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December 3, 2010
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I saw a light. It was unbelievably bright. It almost blinded me as it was straining my eyes. I did not think of what it could be, or what its powers were. I was lost in a moment of sudden shock that all my thoughts froze and my mind, suddenly blank. I found myself in utter disbelief of the light’s existence. Surprisingly, I felt my body begin to cling onto it naturally as time passed on. I slowly had accepted the breathless view and inhaled it into my glorious yet sinful soul. Quickly and as always my mind fluttered with a million of questions about the light’s mysterious beings. Where has it come from? What is the light’s significance? Why had it chosen to appear to me? What is my newfound vocation?

Throughout my days, the dynamic light stayed in my presence and grew onto me even more. It never once made me feel frightened nor nervous. It became a new part of me that I held onto and thought of as a gift. It was indeed an extraordinary gift from the heavens for it kept me safe and never doubted my abilities. It must be a positive force for why else would it only do good in my life? It never hurt my well being and always kept me away from the dangers and major sins of the world, the first people’s sins world. Adam and Eve felt the light as well, I was told. They chose to ignore it and took it for granted. They fell into Satan’s hands and became bewildered by his persuasion of a better life and false imagination. They became sinful and disgraceful. The lord became angry with his creation and sent them to Earth, a world of pain and real struggles. This is why I am here, this is why I am here the light explained. I have been cast to make bad good, to those who accept Salvation.

The light’s presence would never leave me; unless I made it clear I needed to be alone. Even when it left me by command, I could still feel its vague presence near me. I always sought out to people who needed help. I, myself was a person who in the past was lost and so alone. The light had brought me back onto my feet and guided me on even when I felt there was nothing more to be done. Whenever I spoke to the presence of harmony and peaceful light a graceful voice spoke back to me with the patience of a wise man. The wise man spoke with such a voice that I have never heard from a human, nor ever would. He told me of life in the heavens, how it was worth all the pain and suffering of the population on Earth. He told me of the doves and angelic creatures who await each and every one of us to find enough hope in our hearts to change before it’s too late. “Too late I asked the wise man?” “Judgment day my child, it will come one day, and if you have not found the truth you will not be saved, it will be far too late, he spoke back.” I felt a rush of sadness and worries for those who refuse the light to guide them. Those who kill, steal, cheat, cause misery and pain to everyone around them. Each and every one of them could be granted entry to the world that we all feel a need to be in one day, if only they gave up their sinful souls and join the righteous ones on the other side. But for some, this won’t be possible. They will realize that they were foolish all their human lives and pay a debt, that will never be paid fully. They will rot in h*** forever, forever or so. I became so depressed and pitiful for those who I love since they sadly have to experience Satan’s kingdom. While, to the others who will experience God’s kingdom I became full of felicity and beaming love that shall shine through the skies and fill every dove.

One night as I lay in bed, I thought of all the morals my light had taught me throughout my childhood life. Don’t steal, for happiness does not come from materials. Do not depend on material goods, for your heart will crave more and more and it will only satisfy the emptiness for a limited time. Do not judge others by the smiles they wear throughout their life, for masks often deceive their inside feelings of misery. Do not let go of all your dreams, for they won’t be as real when you do not believe. Do not let go of your friends because you can not deal with them anymore, you need to be honest with them and fix the relationship, for one day you will depend on someone to not give up on you. Do not hurt yourself, the words you tell yourself you will begin to believe. Do not love someone to begin to hate them, take the good out of the bad and move on. Do not regret actions, only regret them if you repeat them. Do not distress others, for when you will bruise because of someone, you will ache twice as much thinking of when you hurt someone, and how they must have felt, for you feel it now as well. Do not stop praying because things are not happening, keep on praying for you still have hope they will miraculously happen. Do not take your confidence too far, for you will be ashamed. Do not be a drama queen, for being melodramatic will only annoy and turn your world upside very down, every other day. Do not give up on someone, to give up on everything and everyone, moving on is key. Reflect on your actions; really think on the path of your thoughts. Be strong, never show weakness. Cry all you want, let the angels love you tenderly and help you through the pain and swords that drive deeply into your heart. Love everyone, especially your foes like Jesus did and Jesus does. And most importantly, keep the light in your soul and surroundings…Treasure the Holy Spirit, cherish the Holy Spirit.

The author's comments:
I wrote this randomly, thinking of the beauty of learning from your mistakes

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