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November 15, 2010
By Miss.Chase BRONZE, Anaheim, California
Miss.Chase BRONZE, Anaheim, California
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Day one of the worst mornings of my life the air was cold when we loaded up our bags into the trunk of my dad’s van. I know its lame but that’s what happens when you realize a smaller car just won’t cut it anymore. I stood at the foot of the stair case that led up to our former apartment, my arms folded across my chest. I was wearing my black skinny jeans with my grey winter coat that tied around the waist and my black knee high boots. My mom was pretending to like the move; she had her fake “I’m supportive” smile plastered on her face. As for me I made no effort to hide how unhappy I was.

“Aww come on Rylie it will be fun. Think of it like camping just not in tents.” Dad said giving my arm an encouraging squeeze. I rolled my rather bright green eyes at him and heaved a sigh, releasing a breath of white mist in the process. My pitch black hair fell past my shoulders and sort of stuck together because of the moisture in the air. When they loaded up the last of the boxes into the van dad motioned with his arm for me to get in. My eyebrows tightened together, but still I walked towards the car, swung open the sliding door and slammed it shut.

“Rylie Chase!” Mom scolded as she got into the passengers seat of the car. “Just because your seventeen now doesn’t mean you can slam the door like that.” I sat back into my seat and clicked on my seat belt, wouldn’t want to fall out of the car, or jump out as the case might be. Dad slid into the driver’s seat and put on his seat belt, his hands grasping the wheel.

“Ok girls say good bye to the city!” I planted my elbow on the window sill and rested my head on my hand. I didn’t see why Dad had to get a new job, we were perfectly fine, but here we are. This was going to take a lot of getting used to; apparently we were going to some small town no one here has even heard of. Turning my head towards the window I watched the many buildings pass me by. I loved the city, the lights, the sounds, sure I wasn’t much of a social butterfly where I was and I didn’t really have many friends, still I was almost an adult I should be able to make my own decisions. Staring at my reflection in the glass I could see a pale girl with mangy long black hair, and odd green eyes that looked vacant. I shivered just looking at myself and turned away.

“Isn’t this exciting?” Mom said breaking the silence; dad squeezed her hand and kissed it before returning that hand back to the wheel. She looked over her shoulder at me, giving a sympathetic smile. Her long brown hair falling over her shoulders, I gave a quick and sarcastic smile before neatly folding my arms over my chest. She sighed and sat back straight in her seat and turned on the radio filling the car with oldies soundtracks. Dad said he got let go at his job two months ago due to over staffing, my dad was a doctor well a nurse sort of. My mom was a teacher at the elementary school teaching third graders as you can see I guess we weren’t in the best financial situation. Still how it was possible that the place we were relocating to was hiring nurses and teachers at the same time was just dumb luck. One that had us driving up state towards the more woodland areas of California. Leaning my head on the window sill again, I closed my eyes maybe it would be less painful if I slept the rest of the way. Before I knew it a bump in the road made me smack my head, and dazed and sat up rubbing my head. Turning to look out the window we were surrounded by trees I had never felt so enclosed in my whole life, and I lived in the city. “Where are we?” I asked placing my hands on the window like a kid in front of a candy shop. The window was cold against my flesh, but for once I didn’t care.

“This is Elmwood Grove, or just Elmwood this is the town we are staying in.” Dad said a small smile tugging at his lips. I pressed my lips together, it felt weird here and I wasn’t sure why. A pair of glinting golden brown orbs caught my attention but before I could really look at it, it was gone. Sitting back into my seat I stared at the back of Dad’s head my hands in my lap. Dad turned the corner into the actual town; the buildings were surprisingly modern for a small place that seemed so secluded from the outside world. We drove by a large bridge that led deeper into the forest, it seemed so lonely. Yet the rest of the town seemed full of life for a town of only eight hundred people well eight hundred and three now. Dad turned the corner and up a small hill, nestled on the right hand side was a two story Victorian looking building and I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach. It was painted a cream color the panes were a light blue, it made me feel like snow white in the dwarf’s home. Though this one was definitely bigger than theirs, when we pulled into the drive way I could see some of the neighbors poke their heads through the curtains. Putting the car into park some of those neighbors emerged from their doors, most had small children of their own.

“Everyone’s so friendly here.” Mom commented while she unbuckled her seat belt and opened the car door. Mom was always the more social one of the family, while Dad and I tended to keep more to ourselves. I waited a few more moments before sliding towards the side door, my hand reached for the handle but drew back. I felt a hand rest on my shoulder and looked back to see Dad had unbuckled himself and was comforting me. He knew I wasn’t excited about larger crowds, as was he but he nodded. In his own silent way he was telling me we would get through this. I managed a small smile, but even when he got out of his own door and shut it, I sat there waiting. Not sure really what I was waiting for really, I wished I cold be back at the apartment watching “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” reruns on the TV. Wishing was for fairytales, and fairytales were for children and I was not a child. In taking a breath I managed to grab hold of the handle and pull the door open. Mom was shaking hands with the parents while my Dad stood awkwardly at her side shaking an occasional hand.

Stepping out of the car they all looked back at me and it was then I wanted to retreat back into the van. This place was a new start, and this time I would not be so shy. So swallowing up my fears I walked towards my parents, face expressionless as I stood next to dad who had his arm stretched out for me. “Hello everyone I’m Jillian Chase, and this is my husband Richard, and my daughter Rylie.” Mom introduced us and I waved lightly.

“We are the Bander’s I am Bob, this is my wife April and our daughter Hope. You’re the new doctor and teacher right?” The man spoke, he was dressed in plain blue jeans and a white flannel shirt he was not horrible looking as adults go and he had this kind of Brad Pitt type. They seemed like they would be the perfect trophy family, all of them neatly dressed. The two parents looked to be in there late thirties ad their daughter looked no more than eleven years old. She was petite with light blonde hair and brown eyes. The mother, April looked just about the same as her daughter just well older, and her husband had light brown hair and broad shoulders. After my quick analyzes I watched mom nod her head to his questions.

“That would be us.” She smiled brightly; Hope was hiding behind her mother’s long skirt when she looked at me.

“She doesn’t look like her parents.” Hope said and pointed a thin finger in my direction. I winced slightly like it was a blow rather than just an observation. Though when you really thought about it I did not look like either of my parents. My dad was tall, thin with brown wavy hair, brown eyes and glasses that also slid down his nose. My mother had long lighter brown hair and hazel eyes, and then here I was ink black hair and green eyes. I always contemplated adoption, but I could never bring myself to believe it. Hopes mother gave her the disappointed stare and put her finger down whispering something to her. Hope frowned but said, “Sorry,” and averted her eyes down to her shoes.

“Don’t worry about it; she got it from her grandfather on my side.” Dad said shaking my shoulders, I smiled lightly.

“I think I’ll go unpack.” I said suddenly and stepped out of my fathers embrace, Mom looked upset with me, but Dad nodded so I turned and headed to the back of the car.
“It’s been a long drive.” I heard my Dad explain as I walked away, reaching the trunk I pulled on the handle and opened it up. It was just like Mom to organize things, my stuff was on one side and theirs was on the other. Leaning down I picked up a box and stepped back trying to keep the box stable in my arms.

“Need some help?” I jumped dropping the box onto the floor. I turned around to see a boy, about my age or older standing at the end of the drive way his hands pushed into his pockets. He had almost a rugged appearance like those bad boys in the movies. His hair was a dark brown, as were most people in this town I noticed though his wasn’t as neatly kept. It fell lightly over his face which I noticed had sharp angles, his skin tan. Dropping my head I averted my eyes, feeling my cheeks redden he probably noticed me staring at him. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m Jackson I live across the street.” He said his voice was surprisingly soft yet strong at the same time. I looked back up at his face, he didn’t seem to have noticed my staring problem or if he did he didn’t show it. He took his hands out of his pockets and stared at me with his navy blue eyes and walked towards me. I leaned down to pick up the box I had dropped. “Is anything broken?” He asked and was bending down to.

“No, I think it was just books.” I said keeping my voice level and keeping my eyes off of him as well.

“Here, let me take this.” He offered and before I could say anything he scooped the box up in his arms like it was nothing. I slowly stood up, I felt so fragile like a skinny little weakling. Still I nodded and smiled lightly at him. Pushing a strand of my hair behind my ear I stood up fully and turned to grab another box, this one much lighter. Turning around I walked towards the steps I could hear Jackson’s foot steps following behind me.

“You can pick a room upstairs.” Dad called over his shoulder, and stopped to stare at Jackson. He pushed his glasses up to his eyes, giving that all too knowing dad glare. You know the one that says, touch my daughter and I’ll kill you.

“Dad, this is Jackson from across the street. Jackson, Richard Chase.” I said feeling a bit nervous at the situation.

“It’s nice to meet you sir.” Jackson said trying to extend an arm; but Dad just stared grumbled something and looked away. I shrugged and turned to head into the house, balancing a box on one arm I opened the door and stepped in. The house was pretty furnished with a couch and everything, some tables nothing to elaborate. I didn’t take much time to look around, so instead I just headed upstairs hearing our footsteps thump against the wooden stairs. I stopped at the top, there were three rooms, and one I imagined was a bathroom. One that was tucked into a corner caught my attention and I headed down the hallway, again balancing my box I opened the door. It was an average sized room, it one window on the side. There was already a bed in place with no blankets, dresser, closet, and table. Walking over to the table I set my box down heading over to the window. It over looked the forest the stretched out behind our house. Hearing a thud on the floor I swung around, seeing Jackson leaning against the wall staring at me. I flushed; I had almost forgotten he was here.

“Thanks for the help; I can take it from here.” I said as he shrugged and got off of the wall. He headed for the door, but stopped to glance back in.

“I never got your name.” he said, raising his eye brows at me.

“Oh, umm it’s Rylie.” I said sheepishly, he nodded giving a small smile before disappearing down the hallway. Once his footsteps faded down the staircase I turned and headed for the boxes and started to pull out the books dad had given me through out the years. I had them ranging from larger to smaller as I placed them on my table leaning against the wall. When I was finished with those and turned to open the box I carried in. Luckily it held my blankets and pillow, setting the pillow aside I spread out my red blanket over the bed. Flattening it out I turned to grab my black pillow, and tossed it onto the bed. Taking off my winter coat I set it on the dresser, now only dressed in my blue t-shirt and jeans I sat on my bed. Very carefully I took off each boot, unzipping each side and setting them next to the end of the bed. Crawling up to the top, I rested my head on my pillow. It would only be for a moment, or so I told myself before drifting off to sleep.

I awoke to the banging against my window, sitting up quickly, I glanced around. Stumbling out of bed to find a light, flipping on the switch the roomed filled with dull light. Taking a breath I turned around, next to my table was the rest of my boxes, Mom and Dad must have brought them up. Turning my head towards my window I saw that the latch was open and the wind was tossing it back and forth. I didn’t notice that it was a window that swung open like a door. Usually the windows back at the city you had to push up and down to open or close them. Cautiously I walked over to that side of the room, my hand stretched out towards the latch. When my fingers wrapped around its cold and brass handle, I peaked my head out. A rustle below made me gasp in alarm as someone or something rushed by. Maybe it was a squirrel or something? They lived in trees right, taking a breath I started to close the door. I froze to the sound of a long howl in the distance, listening for a moment longer I closed it fully and locked the window.

I crawled back into bed, sitting cross legged as I usually did to help me sleep. Pushing my hair behind my ears I wrapped my arms around myself. Looking around my new room I got up and walked towards my boxes. I rummaged through a few before I pulled out a notebook and pen before I walked to my table. Pulling out a small bench that was under it, I sat down. The pages were fresh, I didn’t know why but I liked the look of new paper. Clicking my pen I began to scribble down the date, titling it. Before writing, “Dear Reader, It is night one at the new house. Its two stories, which I guess is better than a cramped apartment, the sounds of the forest replace the cars of the city. When we first arrived I saw a pair of golden colored orbs, almost like eyes in the forest. Tonight my window was open, but I don’t remember ever opening it. Again I saw something out there in the forest, moving through the trees. I suspect it was a squirrel, but I can’t be to sure. Oh I met someone today; his name is Jackson I can’t say much about him right now. I’ll keep you posted, for now I have to go to bed. I have a lot of unpacking to do tomorrow.” I signed my name at the bottom, shut the book and stuck it in with the rest of my books and stood up. Moving across the room I turned off the light, pulled back my covers and slowly drifted back into sleep.

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2 things grammar check and just read this out loud to your self some of the sentences don't sound right. It's nothing that can't be fixed though!:)


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