the abductors

December 14, 2010
By timmyt BRONZE, Grandjunction, Michigan
timmyt BRONZE, Grandjunction, Michigan
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I was sitting at my house it was 10:00 at night, I went up to my room after coming back from trick or treating. I was sitting the bed sorting my candy and all the sudden I was being beamed up into a space ship.
When I was fully beamed up I saw the aliens they were seven feet tall four hundred and fifty pounds solid muscle. I had flipped out and leaned in to punch one of them to get out and as I went in for the knock out he teleported behind me and secured me to a wall with these electric rope things that tightened every time you pulled away. I learned that the hard way he had pressed a button on the control panel and the whole wall completely turned. I was in a cell like room and I sat there forever it seemed but not long enough because when we had gotten to there home planet uiscamitcheinsky after we had gotten out of the spaceship there people couldn’t stop touching or looking at me. I think it is Because to them I was weird and the only thing stopping me from leaving was the rope and me not having the uiscamitcheinsky gene, so I couldn’t start the spaceship even if I had gotten on one but I had just tried to forget about earth because I thought I was stuck there forever when really I wasn’t all I had to do is go down to the morgue and get a thumb off of one of the dead aliens so start the spaceship then I would have to get past the gun ship but I actually know some of the humans they have on the gun ship and all I need to do is tell them to cause a distraction so that I can get past them and get back to earth to my family before my seventeenth birthday and graduate on time with my class mates in the fall so the next day I boarded the gun ship and talked to my fellow humans and had gotten them to do what I asked of them but one thing I didn’t know was that one of them was a trader and when I got to the morgue it was difficult but I had stole one of the workers key cards, so I had gotten the security clearance and I went in without being spotted and I had went to the body parts lab and found the jar labeled uiscamitcheinsky thumbs and I put on a glove and took one and put it in a bag and went back to the spaceship and got in and ran up to the controls and shut the gate and pressed the thumb to the start button and clicked on earth for my landing spot and it took off and before I knew it I was close to getting of the planet and I was going past the gun ship when I saw there warning lights come on with there sirens and they started shooting at me so I raised my shields and drew my weapons and I fired seventy times at their turbo jet engine and the gun ship blew up and I switched to hyper drive to go light speed. I toped out and within three minutes I was on earth and every one had missed me. People asked me what had happened so I had went to the TV station and told the producer what had happened to me and others and I had proof and I showed them the spaceship and gave them the thumb and then the army came and took the ship and rescued the other people. I was always remembered as a hero and I took credit for designing the spaceship and now our family has money to do what ever we want!!!!!

The author's comments:
i was sitting in my 1st hour and wrote it down on a peice of paper.

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