to make sure any Beta 2 didn’t get there.

Spectrum slowly pried opened the latch and raced into the yellowra1n headquarters. He passed by many doorways and areas which he found quite different and interesting, but he kept his focus on Sector 2. This is where he needed to go to shut down yellowra1n.

As Spectrum entered the mainframe of the whole building, he saw a blue glow inside one of the rooms. His touchscreen dashboard started beeping gently and he went in it.

Inside the room was a large monitor computer. “This computer probably stores all the missions and projects blacksn0w is working on with the yellowra1n assist.” Spectrum thought aloud in his mind. “Let me see some of their data. They probably will not mind.”

As he opened the monitor, it read:

Welcome to the yellowra1n Data Center


Spectrum was surprised. He never knew that the yellowra1n network was so organized. He searched around on the large glass monitor, but then something caught his eye. It read “redsn0w”. Spectrum wondered and was curious enough to check it out. He never saw redsn0w troops before. Usually, it said blacksn0w on the name plate of the nanobot troops.

Spectrum clicked on redsn0w. Suddenly, his eyes were fully opened, and his muscles felt loose on this body. An electric charge started building up in his inner self, and his titanium base plate started shaking.

redsn0w was a project yellowra1n had been working on since the beginning of 2022. redsn0w was a new upgraded version of blacksn0w which was faster, stronger, lighter, and of course more deadly. Spectrum felt weak. If he could not fight 2 blacksn0w troops at a time, then how could he possibly deal with even 1 redsn0w troop?

Spectrum rushed out of the area. He quickly felt weak and dead. He ran all the way to Sector 2 and he was determined to shut down yellowra1n before the first redsn0w troop was released and revealed.

He found Sector 2. He entered the area just to find 1 red blacksn0w troop. This one looked really different. It had blue cobalt eyes with a platinum base plate and a set of upgraded weaponry items which was not found on the blacksn0w. Then as it turned around to face him, letters on its body faced toward him. It read “redsn0w”.

Spectrum was in trouble. He was now facing a redsn0w troop whether he liked it or not. He saw the redsn0w troop closing in on him. It took out a missile launcher, and the next thing Spectrum saw was that he was flying in the air with one short air blast. He caught care of his touchscreen dashboard, and enabled his destabilizing powers. It started sending a wave of electricity to the redsn0w troop, but redsn0w seemed no harm to it.

Spectrum did all he could. He kicked and punched and jabbed and unloaded on him, but nothing even made a scratch on redsn0w. Instead while the redsn0w troop was beating Spectrum up, he took out a tar hose and sprayed it on the base plate of the troop.

Suddenly, it stopped. It started destabilizing and it fell back. It started to go into a frozen mode, but Spectrum did not think this would last long. He made his way to the control panel as he hacked the username and password part. The control panel said ACCESS GRANTED and he quickly made way to the folder that was named UNINSTALL YELLOWRA1N. He clicked on it, and clicked on the file that said UNINSTALL YELLOWRA1N.EXE.

As soon as he was about to click on that, the redsn0w troop suddenly sprang into action and tackled him down. It unloaded a missile on him, but Spectrum was smart, and turned the rocket around, and blasted it right in its nucleus. Spectrum was buying time. He again double-clicked on UNINSTALL YELLOWRA1N.EXE and it started loading.

Spectrum quickly rocketed himself out of the building but before he did, there was a mighty explosion from the yellowra1n center, and the gravity pulled him down so hard that he fell unconscious. The brave cyborg had just been defeated.

2 years later…

Spectrum tried standing up but coughed loudly and fell down. He was in a barren land with smoke and ash covering the bright view. He stood up and studied himself. His touchscreen dashboard came to life, and stuttered at first. Suddenly, it said to him,”YEAR 2034. MISSION COMPLETE. YELLOWRA1N GLOBAL NETWORK DESTABILIZED. AUTOMATIC RESPONSE TO HUMAN CIVILIZATION SENT.”

Spectrum stood up. His mission was finished. Now, what did he have to do? Spectrum had to spend the rest of his days doing something which occupied him. His bluepois0n technology had been upgraded terrestrially, and he had upgraded to the full version.

Spectrum remembered the day Jay Freeman had released bluepois0n after creating the award-winning jailbreak software called Cydia. To repeat back what he had said was tough, but Spectrum remembered that Jay Freeman was the key to the human civilization success. bluepois0n is the operating system technology which held Spectrum together. Jay Freeman was truly the brightest man that saved the human civilization.

Feeling full of happiness and success, Spectrum walked back to his base. He would spend the rest of his days waiting for the human civilization to come back and savor the Earth once more after rebuilding it. Spectrum was now free.

Back at the yellowra1n datacenter, an interesting event had brewed up to its fullest. Something was moving and making sounds as it tried to focus its image.

“Buzz buzz buzz…”

A fallen warrior had just stood up from the past. It looked around as its blue cobalt eyes scanned the area. It started walking a few steps, and then turned on its radar. It slowly flexed its great titanium hands, as poison gas flew away from its inner vents. It walked a few steps, and scanned the area again. As it moved, the word redsn0w gleamed on its chest as it said, “Missed me?”

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on Jan. 7 2011 at 7:51 pm
i like ur comment :)

on Jan. 7 2011 at 7:50 pm
i love spectrum! hes so cool and strong!!!!!!!!

privatehoy said...
on Jan. 7 2011 at 7:49 pm
cool story

super13 said...
on Jan. 7 2011 at 7:48 pm
super13, Saratoga, California
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good work. keep it up. it flabbergasted me on how discriptive it was

Krishna said...
on Jan. 7 2011 at 1:06 am
Super creative and great writing style.. Looking forward to more stories. I'm hooked !

aisha said...
on Jan. 6 2011 at 12:26 am
Wow! Very impressed with your story. So creative and interesting! Keep up the great work.

on Jan. 5 2011 at 7:01 pm
real story! this is what I call FANTASY AND IMAGINATION... I LOVE IT FAZE2!!!

delaney said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 7:00 pm
really love spectrum!!!! blacksn0w and redsn0w are also AMAZING!!!

gonzalez said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 6:59 pm

on Jan. 5 2011 at 6:58 pm
cool and stunning fantasy story! i really recommend you to read this!

isaISCOOL<3 said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 6:57 pm
THE STORY IS SO COOL!!!! but the redsn0w dude is creepy :)

on Jan. 5 2011 at 6:56 pm
keep it coming faze2!!!! i really like your story...

lakersfan said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 6:55 pm
love bluepois0n... cool story!

madani said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 6:54 pm
one of the best stories I have read! keep up the great work!!!

Jigs said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 11:02 am
Excellent beta, nj0yed reading it..keep it coming :)

faze2 said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 9:17 am

Thank you very much for the awesome comment! I hope you will like my next story, yellowpois0n which is coming out soon as a sequel.


tara said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 2:02 am
Great Work! I wonder, how you can do so detailed nararttion. Salute fella! Loved it. I felt as If watching a sci-fi fiction. A novelist is born. :)

Lol2123 said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 12:42 am
Love the story! Keep up the work and I'm looking forward to a sequel!

R2D2 said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 12:10 am
This is got to be the best Sci-Fi & Fantasy Story I have ever seen! Keep up the good work and I hope a sequel comes out!

MasterYoda said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 12:04 am
COOL & Creative fusion of sci-fi with technology!

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