Supernatural Life

December 13, 2010
By Anonymous

You know that feeling: that feeling when you know your dreaming, but you can’t wake up; that’s how I feel at the moment.

I’m standing in a clearing surrounded by tall evergreens covered in thick sheets of glistering snow. Wearing only a pair of sweat pants and an old tee-shirt, but I’m not cold, even with my bare feet deep within the snow. There’s a black wolf lying next to me. His dark fur stands out against the white beneath him.

I’m not scared; I have had dreams similar to this one all the time and the dark creature isn’t the one I needed to fear.
I plop myself onto the snow next to my furry friend, then I take my hands and burry them deep into the fur of the wolf. He lifts his head and looks at me with his piercing green eyes and the edges of his mouth rise –as if he was smiling- and he gives me a quick lick on the cheek. I laugh in protest and push the large head away. A rumble comes from deep under the thick fur, a chuckle I assume.

Then his head freezes and he turns away from me and looks at something that is not there, at least to my weak human eyes. He lifts his head and smells the surrounding air; by now he was in front of me in a defensive stance. Whatever he smelled wasn’t good, for the wolf’s dark face quickly turned into a snarl, a warring to anyone near. The warning wasn’t taken; a growl erupted from his throat.

Now I was scared.

My hand reached out and touches the ruff fur; I ask him what was happening, but his tail swats at me, saying to be quiet and not move. I do as I’m told.

A sound comes from the bush, a sound that my ears can actually hear, it’s close and my protector takes a step forward. The bush start to move and a blonde wolf emerges and starts circling us. My black wolf circles me, making so the blonde one can never have a clear view of me. They went around for a few times then froze and glared at each other, green eyes to blue eyes sending silent messages.

I slowly crawl backwards moving away from the large animals, but I froze too when the blue eyed wolf pounced onto my friend, and they fought. My wolf had the upper hand or well paw for most of it, but right at the end the blonde wolf swiped his long claws down the black ones side and chest.

I screamed as he started to stager and slowly fell to the ground, it was a death blow and he was losing a lot of blood, fast. I ran to him, tripping in the snow a few times, forgetting about the blonde threat that was so close. I got to the wolf in a matter of seconds, but it felt like hours. My fingers found their way to the cut and started to put snow onto it, while my brown eyes met his green ones. He looked exhausted and weak, but only for a moment. Then I saw fear, but his eyes weren’t on me they were on whatever was behind me. My head turned slowly just in time to see the other wolf pounce…

The author's comments:
This is just a small clip of something that I'm trying to write.
I would really like the feedback; good and, or bad.

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