The Time Traveler (Collection 1) Part II: Soul Thieves

November 25, 2010
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Sally sat at the police station, holding a picture of John in her hand. Tears were swelling her eyes as she stared up at the police chief, who was interrogating her.
“So” The chief asked, “Your friend was turned into a skeleton by a statue?”
“Yes” Sally replied, “He was.”
“And you say that this Time Traveler sent you a message to run from the abandoned hotel?”
The police chief sat back in his seat and looked at Sally with a smile on his face.
“Is this a prank?” He asked.
“No!” Sally shot, “My boyfriend was turned into a skeleton by a statue!”
Passing police officers were now looking into the chief’s office and laughing. Sally was now out of the chair and walking to the door.
“Hey, Larry” The Chief called, “Let me know if any statues start walking around, okay?”
“Right, boss!”
Sally walked by many laughing police officers who were commenting her on how good of a prank she had pulled or how she was a good liar. Muttering a few choice words underneath her breath, Sally walked out of the police station. Rain was now pouring hard on the sidewalk as she began to walk towards the nearest restaurant.
“They didn’t believe you, did they?” Someone asked.
Sally turned and watched as a man stepped away from the side of the building.
“Who are you?” Sally demanded.
“I’m the one who told you to go here” the man said, “I am the Time Traveler.”
Sally was now looking at the Time Traveler who wore a brown suit and brown trench coat. Trying not to giggle, Sally noticed that he was wearing dance shoes.
“What?” The Time Traveler asked.
“Nothing” Sally replied, “I just like your shoes.”
The Time Traveler smiled and kicked up his foot.
“Oh, these?” He asked, “Yes, they are nice, bought them out near the Betelgeuse galaxy, not good traction though.”
Sally looked at the Time Traveler with a look of weirdness on her face. Turning around, she began to walk away.
“Hey, where are you going?” The Time Traveler asked.
Sally turned and looked at him.
“You’re joking, aren’t you buddy?”
The Time Traveler shook his head.
“Oh no” He said, “I really am a time and universe traveler.”
Sally was now laughing and looking at him with a distasteful look.
“Look, psycho” She stated, “I don’t think that you’re in your right…”
She stopped and looked at him.
Sally placed her hands on her hips and looked at him.
“Your Names is Sally” The Time Traveler said, “And you and your boyfriend were looking around the old abandoned hotel that is down the street when you found a statue that seemed to be stalking you. You found writing on the wall and read it while your boyfriend looked out the window at the statue. When you turned around, he was a skeleton…right?”
Sally nodded.
“How did you know that?”
“I’ve been in the future and I saw yours and his future.”
“He’s dead.”
The Time Traveler shook his head.
“No, the statues just sucked out his soul, they’re soul thieves.”
“How do we get his soul back?”
“We have to suck out their souls…”
The Time Traveler stopped suddenly and backed away from Sally.
“What is it?” she asked.
“Don’t turn around.” The Time Traveler said, “They’re right behind you.”

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