Hero Rising-part 1 of chapter 1

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

A man picked a honed sword up into his hand, from the table. He threw some armor over his body. The armor was a silver kind of color, matching the color of the swords razor-edged blade. He then placed some lines of paint along the side of his face where his cheeks are located. There was three lines on each side of his face all different colors from top to the bottom. The colors fell into the order of blue, red, and green. The blue represented the color of the sky for when the war day starts, red is for the blood that will be shed on the battle field, and green for the grass that they would have the battle field fought on. He also placed a mark of a half moon on his forehead.

When the man was ready to depart from his house and onto the war zone he kissed his pregnant spouse with a good bye, and said to her in a gentle whisper “ Ela I love you and I forever will, when you have this baby if its a boy I want you to name him Neo, and if it’s a girl I want you to name her Juliana. You know and I know I have a chance that I will not make it back, and if I don’t return I want you to know I will always be with you, in your heart”. His wife Ela then said with tears beginning to plummet down her face “ I love you too Adar, and I will name the child what you asked me too, I also want you to promise you will try to stay alive for me”. “I will” said Adar, while he gazed into her beautiful brown eyes. Then Adar slowly walked away towards the door, he then opened it and wondered off towards the war. He met up with the rest of the village men on the outside of the small village town named Phoebe. It was called Phoebe because the titan of the moon is named phoebe, and they worship the moon, which is why they have the mark of a half moon on there foreheads.

After they gathered up, they pulled out their swords and marched towards the war zone. They marched for three days and three nights, On the fourth day Adar heard something. Once he had realized that it was foot steps from trees and behind bushes he yelled out from the top of his lungs “Ambush!”. Things that were blood red and looked demonic with sharp teeth and claws had jumped out of the bushes and trees. The villagers started fighting the evil demons. slicing their heads off and stabbing their hearts trying to send them back from where they have risen up from, a few have gotten pass them and started heading towards the village. Adar abandoned his men leaving them to fight the demons off in the woods while he was running towards the village. A quarter of the way their he stopped running to take a breath or two, then when he gazed up their was ten of the creatures surrounding him. He started swinging his sword in a circular motion around him. Then he lunged towards one of the demons hitting them in the eye ball with the tip of the blade going all they way to the back side of the demons head. Blood gushing out from the demons eye, adar extracted the sword from the demons eye, and he swung the sword towards the others slicing three in half. The other six demons jumped on top of Adar biting and slashing him with their claws. Adar screamed out to the titan of the moon “Protect my wife and soon to be child, and look after him or her like a father!”. The demons were almost to the house, and Ela had no idea that they were on their way, then she felt her water broke. Right there lying inside the house she was having her baby on the floor. when she was done giving birth, she looked at the little baby and gave it the name it was ordered to. Then suddenly the door is busted open into little pieces, with the demon looking right at ela while blood was dripping from it’s teeth. It dashes towards Ela biting her neck then heres a cry and throws Ela towards the wall. It walks towards the baby and picks it up. The demon then takes a bite from the baby’s forearm. Ela lying there on the ground unable to move cries and screams. Then suddenly a loud gun blast is heard. The demon falls towards the ground releasing the baby from it’s grip. The man who shot the gun picked the baby up, then Ela said with tears running down here cheeks and blood gushing out from her neck “his name is Neo please take care of him”. Ela then dying from to much loss of blood, and the man says “Yes. I will take care of him”. After the man had said what he said, he bandaged the baby’s forearm with a piece of old white clothe that was torn from a sheet. With the baby crying from its injury the man escaped from the house as fast as he could. Along the way he encountered another blood thirsty demon. He stopped and put the baby on the soft, smooth grass, and raised his double barrel knowing that he had only one bullet left. If he missed the shot he would have to do hand to hand combat with the demon from h***. The demon sprinted towards the man, while he was about to squeeze the trigger the demon knocked the gun out of his hand, also throwing the man backwards to the ground. The man tried running towards the the double barrel but the demon just through him back farther.

When the demon had jumped on top of the man about to bite a piece of the his fore head, a sword plunged through the demons back. The man jumped up and started yelling out “ What are you doing here I told you to stay in the house with your mother, you’ll know what she is going to say when she realizes that you have sneaked out of the house!”. “ I know dad but if i hadn’t have snuck out you would be dead right about now. Hey dad do you here crying?” the daughter said. The father then remembered about the little baby and rushed over towards him to pick him up. “Dad! What is that, that your holding?” “He is your new little brother, and his name is Neo”.

The author's comments:
It is not finished and I am probably redo it.

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bestfriend said...
on Dec. 20 2010 at 9:38 am
the best story ever u r going to become a writer someday cause this story is good

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