November 23, 2010
By Baykitty5 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
Baykitty5 BRONZE, Limerick, Maine
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When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. ~Victor Frankl

January 23, 2022. The war has just begun.

Dear Mr. Red,
There is no time left. This will be my last report unfortunately. They're almost here. It will all end soon for me. I am positive of this. I think I hear them. Please Mr. Red, carry on my research and save lives. For mine is over. My thanks to you, goodbye.

Sincerely your colleague,

Dr. Blue

Ruffling came from outside the steel lab. Dr. Blue stared at the silver door. Something was scratching the door. There was several bangs and a booming thud. A loud shriek followed ringing through the dense forest leaves. Silence.

Mr. Red shivered at the sight of his friends last email. He looked at his young assistant David.

"It wasn't supposed to end this way,"he contemplated.
“ Some things just don’t end the way you plan.” David replied.
Rain flooded the roof in a cold, constant stream. "What now," Mr. Red thought. "What now."

As the coffee brewed agent Todd stared out the window. "They really have to get these blasted leaks fixed." He thought as a raindrop flew down from the ceiling. "We're never going to get anything done at this rate" he said to himself. It was only a matter of time before the species grew bigger and stronger. "At least now that scientist isn't interfering anymore. Neither will anyone else."

June 11, 2022.

China has been in war with Russia for two years now. Now, with also the United States. China has taken over a quarter of what use to be America. The land of the free. The United States government is making a very secret project that might turn the war around. They are using humans as weapons. Around two billion people are homeless now. The government has secret shelters that take the homeless mothers, children and men into cages. They are then feed water and bread for a certain amount of time until they are needed. A guard will then open the door and tell them they are free to go. He will then give them directions out. The people gather into a large steel room where the guards directed them to go. The guards lock and bolt the doors. A panic rises from the people. Cries and pleas of help and sorrow echo off the walls. From vents in the ceiling high above reach, odorless gas floods the whole room. Gradually, the people mutate into hideous creatures, Malfars. Their hands grow long, sharp claws.Black short hair covers their whole body while their teeth grow into sharp daggers. Their eyes turn a blood, red color. Malfars can stand on two feet and can grow up to ten feet tall. It is a mixture of wolf, lion and wildebeest. The people who are turned into Malfars are not humans anymore.They're weapons. The government will then open one of the doors that leads outside into a huge cage about the same size as the room. The Malfars will sprint out reaching at most twenty-five miles an hour and slam into the end of the cage. No one person can control a Malfar. They have a devious mind of their own. They destroy everything in their path. Even their creators.

Mr. Red furiously crumpled the paper up in frustration. His young eighteen year old assistant looked on. The research was not yet complete. It was so close though. Just the right numbers and proper formula was all he needed. After months of work and no sleep he was almost finished. Dr. Blue's death was because of the government. He had figured out what they were doing and started making a solution to fix it. With everything precise with the right amount of elements and molecules, Dr. Blue was able to make a formula. But in the process of making it he hacked into the government database to see the chemicals they used. Sadly, the government found out and unleashed mutants in Dr. Blue's area around his lab. Since Dr. Blue lived in the dense forests of where China was about to take over, it was easy. Not only would it kill the enemy the United States, it would kill Dr. Blue and his research. Except instead of lingering into Chinese camps, the Malfars sidetracked into unknown territory. Soon they would find the Chinese camps.

To protect their identities while emailing each other, they used code names. Neither scientist knew the other colleague’s real name. The code names were typically colors. It was just a way for scientists to email one another on secret research. Unfortunately, the government can easily find people. Dr. Blue was just another example of the power of the government.

David paced back and forth thinking of ways to comfort his teacher.
" It wasn't your fault." David patted his mentor knowing what he was thinking.
" I know, but it sure does feel like it." The mentor said stressfully.
" I felt the same thing when I lost my parents to them." David said shyly. " But then I found you."
" And I wont lose you." Mr. Red patted him on the back.

Agent Todd's phone rang.

" Hello Joe."

" Good evening agent Todd." Joe replied. " As the president of this country it is my duty to do the best I can to resolve problems. Right now my country is not only being attacked by China, but by your group's Malfars. " Joe Biden said coldly.

" I am doing the best I can to control them sir. It got a little out of hand. The Malfars started wandering into eastern territory. They are now around Washington D.C....." Agent Todd started.

" If you don't stop making Malfars I will stop funding your operations." The president cut in. He threw the phone down on the receiver hurting agent Todd's ears.

Joe Biden knew all about how his secret M.I.W (Mutant Intelligence Weaponry) agency was mutating his citizens. M.I.W was located near the capitol, but not too close. It was placed on Ridge Street near turnpike 395. Their operations took place in an abandoned building on a very quiet back street. Only about ten miles away. Just enough to rush over if anything was ever wrong.

Joe was an idol to all his citizens. If the mutants got to the public, he would blame it all on the Chinese. Which was happening in smaller towns. He would say it was a disgusting thing to do to people. In fact, it was a disgusting thing to do to humans. The Chinese knew nothing about the mutants the United States government was creating against China. The United States had nothing left to lose. If they didn't do anything the Chinese would have automatically won. Instead, it seemed best if both sides died. Joe Biden wasn't going out without a fight. If he lost, so does the Chinese. The M.I.W agency was a thing that was suddenly created by professors working for the United States government. They never knew it was going to be this out of hand. The president then killed these scientists because they knew too much. There was two many of them. He wanted a small group of people. If this was to ever be pointed toward him, Joe would find someway to redirect the blame on some other poor person. It would never be his fault. He was determined to keep it that way.

July 4, still 2022.

China has encountered the United States’ "secret weapons". The Malfars have finally wandered into Chinese camps and killed hundreds. They have been effective, but destructive. They have pushed the Chinese back catching them off guard, but almost a month ago they started heading into eastern territory where the United States citizens occupy. Three small towns in the United States have been attacked by Malfars. Luckily for Joe Biden, they were not close to where the big cities are. Joe has been making rally talks to his citizens claiming they are defeating the Chinese. (When actually China has totally destroying the United States as he spoke.) His worse fear is the Malfars will attack where he was rallying or the big cities.

Russia has been bombed. A series of nuclear explosions went off Sunday in several greatly populated areas. These cities include Moscow, Perm, Ufa, and Saratov. These are not the only major cities that were bombed. The death count is in the billions and still rising. Over three billion are currently homeless and without power. The bombs are thought to have been a terrorist attack from China. Russia is now not one of the most populated countries in the World.

Mr. Thompson or otherwise known as Mr. Red, shivered. The winter air was especially frigid this year. It had been a strange year weather wise, but is was done.
"Finally, it's about time," Mr. Thompson said concluding lifting up his paper to examine it. David examined it also admiring his mentor's work. Just when he was done reading it, he was already planning his materials. Mr. Thompson and David ran out of his cold lab room into the dense forest. It had been weeks since they left. They jogged over to Mr. Red's dented and stained jeep and drove away.

Agent Todd looked at his computer in despair. "Oh no" he thought as he read Dr. Blue's last email. "Another person is trying to ruin my life." He looked at Dr. Blue's last request. He figured that whoever Mr. Red was had already known their operation and that Mr.Red had had plenty enough time to find a solution for turning the Malfars back into humans.

"Useless, pathetic humans that only cower when they are hurt." Agent Todd stated. "I’m sick to even call myself human."
"Agent Li, I need you to do a trace on this email now! Pitson, I need you to load the gear in the car! NOW PEOPLE NOW!" Agent Todd barked directing orders to the seven other people in the room. Everyone nodded and did as they were told. They loaded the armored hummer and drove toward Mr. Red's lab.

Agent Todd quickly went into action and grabbed his gun. He held it up and walked in a smooth, fast motion towards the steel building. After checking all four sides of the building, he waved for his crew to go in. They busted open the door and swiftly checked the room for any signs of life. "Clear" one of the more insignificant crew members muffled. Everyone relaxed a bit and started searching the room. They went through papers and files but found nothing. Agent Todd cursed.

"It looks like he left recently" Pitson commented.
"We need to get rid of all this. Any suggestions?" Agent Todd questioned.
Instead of using words Agent Mason lit a match and threw it on the papers. Slowly the room was engulfed in bright red, flickering flames. Smoke poured out from the vents near the ceiling. The armored Hummer turned around and sped away leaving tire marks.

If anyone wants to read the rest comment and I will post the rest. It would be called MUTANT 2 AND THE LAST ONE MUTANT be continued.

The author's comments:
I think of life in a different way.

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on Apr. 11 2011 at 10:47 pm
RebeliousOne BRONZE, North Las Vegas, Nevada
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"Imagination is the first step to discovery"-Unknown

WOw this was really good i felt like this was a movie plot! You should keep writing more!

AlexD BRONZE said...
on Feb. 3 2011 at 7:47 am
AlexD BRONZE, Standish, Maine
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I liked it, And I think you should keep working on it. Good job!


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