Black Angel Project: The Sacrifice of many to save one

November 28, 2010
By KennaLynn PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
KennaLynn PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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A dark room, the smell of fresh blood and cheap cologne. A pounding headache raced about my skull, and the strange urge to kill slithered through my veins. Before the war I would of puked at the horrid stench of blood, but the war had changed everything…especially me.

I was 13 when they took me. Back then I was known as Anabell Maria the gentle and sweet. I had been a complete straight A student no flaws in my record. On weekends and days off I would spend most of my time at my town’s nursing homes. I was a real goodie-two-shoes.

It was around July 25th, during summer vacation, and I had been outside playing when they came for me. A black van with red stripes outlining every detail of it. My mom rushed me inside and stood at the front door a shot gun placed in her tanned hands, I hide behind the rocking chair hoping not to be seen. Two men busted through our door, pinning my mother to the ground.

They were dressed in a deep forest green with voices full of hate. I remember what they said.

“She’s ours now Claudia. Stop your fighting, you’ll end up hurt.” Said one. His blonde hair hung over his face and he reminded me of a girl, if it wasn’t for his deep voice.

“Leave her alone! She has done nothing wrong!” My mother sounded frightened. I remember thinking ‘what are they gonna do to me? Why do they want me?’. All I knew is that I had to get out of there, so they would leave my mother alone.

Somehow throughout my constant strain of questions, my mother had managed to get loose and knee the men in the groin. seizing me up, she ran out the back. I thought we were safe, I thought I was ok, until I heard the shot. My mother’s arms tightened around me then we fell. When we hit the ground I figured I would have a concussion, but all I could think about was what just happened. They had shot her, for me? My mother was dead because these men wanted me. My vision had begun to blur into complete blackness.

I awoke to the pain of some type of medicine coursing through my veins. I couldn’t see a thing, not even a faint outline. Was I blind folded or was it just really dark? The almost inaudible sound of beeping machinery scratched down my skull like Chalk against a board. The slightest noise would send me into an outrageous headache.

“Are you awake Anabell?” It was him again, the man who shot my mother.

“who are you an what do you want?” Cold streams fell down my face and my voice was harsh. I could hear him laughing, deep and cunning.

“My dear we just want to make you a better..” He pause chuckling to himself.”..Person.” A better person? I’m only 13 for crying out loud. Electricity flew through my body and I had shouted. It burned like acid and seemed to melt my skin.

“Well then should we get started, Zach?” Another voice called, but there was no face to to it. I tried to squirm, but it was nearly impossible to move. Tears began to fall again, but quicker then they bad appeared they were removed.

“If you cry it’ll short out the circlets, stupid girl.” Snapped the man, Zach. He tightened my restraints and I cried out in pain. Something was slicing through my skin, cold and metal. I had realized a little later that my arm had been removed. What were they doing to me? What had I done to be disassembled? That’s all I can remember from that moment, I must of black out.

When I awoke, the only thing that met my eyes was a blinding light, but it didn’t hurt my eyes it was merely an annoyance. Instead of a yellow light that you would see in every other place, except a black room, it was blue. I turned my head to both sides scoping out the area I was in, it hurt a little.

I was in a pale blue room with deep blue windows and floors. Why was everything in this room blue? The decorator must love the color. A mirror! I saw a mirror in the other corner of the room. The glint from the light shown on it, so I couldn’t see myself. I tried to get up but I felt numb, not restrained just numb.

Ii heard someone coming so I pretended to be asleep. Small hands were placed on my arm and a needle was shoved into my arm. IT was hard for me not to scream as the searing liquid surged through my veins.

“poor thing…your so young they shouldn’t of done this to you.” A women voice, gentle and kind. “I hope you last longer then the others…” She leaned over and kissed my forehead and began to leave. I had to know what was going on.

“There are others?” I asked, hoping I didn’t scare her. I saw her turn and smile at me coming back.

“Your awake little angel.” She smiled, yet it was saddened.

“Yes, but you said others. Are there more they did this to?” She paused before nodding.

“ 13 young kids, from 13 of the men involved in this project were forced to be given up to subject testing. Your number 13 in the Black Angel project.”

“The Black Angel Project?”

“Yes. It is a project made by men in this factory. 13 kids age 13 were mechanically changed. Each child was given color, yours happens to be blue. The color plus the name angel was given to each child as a code name. Long story short you were subject to the highest mechanical technology available and were changed physical and somewhat mentally.”

“So I’m called Blue Angel? What is this all about? Why did they do this?”

“Yes that’s it. They wanted to combine robots and humans to make a infiltration team. Sadly the first seven didn’t survive. The technology either didn’t accept they’re makeup or drove them insane.” My breath caught in my throat.

“Will that happen to me?” she shook her head.

“We don’t know yet. In time we’ll know. For your sake I hope you live..”She smiled once and then left.

I was no longer numb, so I decided to sit up. Hastily I walked over to the mirror to see what they had done. My left arm was made of blue and silver machinery, as was my left leg.

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on Feb. 3 2011 at 6:15 pm
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whoa! will there be a sequel???? that was really good! O.O

on Dec. 5 2010 at 6:54 pm
Stormyflight GOLD, Arlington, Ohio
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Not bad at all:) Love the story, and your details where great:)

on Dec. 3 2010 at 7:28 pm
KennaLynn PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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thank u =3

on Dec. 3 2010 at 6:30 pm
Amer-Nae PLATINUM, Maynard, Arkansas
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I like this I really do..good job!

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