forever young

November 23, 2010
By Anonymous

She ducked as the plate smashed against the wall behind her, great you really would think that eventually people would get over it! It’s not like she chose to be like this, and it really wasn’t her fault that the woman got freaked out when she walked by!
Aileen quickly backed through the wall and in to the next room. Sheesh you’d think that after living in her house for two years that Bridget would be used to her. Aileen floated up the stairs, “hi Aileen! Did you scare momma again?” the little girl looked up when she entered her bed room. “I dint mean to, It would be easier if she could see me too” Aileen answered Brenna picking up one of her dolls and brushing its hair. “She doesn’t believe me that you’re real.” The young girl said after a momentary pause spent shoving a Barbie in to a pink car. Aileen rolled her eyes “Adults never believe in what they can’t see. You remember that when you get grown up, maybe you will be different.” The little girl stared at the corner as if trying to see something in its shadowy depths. Aileen hated the corner; she only came in this room at all because Brenna was here.
“There’s something about that corner…” “I don’t like it.” Aileen said her transparent form shivering. Brenna went over and stood looking at the corner, “Aileen! Your names written in the corner! Why did you do that?” “I dint” “It’s a height measurement Aileen…” “No that’s not possible Brenna, I dint write on the wall and you dint write on the wall so there is no writing on the wall.” Aileen tapped her foot she didn’t like this room. And she dint like Brenna being in the corner. “Calm down Aileen it’s alright” Brenna looked at her with soft eyes, “it’s your birthday did you know?”
Aileen closed her eyes, she had no birthday she was seven and she was going to be seven forever. Everything would be fine as long as she never turned eight, she had decided that long ago, and confirmed it when Brenna moved in.
“What happened down stairs Aileen?” “Your mom got scared when I walked by that’s all.” “No before, when you were eight.” Brenna said pointing to the wall. “I’m not eight I’m seven.” “No” Brenna said looking at her with sad eyes “Aileen you are not seven you turned eight remember? Look you grew a whole inch from your seventh to eighth birthday!” she stepped aside so Aileen could see; cautiously she stepped in to the corner, looking at the pencil marks. “Aileen Anderson 8 years old November 23, 2008” she read slowly. “Two years ago.” Brenna told her matter-a --factly. “Where are your parents?” “I haven’t any!” Aileen yelled making the radio on Brenna’s beside table turn on and off. “Where did they go?”
Aileen ran she ran though the house and out in to the yard. She heard Brenna following her and her mom telling her not to run in the house. She stood looking at the huge house; it was old style brick with columns in the front and painted black shutters. If you walked to the back, though few seldom did there was a pond, and farther back a small grave yard. Aileen always avoided this place and had never told Brenna it was there though she shared every other secret of the house. Now she fled there. Sitting beneath an old tree she looked at the pond. “Aileen! Aileen!!” Brenna called, she dint answer hoping the girl would accept her friends absence.
“There you are. Ooh that’s pretty.” Brenna began to walk the edge of the pond and Aileen quickly pulled her away. “You mustn’t ever do that!” she yelled, the other girl looked scared and she tried to calm herself. “Promise you won’t play near the pond.” Brenna nodded then her eyes got big. “You can’t swim!” “No why?” she saw no point in stating the fact she could swim when she was alive and she felt no need to try now. Brenna hugged her, Aileen confused at why Brenna was attempting to hug what would look to anyone else like empty air hugged her back. “I have to show you something, come with me.” Brenna ran off toward the back of the pond and Aileen followed obediently. Brenna pulled something out of her pocket when she stood in front of a small stone closest to the water. Aileen stood next to her uncomfortable. “Look it’s you.” Brenna said holding up the picture. Then she flipped it over and began to read, “A terrible event this past night of November 23 2008 when all three members of the Anderson family were found dead, the Andersons daughter had thought to have lived but was found drowned in the backyard pond of her home. The murder of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson was caught this morning…” Brenna trailed off, “It wasn’t your fault Ali. And your mom and dad miss you.” “How do you know that?” Aileen asked fingering her dress. “Because they sent someone to tell me, so I could tell you that it’s time to come home no one but you are blaming you.” “I...I don’t know how to go home Brenna.” Aileen said crying, “are you ready?” Brenna smiled at her friend she’d been with Ali since she was five she was going to miss her but this was a good thing, just like Aiden had said this afternoon, a tear fell down her cheek. Aileen nodded slowly “you’re sure I’ll see momma?” “Of course you just have to walk toward the light, do you see it?” “It’s very pretty, but what about you?” “I’l see you soon,” Brenna said softly “it won’t be long now, go on” Aileen took a few steps forward and turned back “thank you.” She said and was gone. Slowly Brenna walked back to the house, carefully avoiding the pond; that night was silent but in the morning there was a great cry from the upstairs bed room of the old house. “I told you I’d see you soon!”Brenna said happily hugging her friend. “Hi Mrs. Anderson! Nice to meet you.”

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