Raksha Drache's Quest Chpt. 9

November 14, 2010
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Chapter Nine
That's not true. I know it's not, at least I know you enough to know your not that self-centered. When I was walking to the castle, on my way here, down the streets, people were bowing, thanking, and smiling as if you were the best person in the world. Even over our Mom. If Po can remove one of our minds, but it hurts one of us, I'm refusing to do it. We're are two humans. That's murder! As for Jesse, I don't know... I said, with a final finalty.
Raksha's part of our heart went blank. He what? I loved him, oh, I loved him so much, but we couldn't do anything. What are you going to tell him when you get to the suit? Raksha asked, 'Jesse, Dear, I have two minds.' Yeah, like that wouldn't totally blow over. He-
Suddenly I had an idea. Raksha, I have an idea. Risky, seeing as what Mom has said, but still worth it. What about Soul Changing with him. You'll still be here, but I'll be in his body.
Raksha took over my thoughts and continued. He could see what it's like. What it was like for me, not telling him I mean. I can talk to him and you can use your telepath to talk to him. I'm always going to be a part of you so you'll know what I'm thinking.
I took over from there. We'll tell him the truth, then we'll prove we're not lieing by Soul Changing. He'll see that we really do have two minds. Then Jesse will understand! We can change back at any time. The plans brilliant and bullet proof! Raksha we're brilliant! I finished.
"Raksha. Arri. You're blocking your thoughts. Again. What are you hiding from us?", Zanna said. She seemed hurt that we were lying, but Zanna wasn't as good at blocking or faking her emotions as we were.
We both remembered to block our thoughts. Zanna and Mason wouldn't approve. At least not Zanna. She's trying to make you feel bad. She did it to me all the time, when I was with them. Raksha said. She's not too good at the lying thing. Or blocking her emotions. I've always been a better Dragon. You're stronger than both of us though. Smaller, but stronger.
Thanks. I work out. I'm going to keep exercising our body though. I can tell your soul and body are weaker than mine. I'm not being mean, just observing and stating the facts. I added, not wanting to get in yet another argument with myself.
We shouldn't tell her our plan. She'd flip. She doesn't like the fact there might actually be someone out ther who's better than her. Let Dad in. He understands and he knows we're stronger than Mom. He'll be supportive. Raksha said.
We let our father into our mind and let him see what we would do. He approved and slipped out before Zanna noticed he was there. "Leave them alone. I'm sure our daughters have their own reasons. They're growing up and we can't keep invading their minds. They'll soon be married and we can't be married to Jesse too."
Mason understood. Dad understood. He was great! "Let's go to the suite. You can leave us there. Alone. Me and me know what were going to do and, no offense, but we really don't wan't you there. It's between me, me, and Jesse."
Zanna was going to disagree untill Mason stepped in again. "Let's trust them. I know I do. They're big girls now. They can solve their own problems. I'm sure their idea can't be too bad." Mason said to Zanna.
"Now I definitely know I'm not going to approve of whatever you're going to do. Nevermind, though. If I don't know, I can't disagree. Let's go kids." She said, talking to Raksha and me as well as Dad. She turned and set a brisk pace towards the girl's suite. Mason gave me a quick wink and followed Zanna.
Sorsha purred and Nikey started to play with my hair again. The four of us followed Raksha and I's parents. Zanna was already around the corner and Mason wasn't but a couple of feet behind her.
I agree with you guys. It seems like an excellent idea. Are we going to be there? Sorsha asked, following Raksha's body.
Yeah. Are we? I want to see what happens. Nikey added.
Nothing bad can come of it. You both can be there and Moonstar misses her friends. She thinks Fang's weird. Raksha told them.
Sorsha and I laughed, but Nikey said, I like him. He's got a good sense of humor.
Us girls said at the same time. Boys!
Michaels got a good sense of humor too, but he's still weird. We all have a good sense of humor, but we're all still weird, too. Sorsha added.
Hey! I'm not weird! Nikey argued.
You're a talking monkey. There's nothing weird about that. Sorsha argued back, sarcastically.
Well, you're a talking tiger. What's the difference? Nikey screached.
People think that's cool. Talking tiger. Duh! Sorsha said, knowing she was right. Talking monkeys were awkward, but they were still funny.
What do you two think? Talking monkey or talking tiger? Nikey asked us from my shoulder.
We think your both unique. You have your own special abilities. Talking animals are awesome, no matter what animal they are. You two are both special to us. I said, speaking for the both of us.
That's not fair! You have to choose. Nikey said.
Well, I don't think they do. I agree. We are both special animals. Thank you Raksha and Arri. Sorsha said, stopping the argument before they got to the suite.
Thank you, Sorsha. You're special too. Nikey said, adding his agreement. Nikey jumped on to Sorsha's back and hugged her neck.
Sorsha purred and twined her tail with Nikeys. She winked at us and kept walking on her graceful paws. Her tail was over five times longer than Nikeys so it went straight into the air. His black and white fur blended in to her white and black striped pelt.
They rounded the corner and went down the corridor, that led to our suite. We could already feel Jesse's feelings and boy were they strong. Hurt, hatred at what 'Raksha' had done, lonely, sadness, abandonment, and more hurt.
Jesse's feelings put us in a state of guilt. Raksha's was the strongest though. Don't blame yourself too much. I might, just might, have done the same thing. Remember, like you said, 'I wasn't there.'
Raksha didn't respond. She went back to letting me lead our body until she was needed. Zanna and Mason stopped outside the door. Sorsha stopped purring and Nikey leaped back on to my shoulder.
"You sure you know what you're doing. It won't hurt anybody will it?" Zanna asked.
"Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies." I said, sarcastically. I hated having to explain myself.
Zanna stomped her foot and looked away, folding her arms. "Girls, don't be mean to your Mother." Mason said, trying not to smile.
"Zan Zan, it's not too bad a plan. They're old enough to make their own decisions. We can't keep treating them this way. We're going to start letting them grow up. We have to. They're old enough, smart enough, and definitely strong enough. They need to make their own mistakes. Whether for the good or for the bad, they still need to learn. We've had long enough to learn so lets let them have a life.
"Good luck girls. Lets go Zanny." Our Dad took Zanna's hand and lead her down the hall.
I'll go in there, tell him that we love him and that we can prove you wanted to tell him, and then make him agree, somehow, to Soul Change with us, again. Then we'll talk to him. Me through his mind and you through ours. I said.
If that's our plan, I think it'll work? We can send Carli and Michael onto the balcony. We'll explain to them after Jesse and hopefully Jesse'll be on our side. If not as our fiance, at least as our friend. Raksha said back.
How about me and Nikey just go lay on your bed. We'll see everything from there. Sorsha said, staring at Nikey as if daring him to disapprove. He did it anyway.
But I wanted to be on their shoulder. Nikey complained, angrily.
You can't, Nikey. When we Soul Change, you'll be in the way. Be good and we'll give you a treat later. Raksha said.
Okay. Nikey said, sulkily, and jumped back on Sorsha's back.
Being here should be treat enough., Sorsha mumbled, as Nikey started tugging at her hair.
I took a deep breath and slowly opened my doors. I'm right beside you. Raksha said, and I walked into the room. I looked around and settled my gaze on my fireplace. It instantly burned brighter, but my three friends sitting on my beanbags didn't seem to notice.
Michael and Carli had their eyes trained on Jess. He was sitting on my loveseat and he was staring into the fire, eyes filled with despair. The fire made his eyes look black and cold. Carli and Michael didn't know what to do. I telepathed Carli, opening my mind to her so she could find out the answers to all of her questions.
She figured it out easily and, taking Michaels hand, she dragged him to the balcony. When Michael realized she was there he got a really curious look on his face, but before he could ask questions Carli had him on the balcony playing pool. Sorsha and Nikey joined Fang and Moonstar on my bed silently, as I walked over to Jess. He still didn't know I was there and he put his head into his hands and began to cry more.
As I neared him I crouched down and took his hands. He looked up slowly. Realizing who it was he tried to yank his hands out of mine but I held tight. He gave up and looked at me in the eyes. "What do you want from me Raksha?" He asked, trying to stop crying. It hurt me.
"I'm not Raksha, Jesse." I said, almost crying myself. Rule number one: Show no signs of weakness, I reminded myself.
He looked confused. "Don't toy with me Raksha. What do you want?" He asked, tears fading.
"I want you to understand why Raksha didn't tell you what she was."
I tried my hardest to let him know I was telling the truth. He could tell that much. "Who are you? Where's Raksha?" He asked.
Still here. Raksha telepathed. "Raksha is still here. I am Arriana. Because of the many times our memories were erased, our parents created a new identity. A new Raksha. Me. Raksha is still here. I don't know much of her life. I didn't live it, but I have her memories and I'm trying to remember all of them. Raksha is still here though. Inside of me. We have the same body, but different memories and different souls.
"Raksha still loves you though. And so do I. I have led a different life though." I finished, knowing I was forgetting a million things.
Jesse looked pathetic. He hadn't the clue what to do. Or what to say. "How am I supposed to know what your saying is true?"
This was the hard part. "You know how we soul changed?" He nodded. "Well if we do it again you can talk to Raksha. You can search our memories and realize why Raksha did what she did. I care for you Jesse. I want you to be happy. We'e going to try and see if Po can save us. If she can make us another body. For Raksha. The real one."
"There's a catch here isn't there?" Jesse asked. I nodded. I had to tell him what he had to do. But I was afraid of what he was gunna do... What he was gunna decide...
"You need to chose which one of us you really love... Raksha or Arri. We both want you to know that we wont hold you accountable for who you chose. We'll both love you either way. And you don't have to chose. You can just be our friend. If thats what you want."
His face looked pained. "I could tell there was a difference in you. You had a different aura." He said, eyes turning to the fire. "I'll chose. I can't be your friend. I love you too much. How are you going to do this Arri? Your in charge right?"
I nodded. "Yes, I am. Ok well.. I'm gunna concentrate on Soul Changing. I'll bring myself, Arri, into your body. You'll come here. Raksha will be here for you to talk to and to let you go through our memories. I'm gunna try and hold onto this as long as possible... I hope it'll work."
Jesse could tell there was a catch to Soul Changing as well, but he didn't want to know. "Ok... I hope it works as well. thank you Arri. I'm glad you told me the truth. I'm sorry I took my anger out on you the way I did. I know it wasn't your fault.

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