witch of salem massechusetts

November 23, 2010
By snowhite BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
snowhite BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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"come on Luna lets go" I whispered as I picked up my cat and walked out the door and into the wide hall. When I reached the stairs I carefully and cautiously stepped over the second step from the top and then hurriedly rushed into the kitchen.
"mm what are we having" I asked as I grabbed a plate wrapped in paper from Gavin and after unwrapping it set the glass plate onto the dusty table.
"spaghetti" mom called from the stove
"mom I know this is Henry's late great grandmother's house but why did we move here?"
"he wanted more room to have a family which brings up another subject" she said as Henry came in
"Henry let's tell her"
"no" I whispered
"yes! " she confirmed"we are having a baby" she cried as she hugged her stomach
She grabbed my hand and pressed it to her weirdly large belly.
It was obvious she had been gaining weight recently
just then another vision hit me , first blurred then I saw my mom holding a small bundle wrapped in a pink blanket. the vision ended "and guess what it is"mom asked me
"a girl her name starts with an M" I said jnowingly
All mom could do was stare at me with wide eyes and her mouth open "how did you know? Well yes you are tight Im naming her Morgan Elizabeth Mathews"she finished
"how'd you kow?" Henry asked. I ignored him and finished unpacking the plates.

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