December 12, 2010
By sandiluvfiction BRONZE, Martensville, Other
sandiluvfiction BRONZE, Martensville, Other
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"Hoo, Hoo" I could hear an owl outside of my window. I knew it was Leah.
It was 11:30 and my stepmom was asleep and my "dad" had left and went to find somewhere else to stay.

I opened the window and let the beautiful, white owl in. Leah spun around in the air and turned into her human form. She looked at me and I started crying. She sighed and took a seat down beside me on my bed. I told her everything that happened.

She just sat there and listened. That's what I love about Leah. She'll just sit and listen. She'll ask questions, but not until I’m done sharing my pitiful feelings that no one else cares about.

"She really kept that all from you?" She asked when I was done.
I said nothing and I nodded in agreement.

"Is he still here?"

"Who my dad? No, he left."

She sighed. "I have something to tell you."

"What?" I asked wiping tears off of my cheeks.

"It's about Zack and Keegan."

"What happened?" I demanded.

"Zack walked back to the mall and met Keegan. Keegan asked Zack if he got you home safe. Of course Zack said yes. I read his mind, he was worrying about you and if you did get home safe. Then, Keegan saw that I was reading his mind and he knew something was wrong. So, he told Zack to go outside then all of a sudden we heard a lady yelling. We all ran outside and saw a huge, brown, grizzly bear and a large, gray, white wolf fighting. We transformed into our animals, Aladin turned into a lion and split them up. You know how big he gets as a lion. I got them out of there and Jayden erased everyone’s minds."

I stared at her in shock. "So was this fight about me?"

"Yeah." She nodded and looked down at the floor.

"And was there blood?"

“Yes, but not a lot. I think they got bruises too."

"Oh my god...I feel like cr*p”

She sighed again then looked at the clock. It read 12:00 am.

"Cr*p, Abby I have to leave or my parents will find out I sneaked out and then they’ll kill me."

"Bye, have fun with your life." I said when she got up.

She just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

She opened the window and jumped. She was still in her human form. I looked out the window then saw an owl fly away.

I closed the window went back into bed and looked at the clock. I sighed, turned around, and closed my eyes.

I looked up and I looked down there was nothing to be seen. It was pitch black and felt like I was being watched. I spun in a circle, but there was still nothing in sight.

"Run..." I heard a deep voice whisper.
"Wh-?" I asked confused.

"Runaway...or die..." The deep voice said again.

"Who's there?" I yelled looking around for something.

"Don't you listen? Runaway!! Fight!!”

I stopped looking around and decided to stay in place.

First the voice was telling me to run, now it's telling me to fight...What does it want me to do?

"God d*** it Abigail! Don't you ever listen?! If you don’t do what I'm telling you, you will die along with me and all your other friends!!”

"Huh? Zack? Is that you??" I whispered. I finally recognized Zack's voice.

"Took you long enough."

"What do you want me to do? You're telling me to run but then to fight!"
All of a sudden, I saw a black figure coming up to me.

"Zack!" I tried to call out. But, it wasn't Zack. The figure was too tall to be Zack.

Then the figure raised his hand, in his hand there was a knife. He started running towards me.

"What the heck is happening?" I tried to run, but it felt like I wasn’t getting anywhere. The figure got closer to me. I continued to run and I screamed at the top of my lungs in terror.


I quickly opened my eyes as fast as I could. I was staring up at the ceiling in my room. I wiped all the sweat off my forehead. I was gasping trying to take a breath of air, but it felt like I couldn’t. I looked at my clock it was only 2:30 am I had only been asleep for 2hours and 30 minutes. I sat up slowly, it was no use trying to fall back to sleep, I thought to myself. I'll only dream about the same thing. I started softly crying with my head tucked into my knees. I couldn't get that figure of the guy holding the knife out of my head or at least distract myself from that thought.

The author's comments:
In grade eight, there were six boys who each wanted to turn into different animals. They gave me the idea for this story. I wrote this story long enough to be a novel but this is just chapter four.

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