She Wasn't Ready

November 8, 2010
There she stood on the cliff,feeling the wind of rush from the waterfall beside her.She closed her eyes and remembered yesterday,"i don't think I'm ready to go yet"Abagail said to him.He looked at her with a confused disgruntled look,then said"It's easy all you have to do is close your eyes and trust,look all the newbies they are already at it and having a blast,just trust in your soul,it's the main point."Abagail backed away slowly"no....i can't..i..It's just not beautiful like the other days today"she said.Jeremiah's face fell,sad that she wasn't persuaded by him,she knew she hurt him by not trusting him,but how could she trust anyone?Then she walked down the path slowly and didn't dare look back to see more sadness in his face.She opened her eyes,looked up and took a deep breath,sighed,and looked around.It was beautiful,early morning with some sun but still that cool night atmosphere.She could feel it was going to be very sunny and warm today.As she was contemplating and smiling of having this time alone,Jeremiah had followed her because he heard her creep out of the darkness.He leaned against the rock,slightly flattening himself but his head crooked so he can see,smiling big knowing and proud that she was going to try but just needed time.Abagail tiptoed to the ledge abit closer,feet perfectly together.She was remembering that just a week ago,she was in The Other World it was the only world she had known until now.Knowing that a week ago she was alive enjoying here life there,then thinking as she died slowly now i will go to heaven,but instead woke up her in this world.Supposedly when you die you don't go up or down,you just go to the other half-sort of like another dimension-And live there like some sort of mythical creature and she HATED it.She had everything she could have wanted and need in The Other World,and now it was all gone and she had to start all over here in this miserable place.But now that she was alone and away form all those other newbies she felt good,so she spread her arms out to her sides and pushed her toes forward to let herself free fall.She closed her eyes as she did this,hoping to God these wings do come out,just as the others did yesterday,their wings were all three times the size of them but looked see through and lightweight,not like some feathery bird's or angel wings from costumes.When she fell she heard Jeremiah yell"Don't worry you'll be fine!"Which made her open her eyes and panic as she saw nothingness and clouds.But then she felt a jolt and she felt more as if she was gliding,she was still heading down and fast too.She heard Jeremiah shout again to her"Use you mind and think of what direction you want to go and use your head to move"All Abagail could think of was him now,she was frightened and just wanted to get back to that over-friendly buff boy.She tilted her head up and as she thought of him she slowly went to him,like a puff of a cloud trailing along in the sky,I'm actually doing it she thought.Abagail directed herself up and steadily put her feet on the mossy-wet ledge where Jeremiah was standing.He reached out and touched her arm to help her but she immediately ran and clutched to his chest,without thinking.She heard him give out a chuckle,but all she could do was close her eyes shut and be
frozen,holding on to Jeremiah for her life.

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Tigerz101 said...
Nov. 22, 2010 at 8:25 am
I love it! It;s really good. I like how you put a lot of dialauge. (I think I spelt that wrong.) Anyway, nice job!
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