December 6, 2010
By LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
LauraMay DIAMOND, Argyle, New York
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Be who you are. Don't be anything less.
Strength isn't just measured by how much pain you can take.

I took it all for granted. I took the clothes, the money, my parents; I took them all for granted. Like how easy my life was. It was a miracle that it was like that for so long. But then one day, it all came crashing down……
Background: I’m 16; I have no care in the world. My biggest fear is waking up one day and not being popular. My parents work all day so I can have money for the hottest clothes. I have my permit and I own a black ’10 Mustang GT with leather seats. I guess you could say I have a guy’s taste in transportation, but I don’t mind. I live in a small town somewhere outside LA. My parents own a two-story mansion.



I wake up, feeling refreshed from a good night’s sleep. Getting up, I slip my slippers on and walk to my bathroom. I look in the mirror and wash my face. Returning to my room, I pick out an absolutely adorable outfit: a body-hugging black tank top; a dark wash and pre-ripped American Eagle jeans, black ballerina flats, with a cream striped tank by H&M. I had diamond earrings and a crystal pendant. Feeling satisfied, I went to the bathroom and applied my makeup.
“Rae, are you almost ready?” my mom yells.
“Yes mom, I’m headed down now,” I call back.
I get down to the kitchen and start munching on some toast and eggs. Soon I’ve finished, brushed my teeth, and was headed to the door, following my parents. We were all quiet when we got into the Range Rover.
As soon as the key was I the ignition, “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias was blasting. I couldn’t help but sing along. A couple minutes later though, and the song was over, so my parents turned the volume down. Now “Rescue Me” by Hawthorne Heights was playing.
“Got your homework done?” my dad asks.
Oh crap! That’s what I forgot!
“Let me guess, you forgot it?”
“Maybe,” I said.
My mom turns around and hands me my English homework.
“Thank you, mom.”
“Yeah, you need to remember these things,” she scolded me.
Not wanting to fight, I stay silent.
Everything was fine, that is, until, that is, a logger truck slammed into us, head on. Glass was everywhere, stabbing deeper into my skin. To make things worse, another car slammed into the truck, which was still digging deeper into our Range Rover. There was no space on the road. The truck sent us tumbling over the edge and into the ocean. I could hear screaming, but it stopped as we hit the water, filling up my lungs. The scene before me was no longer my own. I was fading, fast. The last thing I remember seeing was a bright light and hearing a set of wings, but then I was gone.

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