The Time Traveler Christmas Special

December 18, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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“Help me” The girl said.
The Time Traveler looked at the image of the little girl. His wacky brown hair flew around the place, causing him to remove some from his in front of his eyes. Examining his brown suit, he saw that there was nothing wrong with him.
“What do you need help for…” He began.
Looking up, he saw that the little girl was gone. Suddenly, he felt his spaceship shake violently and slam down on a hard surface. Heading towards the exit, he exited and looked around. He stood in a field that was barren and desolate.
“Computer” He shouted, “Where are we?”
“2012” The computer replied.
“Thought so” the Time Traveler said.
The cold air stung at his skin as he looked around.
“Why are we here?” He asked.
“Look up” The computer stated.
Looking up, the Time Traveler saw a large oval object hovering overhead.
“What time is it?” He asked.
“11:30 P.M.” The Computer said.
Nodding, the Time Traveler looked up. Suddenly, he felt his blood run cold.
“Is that a Warcluck ship?” He asked.
“Oh, yeah” the Computer spoke.
Rushing in to his ship, the Time Traveler rushed up to the control panel and began to type at the controls, furiously.
“I need to save the Earth” He said.

The Two Aliens stared at each other and back at the sleeping land below.
“Which land shall we destroy?” One asked the other.
“I want Russia” One replied.
“I want America.”
Thinking, the two did not notice the green colored blob approached them from the rear.
“Good evening, ladies” The Blob spoke.
The two pink aliens giggled and turned around.
“Hello, handsome” They whispered, seductively.
“Oh, nothing” they giggled.
“Alright” He spoke, “Are we going to destroy this earth or not?”
“I thought it was just one country” One of the girls spoke.
“Nope, we get to destroy everything.”
The girls rolled with laughter.
“Yes!” They cried, “More pay.”
The blob jiggled with excitement, which made the girls blush.
“He is so cute” One of the girls said.
“Well ladies” the blob said, “Shall we or shall we not destroy this planet?”
“Why would we?” One of the girls asked.
“Then we can have our international space highway connect the one of the universe to the other.” The blob spoke.
Pulling out a coin, one of the girls flipped it into the air.
“Heads we destroy” She said, “Tails, we don’t.”
Holding out her three fingered hand, the alien prepared to catch the coin. Suddenly, she saw another hand reach out and grabbed the coin. Looking to her right, she saw a man dressed in a brown suit with brown wacky hair and brown eyes.
“You!” The blob shouted.
“Me!” the Time Traveler said, “I know, it is a great sight!”
The girls giggled and the blob nodded.
“Hello, Time Traveler” the blob said, “I take it that you are here to save these pathetic humans…AGAIN?”
The Time Traveler nodded.
“This is a violation of Galaxy Code number 8523.” The Time Traveler spoke.
“Why do you care?” The Blob spoke, “Those humans have never thanked you, nor do they care for you!”
The Time Traveler looked at the blob and then out the window.
“Tails” He said.
“What?” The blob asked.
The Time Traveler held out his hand. The coin was tail side up.
“Now, leave!” the Time Traveler snapped.
The blob nodded.
“You win, this time, Time Traveler.” The blob said.
Throwing the coin to the girls, the Time Traveler re-entered his space ship.

Far below, Christmas Bells rang out for it was Christmas day. Children woke up and happily opened their presents. Far above the Earth, the Time Traveler stared at his computer, the blob’s words sinking deeply into his skin.
“Maybe he’s right” the Time Traveler said.
Suddenly, the space ship shook violently as pieces of wood flew around. Looking up, the Time Traveler saw a sign post imbedded in the side of his ship. Reading it, the Time Traveler felt his heart sink. USS ARIZONA.
“What?!” He asked.

Coming soon: Collection 2 of the Time Traveler’s adventures!

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mymask DIAMOND said...
on Jan. 5 2011 at 2:35 pm
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
64 articles 0 photos 23 comments

Favorite Quote:
Illigitimi non carborundum!

Alea Iacta est! are correct.

VampireX GOLD said...
on Jan. 3 2011 at 8:27 am
VampireX GOLD, Spotsylvania, Virginia
18 articles 0 photos 81 comments
Did you get the idea from Doctor Who? It's really good.


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