Godzilla vs. Cthulu

December 30, 2010
By DevilWarrior BRONZE, Wilton, Connecticut
DevilWarrior BRONZE, Wilton, Connecticut
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My name is Akido Ieyasu. I am the general of the Japanese Paranormal Defense Forces. I have come to tell a tale that most reading will not believe. It is a tale of old gods and new gods, and the struggle between them. The tale begins two years ago in Tokyo, Japan…

The waves churned and stormed. Waters rose into enormous tidal waves destroying coastal villages. Disasters occurred more and more as the great beast came closer and closer to the shore. The water stopped, as if bowing before the presence of its lord. Out from the black tides came the great king of the monsters himself, Godzilla. His reptilian features emerged from the waters quickly enough that by the time a human noticed his head he was already out of the water. He looked like a great reptilian behemoth with giant spikes emerging from his back. The unholy child of nature and radiation, Godzilla had already laid waste to Japan six times and had attacked places as far away as New York. This time, however, he came to destroy his old nemesis Tokyo for the radiation which had mutated him. As he stepped onto the shores, the villagers that saw him ran in terror of his might. He destroyed the village without a second thought and continued on his path to Tokyo.
At the time, I had been working on stopping a mad cult which had been attacking and stealing in what appeared to be random incidents. They seemed to be the cult of some old squid god and dementedly formed riots outside what they called “the ultimate places of denial” which, in reality, were Shinto Shrines, Buddhist Temples and Christian Churches. By coincidence (or fate?), I was in Tokyo when Godzilla started his rampage.
I immediately called up all forces in the nearby area. Unfortunately, our options were very few. Our best hope was to launch electromagnetic missiles strapped to jets at the beast. Besides that, all we had left was an experimental sonic disrupter, not yet perfected, which we could use to try and lure Godzilla away from Tokyo. With any luck, the scientists would be able to perfect it while I used the missiles to stall.
The forces mobilized quickly and we gathered ourselves together to attack Godzilla. Our plan was to attack with ground forces scattered about to confuse him so that the jets could get close enough to use the electromagnetic rays to shock him. The small force of about 20 men in the air mobilized. The city turned into the suburbs and the suburbs turned into the grassy fields and farms and, all too soon for my tastes, I saw the giant reptilian head of Gojira, known more commonly as Godzilla. No creature on Earth looked like Godzilla. None matched his sheer size; the closest would be the Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, Godzilla was green, had normal sized arms and large spikes coming out of his back. He was also taller than a T-Rex as he towered far above the greatest buildings in Tokyo. It has been estimated Godzilla is 300 feet tall, and all 300 feet stared viciously at the ground forces as we flew in.
The land forces deployed scattered everywhere so that Godzilla could not hit them all at once. The air forces held back, ready to fire if necessary. We were only 40 miles from Japan, if we could not deter him here then there would be no time to evacuate anyone from Tokyo.
“Land forces, Go!” I shouted.
Godzilla saw the horde of tiny creatures attack as if to harm him. With a swoop of his mighty tail he flattened all those directly behind him. He stomped and flattened all those near him. Out of nowhere more tiny things arrived; unlike the other ones, these were able to fly. He ignored them and drew a deep breath to use his secret weapon and destroy the annoying creatures that attacked him. Gases rose from his stomach combining with the secret liquids that made his saliva and from his mouth came jet upon jet of flame. He saw the creatures run in terror and then in pain as the fire overtook them. In the middle of his flame assault, he suddenly felt a pain from the creatures that flew. Electric shocks coursed within him. The pain only increased his rage and with the electric charge now coursing within him drew back for a mighty breath. The spikes on his back lit up and a great blast of lightning came from his mouth destroying most of the flying creatures. The creatures, both land and air, left. Godzilla let out a mighty roar of triumph and continued towards Tokyo.
I listened in horror. Almost all of my forces had been destroyed. Godzilla had felt little, if any, pain from the electric shock. Meanwhile, in his absence, the cult attacked again and fighting between local police and the riots were still going on. Godzilla was attacking from the outside and cultists were attacking from within.
“Tokyo is going to need a miracle to survive this.” I thought, forlornly but calmly.

Cthulhu slept in a manner. In his dream state, still he had control enough to impact the universe. He was one of the Old Ones, a race of gods who formed the darkness of the universe. There were weak members, such as Sluggoth (a being so weak that an army of humans could defeat him), but the majority of them were powerful, having a power which mortal beings could not comprehend. There were beings such as Azerhotep and Neferetiri. They were his own parents, Hydra and Terra. But no being was as powerful or dark as he, Cthulhu.
They were not evil per se. Being evil indicated a choice in the matter. Rather, they were the embodiment and personification of evil and darkness in its many forms. He had power, power enough that while sleeping he could destroy the puny planet on which he slept, a planet known as Earth. There would be no purpose however as sleeping in the voids of space would not aid him more than sleeping in the waters of the Pacific. And so he waited. Even now his cultists labored to free him. When he was freed he would destroy this planet out of sheer contempt and retake his throne over the multiverse.
All of the forces in and around Tokyo had been mustered either to stop the riots or to help lure Godzilla into a trap. I would lead the force which would attempt to draw Godzilla away from Tokyo, into the site where he would be bombed using nuclear missiles. As I flew over Tokyo, I saw in the streets that the riots seemed to be heading to the same place - Tokyo’s Natural History Museum. Why would they be headed there?
“No matter,” I thought, “concern yourself with Gojira, let the police take care of the cultists.”
As Godzilla appeared upon the outskirts of Tokyo, the planes activated the lure which set off a strange buzzing sound. Godzilla was clearly distracted by this new sound but he continued ahead. The land forces attempted to delay him while the lure took further effect but he simply trampled over them. As Godzilla stumbled up to the museum, the cultists attacked him. I watched in amazement as the two fought for supremacy. The lure finally kicked in fully and Godzilla was, in an almost hypnotic state, lured away from Tokyo. The cultists, seeing their chance, fled from Tokyo having stolen only one object.
The leader of the cult of Cthulhu glared at the ancient artifact he held in his hands, one which could, according to legend, open the doors to Ryelh and the door even to Cthulhu’s prison. “The losses were definitely worth it,” he said to his general. “Despite the unexpected appearance of Gojira, the fragile key to Cthulhu was left intact.” With that he smiled a smile that did not look like that of a madman, but was indeed.
Godzilla followed the incessant buzz, having all but forgotten his earlier target. The buzz brought him to a cliff and then stopped. It did not fade; it just stopped out of nowhere. Godzilla quickly returned to his senses. He looked around; he was on a cliff surrounded by vicious storm and ferocious turf. There were none of the little things anywhere. Swept in the moment of storm, Godzilla let out a roar, which would have curdled the blood of any who were near. As the roar echoed in to the night, the missiles came. The holes from the missiles, as big as his massive claws, punctured him. Blood poured out of him while radiation poured in. Godzilla staggered, pain filled him, his vision blurred and became red. Godzilla stumbled; one of the missiles hit him in his leg. The others had hit him in the back and chest. He stumbled to the right as he waved his tail around desperately trying to regain his balance. At last, with one desperate cry, Godzilla fell into the black waters below for, what the humans watching hoped, was the last time.
Not so far away, land started emerging from the seas. This land held the ancient city of Ryelh. Ryelh was the city of the Old Ones. It was also their prison; Cthulhu himself was stored here. However, the artifact held by the lead cultist would open the doors to Cthulhu’s resting place just as it had started the arising of Ryelh. Cthuloids suddenly appeared in Ryelh. Servants of Cthulhu, they looked like tiny versions of their master. On average, they were 20 feet tall. They heralded him and the cultists began laughing maniacally when they saw them.
“It won’t be long now,” said the cultists as they laughed.

I had just finished up paperwork from Godzilla incident XI, as it was being termed, when news came in that I was needed immediately. It appeared an island was appearing off the coast of where Godzilla had finally been taken down. Islands forming were not actually that rare - occasionally, volcanic lava in the pacific merged with water to form islands. This island, however, was different than most. It rose directly from the sea and there was a city on top of it.
Did this have anything to do with the cultists? They were near the island. Just then, a professor, who introduced himself as Professor Richard Mark, came into my office. He claimed to be an expert on this cult and their god.
“They worship,” he said, “a being known as Cthulhu. I have had dealings with him in the past.”
“Are you saying,” I said, my reaction half awe and half skepticism, “that Cthulhu is real?”
“Indeed he is.” stated Prof. Mark matter-of-factly. “He is imprisoned on the island-city of Ryelh.”
“Then we must stop them somehow. If I had more men I would launch an immediate assault on them.”
“We have little time,” insisted Prof. Mark. “Once Cthulhu has risen, no mortal, no army of mortals could stop him, and our world would be forfeit.”
Godzilla rose again from the waters. He was damaged greatly but a being such as he could not be destroyed so easily. Rage and fury welded up within him. Once again he continued his rampage. He had no target this time; he was merely consumed with an animal sense of destruction towards those who had sought his own destruction.
Stepping upon the shore once more Godzilla let out an animal roar, a roar of triumph over the best these little creatures had and a roar of vengeance. Godzilla hoped that the little creatures had heard his roar and would now tremble as he came to destroy them in his ferocity.
Arrival of Godzilla’s reappearance reached me quickly, just as I happened to be talking to Professor Mark.
A long silence passed between us as the two realities, the one of Godzilla and the one of Cthulhu, reached our brains. I said softly, “You said no mortal or army of mortals could beat Cthulhu, what about Godzilla?”
With that the plan was formed. I led the group of jets with the lure attached, there was not much power left in it, but Ryelh was close enough to Godzilla that it could work – or so the scientists assured us. For the third time in 24 hours, Godzilla came into my visage on the jet screen. We hastened to activate the lure, fearful that Godzilla might notice us before he was in its grip. As the lure came on, the effect on Godzilla was immediate. Unfortunately it was not the same effect he had earlier. His body shook with rage and his face contorted in anger.
We quickly flew away towards Ryelh and he followed.

The trip to Ryelh gave me time, time to think, time to plan. But there was nothing to plan on this trip and thinking only brought worry. I thought “Can Cthulhu really kill Godzilla?” I was on a phone link to Professor Mark, who confessed to having the reverse thought, “Can Godzilla really kill Cthulhu?”
It was clear to both of us that if the world was to be saved, then Godzilla would have to beat his greatest foe yet.
It seemed like the island appeared very quickly. We could no longer see Godzilla, but we knew he was following us. In front of us lay a city on the island. Everything in the city was gigantic; buildings spanned hundreds of feet high. I recognized none of the strange building save a few which resembled buildings of a long-forgotten time, pyramids, ziggurats, towers and things I had no name for. Throughout the city, strange large dark beings walked, swam, crawled, and slithered about. The combination of beings and buildings was strange, dark, exotic; it sent terror and dread into us mortal men.
The entirety of Ryelh seemed to absorb all and our ships seemed no more than flies, unworthy and alien to this place. Sprinkled amongst the darkness of the city there were cultists of Cthulhu running about and laughing maniacally. The worst of all, however, was the presence of Cthulhu, which could be felt even as he lay, asleep and trapped.
I saw all of this and reported it back to Professor Mark.
“You think I should go further and watch the battle between the two titans?” I asked nonchalantly, as if discussing a matter of no more importance then a sports game.
“No! The mere sight of Cthulhu is supposed to drive men mad” he replied with the utmost seriousness. “I suggest you leave the area immediately.”
“I could not agree more.”I responded but as I was leaving, out of nowhere Cthuloids attached themselves to my jet and that of my squadron. All of us crashed, my jet crashed into the black tides below while my squadron suffered a worse fate, crashing unto Ryelh.
The cultists made wild sounds while the Cthuloids waited patiently as the doors to Cthulhu creaked open.

His presence was felt long before it was seen. It was a dark presence that filled all who gazed upon him with dread and blasphemy. He did not walk out; he oozed out of his prison and grew. Grew until it appeared the tiny prison that held him could never have contained such a being.
Great bat wings sprouted from a green torso of ooze, meaty claws came out of his sides and long raking legs stabilized him. At last his head appeared, it appeared to be a squid of enormous proportion.
The cultists franticly ran and danced and cheered and degraded until they were no more than animals and slaves to Cthulhu. The Cthuloids expressions could have been set in stone. Cthulhu took a few steps forwards crushing the nearest gleeful cultists. Darkness seemed to spread over the world and the sun suddenly dimmed as if fleeing from such a dark being. Cthulhu let out a dark cry which sent all of the crashed pilots into insanity.
Great Cthulhu was free again!
Great Cthulhu starting making a dark chorus of dread and with it Ryelh rapidly starting arising from the deep, Cthuloids and dark beings from other dimensions appeared from nowhere. The Cthuloids quickly hastened to aid their dark master and Ryelh’s re-arising hastened even further. Soon all of Ryelh would have re-emerged.
Once that happened, Cthulhu would start his conquest of the multiverse. The only hope for humanity now was Godzilla.

Cthulhu froze, his face tentacles reaching forward, tasting the air and sensing this new being.
Godzilla emerged from the labyrinth of Ryelh’s cyclopean with the closest his reptilian mind had to relief. The alien city’s colossal towers oppressed even Godzilla’s savage spirit, yet the sense of cosmic evil had grown rather than lessened as he had left Ryelh’s center. Ahead were a hill and a giant crypt and…
Godzilla was a primal force, an engine of carnage and destruction. Yet now, as Godzilla’s eyes found the being before him, he felt terror for the first time in his existence gnawing at his brain. The miasma of timelessness, the stench of the galaxy’s unfathomed limits, seemed to exude from Mighty Cthulhu’s mere presence, filling even Godzilla with blasphemy and dread.
Great Cthulhu’s yellow crescents stared at Godzilla for only a moment. The monster-god was unconcerned at the approach of this reptilian behemoth; merely curious in the most detached of manners. It was not one of Cthulhu’s brood nor was it any such creature as had settled upon the dim ages when Cthulhu’s empire had ruled the Earth. Only in his dreams could the Great Old One identify the strange being in his presence- it was one of the insignificant beasts which had evolved in the aeons since Ryelh’s sinking. Strange that it was so large, almost as large as he, but not a cause for alarm. Unconcerned, Great Cthulhu again stretched his wings and slowly, like a bloated bat, rose into the silver sky.
Godzilla’s instincts screamed for him to flee, to fly in the face of this cosmic malignancy from the pits of time. But something within the beast was awakened by this fear and Godzilla’s cold-blooded heart seethed with rage. The spikes that marched down Godzilla’s back crackled with an eerie blue lighting as his head lifted towards the sky as Mighty Cthulhu rose into the air.
Radioactive fire tore through Cthulhu’s left wing blasting a jagged hole through the thick mudlike flesh. With a howl like the low-pitched whine of a radio signal, the primordial god fell from the sky. When he struck the surface of Ryelh it was as though Cthulhu were a titanic ball of clay, his lower body being distorted and flattened by the impact while the rest remained intact and unharmed. Almost as soon as he struck the ground, Great Cthulhu’s body began to restore itself to its proper form, life a piece of stretched rubber snapping back into shape. More of the Great Old One’s rubbery flesh oozed across the damaged wing to fill and repair the hole.
Cthulhu’s wings rapidly shrank, their substance being redirected to Cthulhu’s arms, arms that now shot across hundreds of yards to entice Godzilla’s body in a crushing embrace.
Cthulhu’s thin, powerful limbs constricted around Godzilla’s body, crushing the breath from his lungs. The alien intellect was again unconcerned with the behemoth in his grasp. It was only when fire sundered the tentacle-like arms that Cthulhu recalled the strange Earth creature that had distracted him. The severed arms oozed lifelessly even as Cthulhu formed new ones. It was almost without feeling that Cthulhu’s eyes looked through Godzilla’s own, sending out psychic feelers which probed and prodded at Godzilla’s brain.
Godzilla was less than a hundred yards from Cthulhu when the monstrous alien discovered Godzilla’s network of nerves and ganglia. Genetic codes, messages, and limitations hidden within the atomic dragon’s DNA lay before Cthulhu’s gaze like an open book. From Cthulhu came a cry which assaulted the very core of Godzilla’s nervous system. The Great Beast gave a single cry of pain as he toppled upon the blue rocks, stunned by the mental and physical assault.
Cthulhu turned from Godzilla’s prostrate form, again deeming the fallen monster unworthy of attention. But from every crevice of Ryelh poured a tide of nightmarish creatures very much interested in the fallen giant. Great Cthulhu’s spawn scrambled, scuttled, oozed, and crawled across the blue rock and the black scales. After aeons of hibernation, one thought filled their minds - hunger. With claws and mandibles, talons and tentacles, the vermin of Ryelh set about devouring the beast felled by Ryelh’s master.
Pain filled Godzilla, rooting out the echoes of Mighty Cthulhu’s sonic assault. Godzilla rose from the blue stone and clay, shaking screaming creatures twice the size of men from him and crushing them beneath his feet in all of their forms. Godzilla roared his challenge at the horror that had shown such contempt for him as to leave his destruction in the claws and feelers of such filth.
Great Cthulu was surprised the reptile had fought off the Great Old One’s assault upon Godzilla’s mind. Certainly it should have crippled the beast; there was nothing in its genetic codes to indicate otherwise. The monster was so enraged that he was no employing his flames but striding nearer to rend Cthulhu’s flesh with his fangs and claws. Cthulhu recognized Godzilla’s intent and Cthulhu’s facial tentacles began to move in erratic patterns and colors, the mechanics of an act of super science, the solving of a riddle in the physical universe that mankind would call wizardry in its terror.
The blue stone at Godzilla’s feet began to ooze between the reptile’s toes. A few steps more and it ceased to support Godzilla’s mass. Like an elephant in quicksand, Godzilla began to sink into the solid rock whose Cohesion Cthulhu had disrupted.
Cthulhu continued his own affairs and a great malevolent cry rolled across Ryelh. Within every tower and pyramid, obelisk and ziggurat, the call was answered. Doors closed for countless millennia opened and the first of Cthulhu’s mammoth spawn strode forth into the eerie half-light. They joined their grim lord in the raising of Ryelh which lay beneath the waves. But the god had again dismissed his foe too soon.
Godzilla fought against the liquid stone to no avail and continued to swiftly sink. Bestial rage flared within Godzilla. Unable to retaliate upon the morass that held him, Godzilla turned his gaze to Cthulhu. The spikes on his back crackled and glowed, and Godzilla spat atomic fire mixed with electricity into Cthulhu, blowing a great hole through Cthulhu’s chest.
The effect of Godzilla’s attack was tremendous. Cthulhu abandoned his followers’ efforts to raise Ryelh, causing the island to retreat back into the deep. As Cthulhu’s spawn watched the approaching waves anxiously, Cthulhu himself looked upon the trapped Godzilla with sudden concern. The electricity prevented him from healing, it would wear off but until then he- and with that the inconceivable realization that this creature, this insignificant beast, wielded such power that it had the potential to kill even Great Cthulhu. However remote the possibility, it was not a possibility Cthulhu would allow to be tempted.
The spawn of Cthulhu slowly returned to their myriad tombs, their brief freedom at an end while the waters of the Pacific greedily devoured the shores of Ryelh. Great Cthulhu turned and strode back to his crypt upon the hill. He ignored the golden fire that burned his wings as he oozed back into the timeless darkness of his black tomb. And, as Cthulhu retreated, the stone about Godzilla hardened slowly, allowing Godzilla to emerge from the Great Old One’s trap. As the water rose to meet Godzilla the reptile glared at the yellow eyes that considered him from the depths of Cthulhu’s crypt before cyclopean doors shut out their gaze.
The stars were not right, Cthulhu and his spawn’s time was not now. And so, for an hour or an aeon, Ryelh sank back into the darkness of the sea and Cthulhu sank back into his dark slumber and dreamed.

That is my tale; it was a tale of old gods and news gods, and the struggle between them. It is a tale I know most of you will not believe.
I am unsure whether it is coincidence or fate but Godzilla did not survive his battle with Cthulhu. As Ryelh sank back into the deep it exploded and coursed Godzilla with an amount of radiation even he could not withstand. I was found later amongst the sea by the search helicopters sent by Professor Mark. Professor Mark himself went on to write about his encounter with Cthulhu, unsurprisingly, it was categorized as fiction. I created a foundation dedicated to combating paranormal forces. This foundation is known as the Ieyasu foundation.
There is great darkness to the world but there is great light to battle it. I sometimes wonder whether or not Godzilla was destined to rise at the time he was most needed to combat Cthulhu.
I do wonder…

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very cool! I love Godzilla very much, and this is one of the best things about him I've read. Please, make some more!

on Jan. 8 2011 at 9:01 pm
Great Read !! Loved the story.

JerseyGirl said...
on Jan. 6 2011 at 6:19 pm
I love this story!!  Very cool.

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