The Silver Locket

November 26, 2010
By Zoe Ann BRONZE, New York, New York
Zoe Ann BRONZE, New York, New York
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The damp green leaves brushed the sides of my face. As a rain drop hit my closed eye lid, flowing down like a tear, a tear that would warm my heart to cry. I haven’t cried since I was ten, and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t.
I passed another few tree’s, and another few puddles. The clearing should come up soon, at least I was hoping for it to. But I could walk forever and I wouldn’t mind. It was always so peaceful. The sound of lingering raindrops, the taste of the humid air that had the scent of lilac in it, and the sight of tree’s beyond trees.
Every step I took, the sound of the water flowing became clearer. And tonight was the perfect night; it was a full moon, and somewhat clear skies. Isn’t that the way it was supposed to be?
Brushing my hands through my pony tail, fanning my face off, it was blazing warm out, but I loved it. The warmth stuck to my bare skin, but when my hair stuck to my skin too- it was annoying.
Bringing my hands to the leaves of a tree, I carefully brushed the branches away to the beautiful waterfall that stood before me. I blinked once more, trying to remember the last time I had been here. And I knew it would go away soon, so I enjoyed it as much as possible.
I was the only one there, so I stripped to my bathing suit- still self conscious of my body. I brought my toes to the water; it was ice cold. I loved it.
The moon radiated its beauty, as the water shimmered blue. I took slow steps in closing my eyes. I enjoyed the feeling of cold, still water on my legs, thighs, stomach, arms, neck, and finally my face. Like little shocks of water, that relaxed you massively.
I relaxed internally, floating on my back, eyes closed, I dreamed of a better life than this. And I slowly began to sink. I swam to under the water fall and behind it. I felt safe. I gazed up to the blurry vision of the man in the moon.
Who was he really? Was he poor like I? Or richer than most? I began to sing to myself, as I relaxed floating around watching him.
“Love me tender
Love me sweet, never let me go. You have made my life complete
And I love you so.”
Ah, the king. Nothing sounded as sweet as the King. Tonight was beautiful. A black sheet of marble covered the sky, shimmering with little crystals. Clouds of cotton filled the air, shaded by long branches of beautiful crescent shaped leaves that lathered over my head.
This place made all my troubles go away. It was nice to relax once in a while. With waking up at the crack of dawn and working till sunset there is only so much sunlight, and only so much time to get stuff done. Mother always told me to wake up my brother, Tommy, and my sister, Amber to collect the eggs. Then, I being the oldest, father and I went to milk the cows. Once that was done we had to hand water the crops. And mother made dinner and cleaned the small house. And after all that was done, if we had even ten minutes left of day light we would go swimming in the creak behind the house. Life was very organized.
But things would switch around sometimes. Some days we had to tend to the horses, or harvest the crops. Or some days we had to help mother make the butter. TO maintain a farm took forever, and we had to help mother and father, so we never got a good education. Father would teach us the basics of math, like adding subtracting and multiply. And after all the work was done, if mother had enough energy she would teach us to read and write.
I can’t complain at all though. I know there are kids who can’t even afford food! I’m living the sweet life compared to them. I mean, everyone has that little spark that makes them happy. For my family, it was the farm. Without it we’d be nothing. And for that, I am great full.
I sank further in the water, so it almost covered my entire face. But all of a sudden I heard footsteps. Not animal steps, footsteps. I was freaking out so I ducked under the water, making sure to take a deep breath before and swam behind the water fall.
I came up just a little bit so I could breathe out of my nose, and soon a big black figure came out from the bush’s.
“Amy? Oh Ammmyyy? Come on out! I know you are behind the waterfall! I just want to give you something.”
He knew where I was… and it was no familiar voice to me. What I was going to do was stupid but what else could I do?
I swam out from the water fall and put myself in a position where he could see me.
“Who are you?” I saw a smile form on his lips, not good.
“Look Amy, you should find that out later but I’m going to toss you this locket and I will leave, it is very valuable. Try not to ruin it.”
“Wait! Let me get closer so it doesn’t get water on it.” I’m such an idiot…
“Alright, but I can’t stay too long to hurry!” I swam closer and he tossed the silver locket. Making sure it didn’t get wet I held in my hands. It was beautiful. It was pure silver, new and shiny. It was incrusted with roses and little designs, and in the center laid a beautiful sapphire diamond rose, that shimmered in the moon light. Before I opened it I looked up at him to say something but he cut me off.
“Do you like it?” Was he kidding? Who in the right mind wouldn’t absolutely adore this! “I love it but I have so many questions!” He shook his head back and forth, responding in a silent no. And he spoke instead changing the topic.
“Do you want to keep it?” What problems could possible come with a locket? What could possible hurt me later because of a locket?
Every bone in my body told me to say no.
“I’d love to.” And in a quick second the locket grew heavy, and green thorns grew around it, causing my hand to bleed. The chain wrapped itself around my wrist allowing my circulation to cut off and my hand to go numb. And the diamond, sparkled more than ever with my blood dripping over it.
“Well now you are mine” He threw an evil grin and vanished before I could blink.
“What?” I gasped, as the pain in my hand grew like ripping a band aid off. I should have denied it, why didn’t I?
Right then I woke up with sweat covering every inch of my body. But my hand, my left hand, was freezing, and felt very heavy. I looked down, and the locket was there, dried blood, bruises, cuts, and all.

The author's comments:
I really enjoyed writing this piece because it brought me to a whole different world of imagination and it really caught my interest.

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