The Begging of EEPA and ZAP boy

December 19, 2010
By Marlssy BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
Marlssy BRONZE, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
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Super heroes aren’t born over night. There has to be an explanation, you think. How did this super hero become who she is today? Eepa recently announced that she would like to tell the world how she came to be. She revealed her identity as Gina Power, but she didn’t want to make a personal visit. She did, however, give us information on how she came to be this heroine.

Gina explained that she was protesting, as she usually was, against a landfill that had tons of toxic waste polluting the water, the air and affecting the health of humans and animals nearby. With her “think green be cool” shirt on and her best friend, Brian Elektrik; aka Zap Boy, by her side, they approached the dump. Their plan was to get evidence on the landfill’s failure to keep the environment clean. They weren’t heroes because they were doing anything but obeying the law. The two intended on sneaking in. They walked along the edge of the river, past the pipe emitting orange ooze. Brian snapped a picture and then put the camera back in his backpack. They got to the flaw of the landfill- the fences. The fences were pitifully cheap. They found the broken part of the fence and lifted up the bottom right side. Eepa slipped under, then took the backpack from Brian. He slipped under the fence. They wiped the gunk off their jeans and headed forward. The friends walked along snapping pictures of the piles and piles of trash. Yellow buckets. Some were fallen over, contents spilling.

“HEY! What are you punks doing here! This is private property!”, a male voice snapped from across the yard. “NO TRESPASSING!”.

“Run!” Brian screamed, pulling Gina from the crook of her elbow. The two had forgotten their location and scrambled clumsily over each other. Gina tripped and fell, knocking into a bucket of green glowing goo. Brian helped her up and then tripped on his own feet out of nervousness, falling in neon yellow sludge. Eventually the footsteps became close. They dodged plastic water bottles, trash bags and tons of foul smelling garbage. They slipped under the fence and ran until they got to Brian’s house. Brian rummaged in his back pack and pulled out his keys. Walking upstairs they were relieved to find his parents weren’t home. Because they were such good friends they often hung out together.

Brian washed his hands before getting Gina a shirt and pair of sweat pants. Gina went up stairs to take a shower, and in another bathroom Brian did the same. Afterwards, Brian and Gina sat down in from of the TV to see if the Landfill story was on the news. Brian grabbed the remote. ZAAP.
“OW!.. that’s the second time!” Brian exclaimed, frustration beginning to stir.

“the second time what..?” Gina said, genuinely concerned.

“I keep getting electric shocks..” Brian replied.

“That’s weird.. I keep getting pictures of landfills in my mind.. But only when I’m with you..” Gina sat confused. What does this mean? Then it hits her. “THE LANDFILL!”

“What about it?” Brian asked.

“Remember when we fell over those yellow buckets filled with goo?” Gina said frantically.

“Yeah..?” Brian was getting freaked out by Gina’s franticness.

“I think that.. that we got poisoned” Gina thought long and hard.

“G!” Brian shrieked.
Gina’s head swerved and what she saw made her flinch, stand and move backward. From Brian’s finger, was a miniature lightning bolt. Gina suddenly went still and froze. Her stare was looking far past Brian and it looked like she was seeing through things. She suddenly let out a cry and tears fell from her wet cheeks, but her eyes didn’t loose their gaze. She flinched again and her eyes darted back and forth to things that Brian was sure nobody else could see. Brian’s finger extinguished and Gina whimpered and buried her face in his shoulder.

“I saw.. I saw this dump and these animals.. were so damaged and hurt and..-” she cryed out again, while Brian hugged her.

“G.. its alright. We’ll figure it out”, he reassured. “we’ll be ok..”

That story was the beginning of Eepa and Zap Boy, the heroes that are economically helping us be green in every way possible.

The author's comments:
Work that i did in my english class. I liked the Idea.

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Attyosman said...
on Jan. 4 2011 at 7:33 am
This is fantastic! I can't wait for the sequel!  Very well written,  creative and entertaining.

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