Dark Red

November 25, 2010
By MissAdlem100 BRONZE, Woodbridge, Other
MissAdlem100 BRONZE, Woodbridge, Other
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'Never be afraid to do what your heart tells you'

Red eyes were all I could as I was plunged into agonizing pain, where had this pain come from? Who did these horrible, but intriguing eyes belong to? Those were the questions I asked myself the night I was changed, it really doesn’t seem like it was over a year ago; time sure does fly when you are over here, shoot! I am going to be late, I better hurry up or I am going to get another talking from Caius again, he just drones on and on about how I should set an example as an Elite to the Normal students, blah blah, blah… BORING!

Hell yeah! I made it just in time, though Caius did get on at me, saying that 3 minutes later and I would have been in major trouble, like I care, I mean who those he think he is, I mean, yeah he is an Elite just like me and the rest, but he is only 6th out of the 15 of us, that is so not impressive to my 2nd, though I won’t be first, that will always go to my boy, Leon, my soul mate. Oh, shoot better get to History.

Yay, it is finally other, god, Mr Vancouver just drones on and on about how the first family founded this school and that we elite are the pride and example of the best at our school, and at the end of the class, he starts badgering me because he wants me to do a talk for the new normal students on how the school came to be, I said ‘Sorry, sir, I can’t, I have notes to catch up on, can’t you ask Leon?” and as usual Leon is as busy as I am, but I say that I will what I can do. God, it is all good being the 2nd best in the school, but is sure does involve a LOT of work.

GRRRR! Pesky Werewolves, I am sitting in the library, writing up notes for this stupid history talk and they are howling, I know it is only 1 school night a month, but it DRIVES me insane!! Someone needs to keep them in solitary confinement out of the way, so that they don’t disturb our studies. Right, 3:00am, Dinner time. I have been killing for my 2 pints of blood, privilege of the Elites, extra pints of blood and oh, I don’t literally kill for it, killing is not allowed on the Grounds of the Academy of Vantars Vampires.

The author's comments:
i um love what it is about, just something, came up with to pass the time... more installments to come!!

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