The Fall of the Humans Part III: The Last Battle

December 31, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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2012 years after Axel incident

Bullets fell out of the humans guns like rain out of the sky. Commander Patrik looked to his left.
“Colonel!” He shouted, “Get your men over to that bank over there and give those robots a taste of heck!”
“Yes Sir!” The Colonel shouted.
The final symbols of humanity were falling. Girls and Boys with their toys ran at their enemies, bleeding and dying while taking out some of the robots out with them. An old clock tower with the American Flag on was soon the shelter for the colonel and his team while the robots hunted them down like animals.
“Adam!” The colonel shouted, “Give that robot an RPG to the head!”
“Yes sir!”
Soon, the air was filled with molten metal as the RPG flew through the air and exploded the robot. Soon, all chaos broke out as the robots charged into the barrage of bullets that the humans fired upon them. Running, the colonel jumped forward, pulled out his rifle, and began to fire at the smaller infantry of robots, cutting them down.
“Get my back!” The Colonel shouted.
Gazing forward, the Colonel suddenly saw the leg of a huge walker robot approach him. Jumping to the left, he looked around. Fire surrounded him as he fired at any metal that moved his way.
“Colonel!” Adam shouted, “Look out!”
The Colonel didn’t hear. Instead, he saw the giant pendulum of the clock swing towards him. The Colonel flew sixty feet through the air before landing on top of a pile of bricks, every bone in his body was broken.
“Colonel!” Adam shouted.
Adam ran forward, breathing in and out the smoky air. The clock tower was now a pile of bricks and glass while the last group of robots ran forward, into the other soldier’s wall of fire, tearing up the American Flag. Adam heard the screams of the robots and humans as they engaged in hand to hand combat. Running forward, Adam only heard himself panting as his burst through a wall of fire.

There was only one human and robot in his sights. The robot held the girl by the neck and was gazing into her eyes. Without saying a word, Adam raised his gun and blew the robot away. Falling down, the robot joined his fellow comrades and humans as they lay on the earth: the inventor with his invention. Rushing over to the lady, Adam knelt down.
“Are you alright?” Adam asked.
The girl coughed and looked at him.
“Y-yes I am” The Girl said.
Adam helped her up and looked at her.
“What is your name?” Adam asked.
“Eve” the girl said.
“What do we do now?” Adam asked, looking at all the dead robots.
“We survive.” Eve said, sweetly, taking his hand.

In seven days, the Earth was invented and on the Eight Day, Man kind killed themselves with their inventions.

The End

The author's comments:
It has been my pleasure to tell the world about the rise and fall of the robots and human population...enjoy this last story.

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