Destiny Isle Part 1

November 14, 2010
The sunlight was strong as i jumped out of bed and popped my head out of the window,a slight cool breeze,it felt good,i loved summer weather.I smiled and shouted"Hello,world!!"as loud as i could.I leaned on my window sill and looked out,another day of trying to survive.The city of downtown was the center but was now half covered under water like a big blue blanket itched with ruins.The tallest buildings poking out with their windows shinning in the water makes it look so peaceful.

Being covered with so much plant life,it looked like paradise,but that's the outside view,theres a difference between viewing and knowing.Looking at all of this made me so excited to start the day i bounced around my room to get dressed and leaped out of my window.Splash,i was in the luke-warm water,i popped up and started swimming to an island on my left.

I was tall and skinny with short,wild hair,all the boys(the ones that survived were the younger ones)admired me!I was like their leader!Strong,brave and full of energy.I crawled up onto the sand of the beach and looked over at the ocean.The sun gleaming off it....makes it seem as if nothing ever happened.Five years ago it was all one city,no water eating up building anywhere,we were about our normal spring day.I was eleven when it happened,walking with my dad to the shrine on a hill uptown,when suddenly i felt dizzy and a tingling feeling rose up inside me.

The air got covered with fog and i couldn't see,i panicked,then i felt someone pick me up off the ground and carry me away from my father.I screamed and yelled,calling for him when i saw a liquid formation slowly coming forward.I saw that liquid gulp up and wash away my father,i heard so many far off screams.

For some reason i looked up and saw a hunk of land floating up,it was in the shape of a diamond,water flowing down from it,i saw a big black bulky figure that looked like a crystal in the middle with the green vines covering it.I couldn't help but be mesmerized as i was being carried away.

I've been living with that person ever since,she was the next in line to be the wise lady from the shrine.My mother had died from giving child birth to me so i never knew her.Apparently all the adults were told about that event coming so the children and women were brought to the shrine for safety.I still see that diamond island up in the sky,it has not budged and no one has ever reached it,but one day i will,with the help of Tadoka.

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