Escape From Reality

November 29, 2010
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You close your eyes and sit in your room. Suddenly, a slight breeze brushes playfully across your face. You start to wonder, is there a window open? You open your eyes and you're sitting in an open field. Looking around, there's nothing in sight but a beautiful tree. The tree looks very old and elegant with purple blooms hanging gently and dancing in the playful breeze. You look around you and you are in grass that is swaying gently, even with your knees. Looking up, you see the moon as big as a quarter in the sky. It seems odd because its light outside as if the sun is just setting, giving off a violet-red glow.
Soaking in the beauty, you lay back in the grass and look up to the sky. You suddenly hear a faint giggle, shoot up, and look around. The sound came from the old tree. As you walk toward it, you are greeted by two little girls dressed in white and yellow summer dresses. They gently take your hand, their little fingers winding softly into yours. They sead you foreward and as you come closer you see a blanket on the ground and a swing resting gently on a high branch of the tree. The rope, which the swing hangs from, is a bright green vine coming from the tree itself as if that was its purpose. The seat was madefrom leaves and vines beautifully interwoven.
The girls pull you toward the swing and ju,p excitedly asking you to push them, their voices sounding so soft you cannot deny, You push them as high as you can and catch them as they swing back toward you, only to send them up again. Each time you push, they give an excited giggle. When they tire of swinging, they offer to push you. Knowing you're twice their size, you deny. They grab your hands and pull you toward the swing as if they were begging. Giving in, you sit on the swing. It is oddly confortable, the leaves providing a gentle cusion. The girls start pushing and you fly foreward. You close your eyes and embrace the movement and soak in the sounds of the girls laughing with joy. The wind brushing through your hair suggesting flight. For a while, you soar like a bird, free in the sky. All the stree leaves you and you feel free.
When you come to a stop, you open your eyes to see the girls reaching for your hands and, once again, lead you off. This time they bring you to a blanket on the ground. The blanket looks odly farmilliar as if you've seen it before. It is red and has an ancient pattern designed on the front in an emrald green color. The girls lay down and look at the sky. you lay with them and look up to see the stars dancing across the reddish sky as if they were putting on a show. The girls start to sing as if to give the stars something to dance to. As you listen to the child's lillaby and watch the stars, you start to drift to sleep.
The singing stops, you open your eyes, and it's dark. The only source of light coming from the violet-red glow of your clock. It reads 6:00 a.m. and you realise you had fallen asleep. You get up, turn on the light and you see your blanket, the same from the dream, folded neatly next to the window. You walk over and stare at it confused. Sitting on top is a little purple bloom and a yellow lace from a summer dress.

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