Faced with the End of the World: Chapter 3

January 3, 2011
My eyes grew wide. I backed away from the door of the abandoned bar with the Union of the Flies inside. This was the last straw. This was where I drew the line. I raised my claws toward the sky and concentrated my mind. A storm was building, but not just any storm. Black clouds spiraled in the sky above the bar. The clouds were spiraling faster and growing blacker, and when the time came, I threw my claws onto the ground and…
KAPOWW! Lightning struck the bar! Glass windows blew out of their frames and shattered. Wood snapped. Metal screeched. The entire bar was reduced to a pile of rubble. By the time The Union of the Flies escaped from the heap of bricks, broken glass, and metal supports, I was a mile away.

“*cough!* did you see those spiraling clouds right above our base, boss?” one of the fly’s minions hacked, crawling out of the rubble. “Yes. He is more powerful than I ever imagined possible”. When they were all out of the pile of junk, the leader reminded them, “Remember, make him suffer for his weakness, or else”. He pulled out a whistle and blew it hard. A frog, about five hundred times the size of the flies, came hopping over. The leader of the Union held out a fly-shaped frog treat. “Nilah”, he said in a singsong voice, wiggling the treat. Nilah the frog stuck out her tongue and it engulfed the treat, and she pulled it back into her mouth. The rest of the flies stared in terror.

To be Continued…

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