The Time Traveler (collection 1) Parts V&VI: Soul rescuers

December 14, 2010
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The Time Traveler (Collection 1) Part V & VI: Soul Rescuers

The deathly statues stared at the Time Traveler and Sally. Their mouths hung open, waiting to feast, waiting to suck their souls. Whimpering, Sally backed up into the Time Traveler.
“On three” The Time Traveler said, “Hold up the mirror.”
Sally looked at him.
“Are you crazy?” She asked, “What good would that do?”
“Just do it.” The Time Traveler snapped.
Looking at his watch, the Time Traveler began to count off.
Suddenly, the statues were in their faces, the smell of a thousand years of rot and decay filled their nostrils. Backing up, Sally reached out and took the mirror from the Time Traveler.
Flashing the mirror upwards, Sally watched as a pale white beam flew from the Deathly Statue’s mouth. Striking the mirror, the beam bounced back and hit the statue squarely in the eye. Instantly, all three statues shook violently and fell backwards. Hitting the ground, all the statues burst into a thousand pieces. Blue streams of light flew out from the broken bodies and flew around in the air before disappearing.
“Those are the souls of all those who died.” The Time Traveler explained, “They’re going back to their owners.”
Sally smiled and looked at the Time Traveler.
“Where’s my boyfriend?” She asked, “Where’s John?”
The Time Traveler thought a moment and then looked at her.
“Think about the last time you saw him” The Time Traveler said, “Where were you?”
“In the hotel…” She started to explain.
Then, she awoke.

Part VI

Gazing around, Sally looked at the old green wallpaper that hung loose from the wall. Moving a bit to the side, she could see that there was fading writing of the warning that the Time Traveler had given her.
“So this wasn’t a dream.” She said.
Suddenly, she felt a warm hand touch hers. Looking over, Sally saw John smiling at her. Throwing her arms around, she leaped for joy and kissed him full on the mouth. Kissing her back, John never felt so happier in his life. Peering over his shoulder, Sally saw the Time Traveler smiling at the happy couple. Turning away, he walked back to his space ship.

Loneliness was his companion as the Time Traveler entered his ship. No love and no hope protected him as he walked out of the lives of many and never got a thank you. Sadly, he drove his ship to the stars, jumping from place to place. The quietness of the space ship rang in his ears as he looked around. Sighing, he sat down on the chair by the control panel. Suddenly, he heard a malicious chuckle behind him. Turning around, The Time Traveler saw a tiny little girl standing not five feet away from him.
“What?” The Time Traveler exclaimed.
“Help me” the Little girl spoke.
“The Earth is dead.”

Coming soon: The Time Traveler Christmas Special! (Aliens, monster, and the Time Traveler!)

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