Water Speaker

December 15, 2010
By Anonymous

The moonlight and stars reflected in the pond, like a mirror for the nighttime sky. The night was bright, but the dark shadows of the trees made the moment seem private for the performer. She looked up slowly at the moon, her long hair gliding down her back. A slight breeze ruffled the ends of her miniskirt and halter-top, causing her to shiver slightly. The water shimmered at her feet, almost anxiously waiting for her first move. She looked back towards the forest, spotting her audience and tilted her head slightly. As if in slow motion, she slowly took a step out upon open water. The water seemed to bend slightly, and then toss her foot back into the air as she elegantly stepped around the pond. The audience seemed uncomfortable, hiding amongst the shadows. She tilted her head back, letting the music blaring from her purple iPod take to her soul. Suddenly, her body began to shift across the water. Her hands flicked and the pond burst into waves. The water and she seemed to be dancing together. Every step she took, it moved to accommodate her. Her voice suddenly rang out in the darkness as she began singing. A few of the audience came forward to the waters’ edge, intrigued by the performer. She stopped eerily, and then vanished under the waters’ surface. A gasp arose from the bystanders. For a few moments, things were deadly still. The water began bubbling, making hundreds of ripples across the pond. A fountain of water spewed up, tossing her gently in the air. She spun on her side, before diving back in. Almost immediately, she returned to the surface. She started spinning in circles, moving the water back and forth with her. Then suddenly, she collapses on the water. Sitting there as if she was sitting on solid land, she opened her eyes and looked at her spectators. Awestruck, they stood gazing back at her. The water performed a way of clapping by slamming two waves together. The crowd caught on and the clapping rose in the chilly air. She climbed to her feet and walked straight across the waters’ surface. A young man was standing at the banks of the pond. Taking his hand, she coaxed him onto the water, taking him to the center. Nervously, he looked around and smiled at her. Though, she had turned away from him and was swaying slightly. He reached out for her, but suddenly she just fell on her hands and knees, shaking violently. The water began to roar around them, tossing him beside her. He let out a shout of surprise as she stood up, her eyes a crystal blue. Pleading for safety, he grabbed her hand. They suddenly disappeared underwater. He closed his eyes, preparing to drown or be drenched. A few moments passed before he opened his eyes to see them in a bubble-like formation of air. He could see the fishes swimming around the air bubble. She suddenly brought them back to the surface, and tossed him onto the shore. Her bare feet were gradually sinking in the water as she exited the pond. It was there, on solid ground, where she bowed before her people, and then fell over in a faint.

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