The Tea Party Part 1

January 1, 2011
May 10th, 2010
:Tea Party
(Alice is alone in the forest)
Alice ->Ahh! Oh, Cheshire Cat, it's only you. You almost gave me a heartattack!
(Cheshire Cat smiles eerily)
[The Mad Hatter is sitting on the clock]
Red Ace Card ->Well, Hatter, you're right on time.
Hatter ->I only thought it was a clock. (Laughs shortly)
Alice ->Be quiet, the Queen is coming! [Throws a rock at the mad hatter's head]
Hatter ->{whispers}Ow! That hurt.
Queen's Deck of Cards ->{blows trumpets}
Queen ->SILENCE! (Clears throat) Attention!
Alice ->{whispers}Where's the rabbit? He will be late and might have his head, well, you know, if he doesn't arrive any time soon!

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