The Time Traveler (Collection 1) Part III: Soul Travelers

December 1, 2010
By mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
mymask DIAMOND, Dayton, Ohio
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Death was written on the statues faces as they stared eternally at the Time Traveler and sally. Stepping back to him, Sally felt her blood run cold.
“What can we do?” she asked.
“Nothing” the Time Traveler said, “you can’t kill stone.”
Suddenly, Sally’s eyes grew in amazement.
“But we can destroy stone,” She said, “with a jack hammer.”
The Time Traveler shook his head.
“They store the souls of all their victims within their stone selves. If we destroy them, your boyfriend will die.”
Turning around, Sally suddenly saw that a third statue had her and the Time Traveler cornered. Stepping forward, the Time Traveler approached the stone statues.
“Hhmm” He hummed, “they look similar to the gargoyles at the Laon Cathedral, don’t you think or HA! The Washington cathedral! That’s where I recognize you all from! You are all from Washington D.C. aren’t you?”
Sally looked at the Time Traveler with a look that said: what are you doing?
“We’re in Maine” She stated, “I doubt that these statues are from Washington D.C. and also, they’re stone, they can’t talk.”
The Time Traveler took a step back and looked at the statues.
“No, I think they’re from Notre Dame” the time Traveler, “They look a lot like Quasimodo.”
Sally couldn’t help but laugh as the Time Traveler took hold of her hand.
“Hold on.” He said.
“Where are we going?” She asked.
“Just watch” He said.
Stepping back, The Time Traveler stepped onto a moldy old shoe.
“Bye!” He shouted.
The next thing she knew, Sally was in a circular room that held a table with many buttons and knobs on the table. Looking at a large screen that was on one of the red walls, she soon saw that she was passing by stars at lightning speed.
“What are all these buttons and knobs?” She asked.
“What these?” The Time Traveler asked, “Instruments, these control our flight.”
“Flight?” she laughed.
“Well, yes. You see, we travel around through time and space.”
Sally was now laughing and rolling with laughter. The Time Traveler looked at her with a serious look.
“Oh, don’t laugh.” He said, “It’s true.”
“Okay” she said, “but where are we going?”
“To the past” He said, “your past.”

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