Savin' Us

November 8, 2010
By , Locust Fork, AL
The music started slow, almost as if we were in a dream. His hand closed around mine, but I leaped away from him. Perched on the side of the building, I watched as he fell before me. His hand reached up for me and I slowly reached out to him. Our fingers met and immediately I was pulled into his arms. Spinning and spinning, I closed my eyes and let the melody control my soul, my heart, and my mind. Then, in a flash, I jumped away.

Once again, I’m perched on the side of the building. Though this time, he lies at the corner, tilting his head back. Almost out of instinct, I gently slid my foot under his head for him to rest upon. My eyes sparkled down at him as I quickly study his calm expression. Suddenly, I leap over him, landing below him in a way. He slowly turns over, falling to the ground. His hand meets mine as I gently pick him up.

As before, I was spun underneath the moon, the stars. His friends and family are staring and whispering. Though we don’t notice, our minds are not focused on surroundings, just each other. Our bodies flowed, graceful and quiet. No practiced moves, no secret plans, just the flow. As the song came to an end, he slowly dipped me. Half balancing, half letting him hold me, I stared up at those bright eyes.

At just that moment, I looked into the heart and soul of a King. I felt the pain of the everyday struggles; and I felt the stress of a huge responsibility. I sought out his deepest fears and emotions, stunned into a silence that no noise could faze. As he slowly lifted me back up and hugged me, I felt his heartbeat against my chest. I knew from that moment that this boy, this King, was the only one who knew me and could help me. I knew we benefited from each other. I just knew… that somehow, we could save each other from the secrets of our worlds.

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