November 25, 2010
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It starts in his fingers, a vivid sensation that can only be described as invigorating. It bubbles its way up his arms, and recedes down to his legs, pulsating in waves, life-giving lava quenching his once hollow veins. His ghastly white skin glows with a renewed vitality, as his fingers twitch with the slightest realization of their awakening. The figure basks in the warmth of his birth, his eyelids flutter open.

What floods his optical nerves is nothing short of stunning. A brilliant white light that sears his freshly reaped eyesight, pain flashes through the back of his head. As he moans he lashes out with his hands, throwing them betwixt him and the singing light.

Sitting up he slowly opens his eyes again, his vision has had time to adjust. Glancing around, his surroundings thrust him into a state of panic. The room is small, no windows, and one door. A single ominous bright light douses the room in obnoxious illumination. Snaking their way down his chest are countless cords, IV’s, meters taking readings. They connect to a computer standing on a rack to his right, clearly a medically situated room.

Glancing around he attempts to absorb his surroundings. His mind is littered with agonizing questions, both daring, and natural.
Where am I? He inquires.
How did I get here? The questions continue as his heart rate increases at a rapid pace, what happened to me? His eyes follow his skin, examining every joint, it’s as if he knows what they are yet still finds them fascinating. The most devastating, and possibly numbing question, arises upon a bone chilling discovery. His skin is stretched across his muscles almost too tight, it is glossily smooth, his fingers have no prints; his hand’s no wrinkles.
Who am I?

His curiosity, finally getting the best of him, convinces him to stand. Ripping out the IV’s and cords from his chest and arms, he wobbles as the pain consumes him. His legs feel raw, fresh, his knee’s ache with a sense of vulnerability as his steadiness remains in question. He begins to take a step, and his back leg gives way, falling forward he catches himself on the medical tray. Bracing the fall, a blinding pain slithers up his leg and through his hands, his eyes water with physical and mental agony. He slowly begins to limp across the room to the computer that was reading the measurements of his body. The familiarity of the symbols almost startles him, the screen flashes, more than likely due to the disconnection of the wiring.

Catching his eye, through the peripheral of his vision is a computer scrolling with text. Stumbling to the computer the unit displays an informatory page about a patient. Presumably about himself, the man reads carefully as not to blink and miss a word.

Date: 11-22-2045

Patient: Seven

Date of awakening: TBA

Destiny Hospital

“Patient is showing significant improvement structurally, growth of epidermis close to completion, vital organ growth complete. No vital signs as of yet, it will be a matter of patience and hope. Only god can decide when or if he awakes, until then he will be kept from us. In the name of President Gavin, we pray for the best results.”

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