Prologue- "Trinity McAllister: The Supernatural Beginning"

November 22, 2010
June 5th 1989, 4:58 am
Leonardo Williams stared down over the world like he was a higher being than it all. His mind was deep in thought as to how the situation he was in could be overcome and work to his advantage. The two worlds he knew of, the mortal and the supernatural, suddenly seemed to lose some of the life to both. The supernatural beings, including himself, had lost all of their powers at midnight in mortal time, and they had not come back for a long time.

As his period of power loss was about to enter its fifth hour, he found that the time in the mortal world was now a minute to the fifth hour of the day. “How much longer will this go on? Surely, others will be investigating this matter.”

When the fifth hour of the day began, he suddenly felt rejuvenated. He stood up in shock as he felt his power coursing through his veins like it did five hours ago. But what could have happened that caused the entire supernatural community to lose its power? It was a mystery worth getting into.

“Brother,” Leonardo heard one of his companions say from behind him.

He turned around. The person before him, Kyle Ashford, Leonardo’s brother in the supernatural, was keeping a calm face, but he did look like he knew something important. “What is it, Kyle?”

He replied, “We’ve received intelligence that a baby girl was born right before our power came back to us. Born of two mortals.”

“What do you suppose this baby is to the Trithals?” Leonardo asked.

“Maybe you should see the facts for yourself. We may be looking at something big here.”

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Macx14 said...
Nov. 27, 2010 at 4:55 pm
Awesome writing! I would only recommend lengthening it a bit, but other than that, great!
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