and yet another part of The Chronicles of Serenity and Saber

November 26, 2010
By thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
thfitz2416 GOLD, Pullman, Michigan
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It was almost ten o’clock by the time Alex finally got up to leave.

"Serenity, may you please come with me down the driveway. I need to talk to you- alone," he added as Saber stood up to walk with us.

"Sure, I'll be right back Saber," I said as Saber opened his mouth to protest but by the time the first word was out of his mouth, Alex and I were already out of the door and headed down the driveway.

"So, what did you want?" I asked stopping a few feet from the tree line and swung my arms back and forth.

"I was wondering, maybe, If you would go to the movies with me this weekend?" He asked coolly without any hint of fear in his voice. Was he afraid of anything. I asked myself. my eyes were getting wider by the second as I took in what he said. Noticing me stall he added, "you don't have to, I was just curious." This brought me back to reality. He suddenly looked a little uneasy.

"I'd love too!" I responded gleefully.

"I'll pick you up around seven then, how does Friday sound?" He asked as we started walking down the driveway in the dark.

"Sure, what’s playing,"

"I think it's Moonlight Wanders and Death Valley," he responded running a hand through his spiky hair, showering the ground with flakes of dry gel.

"What're they about?"

"Moonlight Wanders is a romance, but it has blood and gore like most movies and Death Valley is a war movie but its between Vampires, Werewolves and humans,"

"We should watch Death Valley, it sounds like a good movie. Well, probably better than Moonlight Wanders anyway,"

"You're probably right," Alex laughed, "well I should probably get going then." We'd reached the end of the driveway. It felt as though no time had passed though. Sighing, I turned around. Just then, Alex grabbed me around the waist from behind and leaned me over and kissed me fully on the lips. Gasping as he put me back on my feet.

"A little something for you to think about," he laughed his deep seductive laugh. With that he turned and left. I was frozen in the same exact spot he had left me. Did he really just do that I thought to myself, touching my lips softly.

It seemed as if hours had passed when a howl shook me back into consciousness. I was laying at the end of the driveway where Alex and I had stood moments before, or so I thought. It was bright outside, cars were racing passed me. I tried to stand up, it made me feel like I was about to vomit when I did though. I slumped back onto the ground. Looking at my feet did no good, because when I did I noticed they were mangled and bleeding. This time I did vomit, all over my feet. The vomit in the open wounds stung and I writhed in pain. Suddenly the scene changed. Was I dreaming?

I was standing at the end of my driveway with Alex. Only this time his face was scared, his hair was straight and a little longer, he was muttering something about how he was sorry and didn't mean anything that had happened between us and that I would have to run away to keep me and the baby safe. What baby, what was he talking about, I thought. This was definitely a dream. Then I looked down to see if my dream self really had a baby. Sure enough, my belly was protruding.

Wrenching my eyes open I sat up in my bed and started breathing heavily. He sure had given me a lot to think about didn't he

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