Raksha Drache's Quest Chpt.8 Prt.1

November 14, 2010
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Chapter Eight
I had all but forgotten about Jesse, so when he coughed, to get my attention, I turned around so abruptly Nikey fell. He landed on his feet, fortunately, but I realized I was going to have to get used to a talking monkey on my shoulder. "Sorry. Are you okay Nikey?" I asked, picking him up and rubbing his tummy, in a way only Raksha and I knew how.
He didn't even reply, he just layed back and enjoyed the rub. I looked up to see what Jesse had wanted and saw my parents coming through the door.
"What happened guys?" Zanna asked, very worried.
"Well..." Jesse said. We both didn't know what to say.
"It's really hard to say. We were kissing and we felt a shock... On our lips... Then we kissed again... The next thing I knew I was in Raksha's body and in Raksha's mind..." He said, sounding very confused. Zanna looked confused but then a look of recognition came over her.
Mom, do you think it had anything to do with me? I don't think Jesse did it. I telepathed. I didn't mean to keep anything more from Jesse but I didn't know what had went on between us and I didnt know if Zanna would want him to know either.
I think I have an idea and yes I think you did it. Jesse is a good person, but not that powerful. Do you think I can go into your mind and see what happened for myself?
I nodded again and closed my eyes. When I opened them I saw Mason leading Jesse away. Jesse looked back, suspiciously.
Okay, are you ready?, I nodded. This magical interference of my little to none privacy was getting really irritating. I guess I was just going to have to get used to it.
Think back to where you were just beginning to kiss. The kiss that shocked you. A little bit before the shock, if you don't mind. I'll do the rest. You can do it, Sweety. Zanna said, encouragingly, and Mason gave me an encouraging glance. Why did everyone treat me like such a child. Raksha had to of done something for herself. It was starting to get almost as annoying as my privacy invasion.
Are you okay? Sorsha asked, with worry. All the animals felt worried. But for what? God, it's like I was five years old and they were sending me off to a unbeatable war.
Yeah, you look pretty pale. Nikey commented. Was I?
I'm fine. I told my loyal animals. I did as my Mom had told me. In less than a second, with barely any effort at all, I was watching Jesse and I's shocky kiss. Right when we touched lips, a shock erupted from my mouth. We pulled away. The memory had no sound so our lips moved mutely. Then we went back to the kiss. This time when we kissed, having both our eyes shut, we didn't see a lightning like glow erupt from me and encase us both within a few seconds..
The previous me opened Jesse's magnificent eyes. I let go of Jesse and and two invisible lightning bubbles, that we hadn't seen before, came from each of us and settled themselves in the others place. So it did come from me, I thought. What was it? I telepathically asked.
Mason, is it what I think it was?, Zanna asked him. I opened my eyes for real, wondering how long it was gunna take to learn the knowledge I needed to live without help like the new parents.
Yes. Mason said, with finalty.
You sure? She asked again, and I knew that whatever it was scared Zanna deeply.
Or threatens her. Raksha said, and I could tell she was guarding her thoughts. I didn't have time to answer. I'd ponder my new sister's comment later.
I'm positive, Dear. Mason was listening to Jess say something, but he was listening to their conversation, intently. I looked at Zanna and tapped my foot impatiently.
It's one of your dragon powers, but before you get all relieved know that it's a power I've never been able to complete, nor any dragon before me. Well actually, only two dragons have done it and it sapped their strength from them like a bee with a flower. It's amazing you've done it and lived through it.
I'm pretty sure it's a power called Soul Changing. It switches your minds and hearts. You know who you are and you feel the same, but you have the other person's memories, body, and character. You could be in the other persons body and try to do something, but if the other person, whom's body your in, would do something different in that situation, you'll do it, not knowing you've done it until afterwards.
It would do no good to Soul Change with someone else unless you know the person like you know yourself. The only way to be in full control, is to use the persons fears and weaknesses into tricking their character into doing what you want.
Yes, but are we going to be able to tell Jesse what happened?
I'm not sure. You were the one who decided not to tell Jesse. You didn't wan't to know what he would do if he found out. Zanna told her.
Before I had time to think, Mason said. It's your choice to tell Jesse or not, but please know that telling him what happened gives away everything. Please try not to be upset if he doesn't think our way. It's your risk, so therefore, it's your choice. I nodded at my parents.
I wanted to tell him so much, but what if they were right? Would he think our way? Would telling him be a mistake and would he tell the whole Underworld? Or, hopefully, would his love for me make him see that I was one Dragon and not a whole pack that was going to destroy human civilization.
I'll tell him. The Arri in me told the parents, before the Raksha in me had time to think and reject to it.
"Jesse, do you wan't to know what happened between us?", I asked him, as Mason turned around to walk back to them. He looked left out and realized that all of us knew what had happened but him. He felt left out and worry and irritation were nagging at his heart.
"Of course? What's going on? Is it something bad?" Jesse asked me. His emotions proved he really was worried about what happened and that he might actually be on our side.
"Well... It's not for me, but it might be for you."
"Well, are you going to tell me?"
"Yeah," Tell him. If he cares for you, he'll understand. My new Father telepathed. "My shifts a... A Dragon. It's a power of mine called... Soul Changing."
I didn't have to read his emotions to see he was suprised, but I did to know that he was hurt, deeply. Hurt for himself, and worry for me covered his shock. "Why didn't you tell me before? Did you think I was going to tell everyone? Well, if you do think that, you'll be happy to know I won't." Jesse said these words, then turned around and walked to the door.
"Jesse, wait." I called after him, tears already pouring from my eyes.
He turned around and ordered, "For what?" He turned back, slammed the platinum doors, and left me with my parents. I was drenching myself in tears the moment the door slammed shut.
Mason moved forward to comfort me, but Zanna intervened and whispered, "Maybe you should let me deal with this. It's a girl's thing." My father glanced at me, falling to my knees with my hands on my face, and nodded. I didn't even see it, but his emotions showed what I looked like.
The dragon in me was tearing me apart inside, making me cry with pain. Mistaking it for anguish, Mason turned around and went through the doors, just like Jesse, except he closed the doors silently. Sorsha lent her coat for me to cry on, but even her reasurance wasn't enough to stop my tears. My new Mom came over, sat down beside me, and wrapped her arms around me.
I took Zanna's shoulder and let Sorsha lay down beside me. Nikey, being a boy, had disappeared into the forest. I loved their comfort, but I would prefer Jesse's over their's right now. All the animals, Zanna, and Sorsha knew it, but what comforted me a little right now was that they knew it and didn't mind at all.
All the male animals, except Samson, had vanished from veiw. The females were crowding around me and trying to comfort me. It was annoying, because I wasn't Raksha, but Sam came to my rescue. Let her be. She'll come around soon enough. She needs Sorsha and her own mother's company for now. Samson told the girls. They slowly vanished, but they kept their telepathical mind wide open. They wanted me to know they were all there for me, even if I was a dragon.
My Dragon was actually doing something. It was like it was being born. And it was fighting with Rakshas Dragon. It was confusing, but being in full command of my body hurt me as they thrashed inside. I calmed my Dragon and Raksha's began to pace in its fake cave. what the h***? I couldn't control anything, but myself...
I felt horrible. He would come around, right? Oh, why did the one I really wanted to know, have to be the only one who didn't? I loved him and I would have told him, right on the night he proposed at the latest. At least the Arri in me would've.
The Raksha in me was bawling over the fact that he didn't understand. He would've if you would've told him. I told Raksha.
You weren't really me then, well at least not mentally. You think differently. I can tell. We're different people. Your stronger first off! I can just see it. You are a million times better than me, even with your ignorance of my world. Raksha argued, telepathetically.
Your stronger, smarter, and definitely more great! The fact that your actually playing me perfectly goes to show that your equally powerful to me and maybe even powerfuller. Aunt Po told you, there's two great people in you and they're both fighting for control! Raksha finished, stubbornly.
You can have it! I'll be here to help you, but I can't be Raksha! Raksha and I yelled at the same time.

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