The Depravity of Thought

December 3, 2010
By coolkidd21 BRONZE, Waterloo, Iowa
coolkidd21 BRONZE, Waterloo, Iowa
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Men have called me mad;but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is, or is not the loftiest intelligence-whether much that is glorious- whether all that is profound - does not spring from disease of thought- from moods of mind exalted at the expense of general intellect." - Edgar Allan Poe

Never forget, always keep your feet clean, don’t walk, keep your ears open and your eyes shut, these was what Chastity first taught me. It’s driving me crazy sitting in this room which lacks walls and windows, writing with this eraser on a black piece of paper that shows no words.

Mentor, friend, lover, just a mere skimming of all the things that I felt for Chastity. No regrets, something easier said than done, I forced her to go; there was really no other option. We’re creatures of instinct, and sometimes our urges take over us, for me it’s a whole other level, it’s hard to explain but when I feel overwhelmed I…

Never mind, it doesn’t matter now.
Now when I look in the mirror I see my face, and a cacophony screams. I see people I don’t even know. I’m attempting to weed out the fact from the fiction, real from make believe. If I’m here or if I’m there, if Chastity is gone or maybe she’s still here somewhere; the facts are so jumbled up in my psyche that now I can’t be so sure…
“Where are you, I’m gonna find you,” Chastity’s honeysuckle voice penetrated the darkness. I was still in awe of this girl whom I’d known for but a couple months, which has turned into a millennium. Regardless, I hugged the tree, being as silent as possible to make sure I was neither seen nor heard. This was so much more confident than I am, agile if one will. That’s why she went about this so carelessly, like a child thrust into this world.
She was using every tactic, waiting for a slip up so that her attack could be quick, but lethal. This was no longer practice; the pure silver flask in hand was full. My eyes were still adjusting to the nearly absolute darkness. Gliding through the brush I tried to get behind her voice, still resonating in the air.
Left or right? I didn’t know which way to turn; I was standing very clearly in the open. Left looked like my best shot. This is where I made my biggest mistake though. I ran across the tree line wanting to get into the safety of the forest, but that’s when I met her eyes. I hadn’t even noticed that her call had ceased, now I was face to face with my opponent. Her features distorted in a manner I didn’t think them capable. Her lime- green eyes bulged out of her face; those teeth that always had a smile for me were now bared, then she ran, without grace or elegance, just pure unrefined power. She too had a silver flask in hand…
As cliché as it may sound, once chosen to become one with the “program” you must be willing to get rid of everything. Not clichéd when I say get rid of I mean, kill. Everyone you’ve ever encountered dies. It’s a necessary precaution since you need to have a fresh slate, start anew, as well just in case something goes wrong no one needs to remember your existence. That’s what happened with me something went very wrong...
The matchmaking process gives a mentor a mentee. The mentor teaches the mentee the trade, so that when testing comes the more trained mentee survives. Chastity was assigned to me, and taught me the process. Another rule: You mustn’t be attached to anything. For me that wouldn’t be hard, I was used to being at one with myself. Upon meeting Chastity though, I was completely infatuated, and I tried to make sure she didn’t know. She’d trained so many pupils; I could only be another pupil to her.
I just couldn’t get over her hazelnut skin, those contrasting green eyes. Love, doesn’t even begin to describe what I felt for her. When I found out that she felt the same way, it was a stroke of luck, but there are never happy endings.
One day another pupil saw us together and reported it; such corruption could not be tolerated. We were sentenced to taking the test, against each other.
In order to show what we’d learned from our mentors we went against other pupils. A flask of arsenic was given to us. In a remote location we had to find the other one and force them to ingest the arsenic.
They were forcing me to kill my Chastity! I had to if I didn’t want to die.
So when she found me I panicked, she was so skilled, so agile. I was struggling beneath her when I remembered the knife in my pocket. I stabbed my Chastity multiple times. Her eyes, once bright green, turned dull emerald. A trickle of blood rolled down her slightly parted lips…



“The serial killer, Bradley Atkins, as you know has been in captivity for 5 weeks now. Authorities have been trying to get an account of why, and how he was able to kill over twenty people consisting of his family, friends, neighbors and coworkers. He did this over the course of several months. Graves of his victims have been found throughout the state, but it is believed we have many that still have yet to be found.
Out of the ones that have been found the most disturbing is that of Cassandra Andrews who was reported to be in a relationship with Atkins over the course of the last year. Her body was found in pieces in a box underneath Atkins bed.
He has started writing a report of his and her relationship, where he speaks of her as Chastity, he seems to think that he is in training to be an assassin and he was forced to kill all these people. Psychiatrists are looking through in an attempt to decipher its real meaning. As more information is recovered we will inform you, the people.
For now this is Kevin Jacobs, AFZX News.”

The author's comments:
This piece was one that I kind of just whipped out of nowhere, and I'm not sure what my reason behind it turned out alright though. :)

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