hero rising-part 2 of chapter 1

December 24, 2010
By Anonymous

“My little brother? Neo?” said the girl. “Yes! He was just born, and his mom was dying. I’m glad I could make it there to him in time before the demon finished him off. When I walked in the door I seen him get bit.” said the man. “A little brother huh? Well what do you plan on doing with him dad?” asked the little girl. The father replied back with an unsure look upon his face” I really don’t know yet, I suppose we will give him a regular life, or at least we will try too.”. The man and the daughter headed back towards the home as fast as they could, because if they were to stay and chat the man knew they would get caught by another one of those things. When they arrived towards their home which was far away from the war field and the village phoebe. The mother ran towards the man and slapped him in the face, and she yelled at the daughter commanding her to go to her room. “Why did you leave me here?” the mother said with a very angered look. “I was checking up on the people too make sure they were safe, and I barley made it too a house in time to make sure this little guy was safe.” the man said with a serious look in his face. the wife stared at the little baby and she saw the sheets on his arm. “What’s wrong with him? why is his arm covered up like that?” the wife said looking into her husbands eyes. The husband looked down and said”When I walked into the door there was one of those creatures biting him, and I had to bring him back. I decided that we should raise him as if he is one of our own and his name is Neo.”. “I don’t know about this. This baby could be dead in like a week or two from the bite, but okay. We will raise the boy. He will learn how to fight as well, so he can protect our daughter and us.” said the mother. The father stood and thought for a few seconds and said “okay we have negotiated a deal, he will learn how to fight and we will raise him ourselves. A few years passed and the baby is now four years old. He has long blue hair, for some strange reason he also has sharp teeth and claws. He wore black robes as well with a rope around his waste. He was about to start going to the village for some education (school). he is going to be two grades below his sister Nayeli. Nayeli had long brown hair and she was learning techniques to fight as well. She was very beautiful; all the boys in the school wants to date her. She also has brown eyes that were very pretty as well. When Neo stepped into the room filled with children that were also wanting to learn. The room was was big and not very colorful, and it had no chairs. The kids all just looked at little Neo as he tried to find a seat on the floor. He sat in the front of the classroom and watched the wall, while waiting for the teacher to arrive. He sat there and waited for ten full minutes while all the kids stared at him. He was starting to get irritated, then finally the teacher came through the whole in the wall and said”okay class we are going to start learning about the war we just have encountered four years ago. One kid raised his hand then the teacher called out to the little boy and said “Yes! Boy with the hand in the air.” The little boy said out loud “I heard that far off from the village there was a woman laying dead in the floor and she ad given birth to a child, but she was dead and there was no baby found anywhere”. “Yes this has happened to us about many times by these creatures. They have no respect for us at all. All they want is to have us dead and cry beneath them. They want us vanished from the world.” the teacher screamed. Time had passed and it was time for break. Neo went out of the building and walked towards his sister and her friends. “Hey little brother how was your day so far?” said Nayeli. He just looked at her and said”It was Fine!” From a distance lied to boys and they noticed that the boy was talking to Nayeli. These Boys have a crush on her so they got jealous of him fast for talking to her. They started walking towards Neo. “Hey Nayeli is this kid giving you any trouble” one of them says while they lift Neo into the air. “No now put him down or else” Nayeli says angrily. “Or else? Or else what? What are you going to do about it?” they say while laughing. The they put Neo on the ground and punch him in the gut. He falls to the floor with a tear touching the dirty ground. Nayeli is angered by this and takes course of action. She jumps into the air and kicks one of the bullies in the face. She tells Neo to take the other one and that this makes the fight more even. He stands up and looks at the bully. The bully laughs and feels as if he isn’t threaten by the little boy. Neo runs towards him, the bully throws a punch, Neo dodges the hit and elbows him in the face. Blood is splashing everywhere. Neo just jumps on top of the boy and punches him in the face repeatedly, laughing at him and watching the blood go everywhere. Nayeli runs towards Neo and tries to pull him off the boy, but Neo still punches him. The boy is crying and begging for Neo to stop. Neo still laughs at his pain though. He continues to hit the boy. Then the boys vision gets blurry and he takes one last glimpse arounf his surroundings and his eyes shut while he take shis last breath. Nayeli is staying in the back crying from what Neo has just done. All of the other kids are looking at him and is frightful of him. The other bully hides behind other kids. The teacher walks out and looks at the boy. “Who did this!?” the teacher yelled while she cried from the accident of the boys fate. Neo looks up at the teacher “I did it, I killed him. It was all me. he says with a smirk on his face. The teacher banishes Neo and tells him not to ever return to this school again. Later in the day Nayeli and her father argue. “Dad that was not Neo, it was like something taken over him. We known him for a long time and he doesn’t even threaten a fly.” says Nayeli with a worried look. Neo is up stairs crying from listening to the argument down there, trying to remember what happened at the place of learning.

The author's comments:
This story is not suppose to sound like the future. So tell me if it sounds like present or past. That way i will know if i need to redo the whole thing or not.

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