The Girl Who Discovered Life Underwater

November 8, 2010
By barkedel BRONZE, Derry, New Hampshire
barkedel BRONZE, Derry, New Hampshire
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It was ther first day in the summer of 2010 in Orange Park, Flrida. All anyone wanted to do was go to the beach and hang out. When DeLeah's parentsasked her if she wanted to go to the beach she obviously said yes. DeLeah loved the ocean and everything that has to do with it. Today, while she was collecting sea shells, she tought of an idea. She thought to herself about whatthe the world would be like if people could live underwater. When she got home she asked her dad if it would ever be possible, he was a scientist, but he said it probably wouldn't work because of the fact that there isn't any air underwater. He said that he would ask his co-worker anyways.

The next day DeLeah just hung out around her house. Then she got a call from her father. He said thta there might be a way for them to live underater. All they would need is a machine that would create and maintain a huge air bubble. That way their food would stay dry, they would stay dry, and they would have air. He also said that it could be a great new development for mankind and that they would keep researching on it and one day it might actually happen. The only thing was that they kept running into problems like, the fact that it would get really cold ing the winter, the fact that the sharks could, most likely, mistake them for fish and eat them, and the fact that they would have to build an air bubble big enough to fit people inside and places to put everything they needed in everyday life such as food, fresh water, houses, and clothes.

For a few more weeks, DeLeah went to work with her father to help him with the research. THey had found out how to keep warm and how to build houses. They would stay warm by wearing wet suits shenever they were under the water and they would build houses by making them out of metal instead of wood because the wood would rot away after a while. They also worked with animal trainers on how to train the sharks not to mistake them as fish and eat them. Now, all they needed was a way for the machine to build a long lasting, gigantic air bubble. The scientists had already gotten a head start. They had already figured out how to make the bubble big enough to fit houses, schools, work buildings, stors, and everything you could need to live underwater, but they said that it could take months maybe even years to build a machine that big.

Almost a year past and DeLeah was sitting in science class thinking about how after school she was going to go to her father's lab again and help out when she was told that her dad was there to pick her up. She packed up her school stuff and went to the office to see that her dad was indeed there to pick her up. She had no idea why though. She asked her father why she was being taken out of school early, but all he would tell her was that they were going to the beach. When they got to the beach DeLeah's father handed her a wet suit and an air tank and said, " I have something to show you!" When they were getting into the water she thought that they were just checking the space they had found to put the air bubble. Then as they got deeper down she started to see more fish and sharks and jellyfish. Then she saw the hughe air bubble. She wanted to laugh and scream and hug her father but she knew she could only hug ger father because then she would have to take the air tank off. When they got down to the bottom the scientsts showed her an air lock door and let her inside. She saw all of the materials they needed to build the houses, and that was what they were going to do. She stayed down there for a long time with her father building the houses.

Years have past since then. It is now 2020 and everyone has had the chance to live underwater. TYhey have created more and more machines to make mor bubbles and advanced the houses and bubbles and they even made more houses and schools. We have had to go up to land for about a month every summer though, so that they can clean out the bubbles. They do it by popping them and then creating new ones. My name is Darcy and I have been living down here since DeLeah and her father got the idea working. We have been best friends since birth. DeLeah has been in so many newspapers with her father that she just stays underwater so that she can have a normal life. I now live right next door to her. We hope that people will be living underwater for centuries.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for my la class and got an a+. I was inspired by me loving the water so much. I hope that people will read this and start have their own dreams and make them come true.

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