My Little Topia

December 6, 2010
By writemyday SILVER, Mye Brook, New York
writemyday SILVER, Mye Brook, New York
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I watched the foam lap my toes enough to send a chill through my frail body, but not enough where I was tempted to set back. The Morning Sun had resided to only a swaying dot on the horizon, and would soon disappear from my vision all together. Hopefully it’ll come back, but like most visitors no one was ever able to come back to my Topia. A paradise, only reachable by those truly seeking and needing a hand in their lives. A family driving to the ever so popular Bar Harbor wouldn’t even see the exit or a wandering boat searching for lobster would never find itself drifting to our always-sunny-always-perfect-beach. But a single mother of three desperate for a chance to relax and breathe will see a one path route to our beach or a lonesome man needing to get back on his feet will find themselves mysteriously waking up at the tip of ocean, bathed in sunlight, lightly layered by warm sand. When back on their feet, they leave. Just wake up one morning and feel the need to get away as soon as possible, from our once inviting paradise. I have been here for seventeen years, longer than anyone else. I was the only child born in Topia. I felt only whole in Topia. Not that I know what it feels like not to be in Topia. A year ago I fell in love. He was traveling along the coast as a farmer, and needed a place to say. First time I saw him my heart fluttered, second time I dove into his eyes. Third time, I saw him leaving and collapsed on the sand in tears. I know nothing about the world around Topia, but I imagine it to be severely cruel. Being here for so long I know everyone and everything about this town…city……universe. I say goodbye to everyone who leaves, even to my parents when it was their time to go. When I watch them leave, I feel a sense of longing, for there was someone else for me to move on to. But outside of this town…city……universe I have nothing. My parents left when I was eight, they tried to take me but they couldn’t go against the power of Topia. But in Topia I don’t need parents. I live under the stars, like everyone around me. One with the beach, one with the sea. Time flies in Topia watching the waves crash; always unique from the last. I love this world, I love the sea, I love the beach, and I love my town…city……universe.
I’m Topia. I will never leave.

The author's comments:
We all at one point find our Topia. We just need the courage to leave it.

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