November 19, 2010
By Anonymous

The date is June 17, 2032. There has been a manifestation of zombies all over the world. An estimated 20% of all human beings are infected. Right now you are in Chicago, Illinois. Get ready, here we go!

“Boom!...Tommy! Wake him up, we need some cover fire!”
Your world is foggy as you wake up; your ears are ringing as you are getting shaken awake. “Jake, wake up. Take this gun.” The man hands you an m4 machine gun.
As you look around the room, you notice that the windows are broken and partially boarded up. The building you are in has a cold stone floor. Off to your left you see a solid steel door locked up like Fort Knox.

Dead head you see a hallway with a door on both sides and a window at the end. You hear gunfire from inside the door on the left of the hallway.
“Somebody cover the window!” The man who gave you the gun starts yelling. “I’ll make it straight and to the point kid. We’re in a lock down. Zombies are outside and are constantly trying to get in. Keep the windows boarded up; defend your position at all times, and if they get in through the windows, yell and hopefully we can provide backup. Now go! You take the room on the right, I’ll take the window!” You hear the man in the other room yelling, “Let’s go ladies; they’re gettin’ rowdy!”

You enter the room, there is a window on the north side dead ahead, and the boards on the window are being ripped off by a zombie and thrown behind him with a crash! You are startled, trembling; as you pull out the gun you were given. BANG, BANG, BANG! Thundering sounds make your ears ring as you fire the gun. You fire several rounds into the creature, bringing its rotten corpse to the ground with a dull thud. As you scramble to get the window boarded up, you get a look at the barren and deserted city. There’s a thin layer of fog over the ground and all the buildings are a mere skeleton of what they used to be. All the windows are smashed and everything from inside them is thrown about on the ground. There is no electricity in the whole city except for the generator in the basement of the building you are stationed in. Off in the distance, you see a zombie approaching, slowly stumbling in your direction. You decide to check on the two men you are with. “Hey! My name is Jake by the way. Who are you two?”
“We know who you are,” said the man who seemed to be in charge. “I’m Jim, and that’s Tommy.”
“Alright, are you guys alright in there?”
“Yea they seem to be thinning out, at least for now.”
“Same over here.” yelled Tommy.

You run over to your room and look out the window. The zombie you saw before is near the window but it seems like that’s the only one around. You hear, “Hey, save your ammo if you can kid, it doesn’t grow on trees.”
There’s a knife on the table. You look over and spot the knife. It’s black with a smooth and sharp blade, roughly 4 inches long. You pick up the knife and sprint over to the window where you see the zombie trying to get in. Just before the zombie enters, you stab it in the upper right chest. The body falls to the ground just outside the window.

You run back to the main room you woke up and ask Tommy and Jim if they can come talk things through. “Yea, I don’t see anything for now” shouts Jim.
“Same here” says Tommy. As the two men approach you, you notice that Jim has a gash in his left arm which he covers with a piece of fabric. “What are you looking at?” said Jim with a stern voice.
“N-nothing sir, I wasn’t lookin’ at nothing.”
“That’s what I thought” said Jim.
“Alright, we better get to thinking of a plan before more of them show up” says Tommy.
“OK, well, were not going to last forever here are we? So I say we move out of this place.”
“To where?” asks Tommy.
“I don’t know, do we have a vehicle?”
“Yea, there’s a Jeep outside. What do you say Jim?” said Tommy.
“Well, whatever we do, cough-cough, we better get to it. The key to the door is under that rug” said Jim as he points to the rug under the table to the right.
“OK I’ve got em’.” You unlock the door and walk out with the men right behind you.
“I’ll drive, you and Jim hop in” says Tommy. Once in the car you start driving out of town on a one lane deserted road. You slowly drift off into sleep in the passenger seat.

Slam! You wake up from hearing the driver’s seat door shut. You look out the window and cannot see anything for miles. You look into the back seat where Jim was only to find that he is not there but the seats are wet and stained. You get a smell of vomit coming from the back seat as well.

AHH!!!...Thud…What was that? As you think over the situation you realize that the sound seemed to have come from Tommy. You slowly open the door with a creek. You step out of the Jeep. You crawl around the front of the car and look on the other side of the vehicle. You tremble as you see tommy’s lifeless body lying in a puddle of blood with a gash in his neck. You scramble over to check out the corpse. You hear footsteps from behind you. You rear up, turning around just to get a glimpse of Jim’s face, rotten with oozing holes as he grabs you and bites into the soft flesh of your neck.

If you are reading this you are one of the few remaining survivors. The survival of the human race is in your hands. You must find a cure to the zombie disease. Live or die trying. For if you don’t, there is no hope….

The author's comments:
This is a fictional story meant only to entertain readers.

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