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December 21, 2010
By yuna_uchiha BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
yuna_uchiha BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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i love beuty.

on a cold Christmas eve night in a warm house a 40 father was going to tell his kids the Truth the next morning, but before we get to far . 30 years ago Christmas eve little Johny was tucked in bed waiting for Christmas morning to get his stuffed animal present he asked for from Santa Clause and and he fell asleep that night and woke up that morning and ran to his parents room and jumped on the bed and he jumps up and down screaming, “its Christmas Mommy daddy its Christmas!!!!” they get up and they go to the living room and he opens his presents.... but he didn't get his stuffed animal … so he stopped believing in Santa .

30 years later Christmas eve night a 40 year old father john (Johny) was going to tell his kids there was no Santa clause and he went to bed and then in the morning after not placing any presents his kids run into his room and yell, “daddy its Christmas its Christmas.” as the walk to the living room he is saying, “now i wanted this to be the time i told you that Santa clau.......... “the living room is filled with presents and a box wrapped with the best care and a note on it that says:

Dear little johnny,

i am sorry that i didn’t get you this when you where younger . i hope i didn’t get this to you to late .


old saint nick

p.s. merry Christmas.

he opens the box to find the stuffed animal that he asked for as a little boy and he smiled like he did when he was little.

merry Christmas

The author's comments:
i was laying down holding a stuffed animal that i like when i was really younge and thaought of this.

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