Love is pain

December 21, 2010
By Styxxx BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
Styxxx BRONZE, Tacoma, Washington
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If you know the enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. If you know yourself and not the enemy, for every victory gain you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will sir come to every battle (Sun Tzu).

“The course of true love never did run smooth. I mean come on look at the play Romeo and Juliet. Both of them died at the end. If that’s supposed to be true love then true love sucks.” My best friend Lillya went on and on about the play we saw in English class last period. It was at the end of school and we were walking home from school. Has she gotten paler oh no this can’t be good.

“I think it’s sweet because they will not let anything come between them not even death.” I said in a matter of fact tone.

“Hey what about you and Christopher I mean you guys look like a cute couple that can totally pull of the play Romeo and Juliet if we do a reenactment.”

“There is nothing going on between Christopher and me we are just best friends he hasn’t asked me out yet and that is really disappointing for me because I love him a lot I would die for him. My dream is to die in his arms. I wish we could be together until the end and have a few children to.”

“Wow yet anyways I have to tell you something my brother got killed last night by a banshee you know the banshee attack that’s happening this month. I was there and I was attacked by a banshee too and now you know what happens, next right.”

Ok let me explain Banshees were girls. I guess some guy injected this virus in a girl and let her lose it made her into a screaming banshee well that’s what we call it because I know very well that you cannot make a banshee at all. The banshee kills males who are in real pain. You know broken hearts like Charmed. Banshees turn females who have pain or really broken up by a love one. The female goes through this change. The skin goes pail white like albino and the pupils lose its color and turns all white. The hair turns in to a yucky yellow. I totally see some yellow in Lilly’s hair and she hates yellow witch totally indicates that she is turning in to a banshee.

“No! You can’t change you are my best friend you cannot leave me please don’t.” I screamed and shouted we were near my house at this time.

“I’m sorry but I am turning into a banshee you can see the yellow in my hair. Tell your future boyfriends that if he turns into a banshee hunter tell him that he can kill me because in one week I will lose my humanity forever you know that my killer didn’t die so I will not have the other option. I want you to stay away from me I do not want to change you.”

She started to back off and I wanted to run after her but I couldn’t my body stood glued to the spot. I fell on my knees oh the patio of my house and cried. I cried for I think was three hours until I heard someone call my name.

“Jenny is that you?” It was a male’s voice. Hey I know that voice. What?

“Christopher is that you?” I called back to the disembodied voice.

“Yes it is are you ok?” He came closer on to the patio and I was still on the floor. He came and gave me a big bear hug which lasted for a long time.

“My….friend is a Banshee she just told me not to long ago so that is why I am sad.” I said taking a long breath with every word I spoke.

“Please don’t cry ok. These things happen in this time of month that is why they call it the banshee month in now wipe thoughts pretty deep blue eyes of yours and let’s get inside so I can brush your long black hair. You know that always calms you down.”

I nodded then went inside my house and when I heard the door close behind me I went upstairs and sat on my bed I crossed my legs and he sat behind me with my lucky bright blue brush and started brushing my hair.}
So your best friend is a banshee right?” he asked me

I nodded then looked down a tear threatened to come down but I healed it back.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked
“You can ask me anything you know that Jenny.”
“Ok. If you were a banshee hunter and I turned into a banshee I would want you to kill me and my best friend or if there is a cure I want you to find it and change us both. I want you to swear it to me that you will do it for the both of us.” I finished in a rush I know he will hate me for it but I need to know that he will be able to…

He slapped me witch interrupted my thoughts. I totally stared at him I mean I never liked when people slap people and I never knew that he was a hitter witch totally scared the cr*p out of me and I placed my hand on my cheek as a tear dared escaped out of my eye. He pulled me in to another hug and stroked my hair as I sobbed in his navy blue shirt. I looked up into his gray eyes and lift my hand to stroke his short jet black hair with blond highlights. His Mexican accent always calms me down when he talks to me. I really want to be with him it will mean the world to me if he can accept the way I am and say that he loves me I would totally jump randomly. I think I should stop thinking random thoughts now and focus to what’s at hand tight now because my best friend just turned in to a banshee and I am not ok with that

“Don’t ever say that again if I were a banshee hunter I could never kill you at all. I love you and I would want you to be my girlfriend.”

“I would love to be your girlfriend.”

“Ok I have to go honey and I will see you at school on Monday hopefully it doesn't snow.”

“Yeah I totally forgot it was Friday.”

“I love you. I will see you later ok.”

He got up and walked out of my bedroom and out of my sight. I waited for ten minutes ad got up then went outside. I was wearing a skirt and a white sweater on in winter. I heard a distant scream coming from Lilly’s house and I heard a lot of dogs barking. Ok totally Charmed all over again. I didn’t run because the banshees are so darn fast. I saw her and she looked like a four foot five ghost. She had long yellow hair and albino skin with white flowing robes. I heard the scream again and again the Banshee fell on top of me and I was struggling and screaming again and again for help. Then some guy grabbed the banshee by the hair and took out the dagger and he slid her thought and her arms, legs, and stomach. The blood splattered all over the floor. The guy looked like the older version of Chris. I looked at the Banshee closer and the banshee feathers were changing back to the original person it was my best friend Lillya. I cried even more because I was covered in her blood.

I’m going to have to kill you too.” He said

“Wait why? I am not a banshee.”

“The Banshee screamed at you twice you have one week to live or to find true love witch one will you take?”

“I will take the Love for two hundred alkies.”

“Ok. This isn’t a joking manner. I will let my son kill you. He kills fast.”

Then the man disappeared and I was left alone with only one well maybe two pieces of info. One is the fact that my best friend lied and attacked me therefore getting her killed and transforming me into a screaming and killing monster. Second I have one week to find true love. My best bet is with Christopher of course.

I went to my bedroom which was decorated with flowers of all shapes and sizes. I fell on my bed and went straight to sleep. Then I woke up in the middle of the night wow turning into a banshee sucks I feel like a vampire. I went to the mirror and saw my black hair turning blond witch I didn’t like at all. My phone rang but I didn’t answer it I just stood there watching my transformation my skin going albino my eyes turning white. I totally look like a ghost. I only have one week to keep my humanity. I walked outside to the old swamp-like forest and I turned to a voice that sounded like Christopher’s.

“Banshee where are you I know you are here.” He cooed

I started to run but Christopher was faster he grabbed my hair and I cried out a low no because I didn’t want to kill him I so don’t want to kill my one and only hope of turning back to human again before it is too late.

“Yes you are going to die because you were near my girlfriend’s house.”

Idiot I am your girlfriend get the math I was in pain about the lost of my best friend….

The thought dropped because of the pain that increased through my body. I looked down and I saw the knife that was cutting through my chest. I could tell that my fetchers were changing because I was dying the blackness was talking over and I had the strangest yearn to sing Taking over me by Evanescence. I could hear Christopher screaming no so loud but he almost missed my plead.

“Please tell me that you truly love me.”

“I do truly love you. You are my one and only true love. I’m sorry that I…”

He stopped because I kissed him with what I thought was my last breath but I started to see some color coming back to my vision and the knife disappeared from sight. I looked up from me to Chris and smiled then I passed out.

I still can’t believe that seven years have passed since my first N.E.D (Near Death Experience) since then I haven’t been afraid of death at all because I already know what it feels like. I also can’t believe that I am pregnant with yes you guess it Christopher also known as Chris. I am having a baby girl I am totally going to name her Lillya Corpaz. Lillya after my dead best friend and Corpaz is my husband’s last name. I am twenty-two now so I was fifteen when I was attacked by the Banshee. We still have Banshee Attacks all the time but we avoid them well scratch that Christopher kills them. I was in the hospital room giving birth and man it is such a pain every push is like a tear in well you know where. I was sweating so much and I was also breathing really fast everything was uncomfortable and I remember the blackness coming back with each big push I was losing eye sight and my voice was losing its hold.

“One more push and we have the baby girl out in no time” The doctor said.

“I gave it all on that one last push the last thing I saw was a small white baby girl with amazing black hair and grey eyes.

“What should we name her?”Chris said

“We should name her Lillya Corpaz.” I said

“After your dead best friend and my last name are you sure?” he asked

“Yes I am sure I love you take good care of her please.” I said

“Are you dying please don’t go.” He pleaded

“Yes I am I love you I will see you again at the after live.” I said my voice giving up on me

“I love you with all my heart.” He said then he kissed me and then I let the numbness take over my whole body and I saw the light that was filled with love not just any love Christopher’s love and I descended to the heavens and let my life and my body back to the world of h***. I think I understand the saying ‘be careful of what you wish for’ because I got the baby girl but I had to sacrifice my life and body.

The author's comments:
This piece was inspired by two people who love each other very much but couldn't find out untill it was to late

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