December 22, 2010
By Kyle Kaminicki BRONZE, Monticello, Arkansas
Kyle Kaminicki BRONZE, Monticello, Arkansas
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I awoke one morning. My head was pounding in pain. I couldn’t remember anything from the night before. It wasn’t drugs or alcohol, surprisingly. It couldn’t be. I was always a healthy kid, and never even thought of doing such things.

I looked down and noticed I was on a table. I was strapped down tightly, so I couldn’t move. I began to panic. Then I started to feel movement in my arm, although it didn’t feel the same. My arm felt stiff and mechanical.

Finally I gained enough since to look at my arm to see the problem. It was robotic! My adrenaline spiked! I broke free of the restraints holding me to the table, but my body was not strong enough to hold the massive metal arm. I struggled to a door, which seemed as if it should have been in a submarine. Suddenly, a man opened the door and walked in.

The man wore a white lab coat. He had big thick glasses and a bold head. All of his hair was on his face. The white coated mad scientists glanced at me, as if he didn’t notice me when he walked. He then let out a demonic laugh. I wanted to hit him, but was focusing all my strength on walking.

The man picked a giant needle off of a nearby table. He started walking slowly towards me in an almost mocking motion. I had finally made it to the door, when he pushed me to the ground, and plunged the needle into my chest. The only thing I remembered after that was the man glaring down at me with an evil smirk.

I plunged into a deep slumber, not knowing if I would awake.

The author's comments:
This was something I came up with while I was reading other articles. But I am proud of it, but I was just explaining why it is shorter.

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