Raksha Drache's Wuest Chpt.6 Prt.2

November 14, 2010
By freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
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Carli showed me that if you pressed the yellow button on the remote watches, gloves, hats, shades, tiarras, hair peices, braclets, bangles, necklaces, earings, and a lot more acessories came out of the floor. She also showed me that our computer could help me design an outfit to wear.
We got some green and black converses. I wore checkered and Carli's were polka dotted. Carli's outfit was sort of like mine except it was polka dotted. We got some awesome purple shades. They were purple with black and green flecks all over them. I put in some green, black, and purple spikey, rubbery earings.
They were awesome! Carli put in some round purple balls with black and green flecks, too. We put on some friendship bracelets that were a million different colors. We also put a couple of green, black, and purple mermaid braided necklaces on. I had no clue why they were called mermaid braids, but they looked cool anyways. I grabbed a few chains and threw them over my neck, and pulled out my tags from Camp.
We both put on a single purple glove, that was cut at the knuckles, on our right hands. Carli put some mascara on me along with some clear, shimmery, cotton candy flavored, lip gloss and some neon green and purple eye shadow, then she did it to herself. Her eyelashes were so thick and full! It amazed me that Carli could ever be a servant, but then my family was too, once upon a time...
I put Carli's long beautiful hair halfway up with her bangs out. Even up her hair reached past her butt. She looked very gorgeous. She straightened my wavy hair and put it halfway up, too. I couldn't remember ever dressing or looking this way at camp, even when I dressed for the mall. My own beauty shocked me as well, but if I was beautiful, Carli was drop dead gorgeous.
I felt like Carli was my real sister. We got along together so well. And she called my parents Mom and Dad. Anyways, we were taking pictures in a big mirror that took pictures by itself, (It talked too. How cool is that?), when Jesse's voice sounded behind us. "You look very beautiful Raksha."
I jumped and Carli laughed under her breath. "Thanks." I turned to see him in a black hoodie. It was unzipped and you could see some hearts and skulls. He was wearing black Billabong shorts. A black bandanna was tied on his head. Jesse had some black shades with him and Moonstar was at his side. You could tell by her pure white fur that she had had a bath, all though Jesse usually always kept her clean.
"You don't look to shabby yourself there, handsome." Carli laughed loud enough to where both Jesse and I looked at her. She covered her mouth with her hand to hide her ear-to-ear smile, looked away, and started whistling. Jesse looked back at me and said, "Do you want to walk down to the castle garden with me and Moonstar? Carli and Michael can come with us." He said, looking at Carli.
"Sure, but who's Michael?" Jesse looked like he was going to laugh and Carli went sheepish, her face went a dark red. Now it was my turn to turn red. My Dragon senses read nervous as h*** and embarassed. At these moments I felt very stupid.
"Michael is my... My brother. They're engaged, too." Now I remembered. Why did I always remember everything five seconds late?
"Oh, wait. Now I remember. I'm sorry. My memory's not so good lately. If you haven't noticed." They all laughed at me and Moonstar barked happily.
Michael and Carli had met when Carli was waiting for Raksha to stop dancing with Jess, at one of Austin and Jesse's parties, where Jesse and I first met, when Austin asked her to dance.
Michael didn't look anything like Jesse though. His hair was blonde and his eyes were blue and green. He had one blue eye and one green-blue eye. Michael's blue eyes were more green and not so dark. His light blonde hair was as long as Jesse's but his was straight and Jesse's was majorly curly. They were both built the same way. Perfect abs and muscles, same tan color and everything. Their heights and face were their only difference. They acted and joked the same way even.
Michael even had a dog. But his dog was a blue-nosed pit. His name was Fang. He was a big, buff dog, but he was very playful. He hadn't left Michael's side since his second birthday. Moonstar had been with Jesse as long as Fang and Michael.
"How about we leave right now and stop by his suite. How about it, Carli? You haven't said if you were coming, yet." Jesse said, grabbing for my hand right when I was trying to do the same. We smiled at each other and Jesse gave me a short kiss.
"Uh... Yeah, I'm definitely going. Like I'd want to stay here with the talking mirror." Carli joked.
"Hay! I'm not that boring. You were just having a ton of fun!", the mirror sounded hurt.
"It's okay mirror, she just meant it's kind of awkward. It's like talking to yourself. We still love you, though. We'll play with you later, okay?" I said, soothingly.
"Okay... Be back soon, please. You've been gone a long time and I haven't been able to talk to anybody. The maids just turn me off." He called after my little trio.
"Actually I think Michael's down the hall. At the library. He's been hoping to meet you there. I think I saw him going that way when I came here." Jesse said, looking at Carli.
"I haven't seen him in about a week. Mom and her man don't wan't me mingling with pure blood."
I searched my memory and found out that Carli was a witch. She was very powerful, but her Mom had divorced Carli's real father and she had gotten married again and had had another kid and blocked her out.
They said they had found her, but I knew different. They had abandoned her. Her Mom was jealous because she was prettier than she had ever been and her new husband didn't like her because she wasn't his and she was far prettier than his own daughters.
I knew I was going to have to tell my new parents about Carli's situation. Carli was my sister, she didn't deserve to be a servant. She should get to go to balls and have her own suite with a big balcony and an enormous closet full of clothes. Carli should be able to see me, Michael, Jesse, and anybody else she wanted to. It was wrong for anyone to be a servant but what could I do for them? I would try. Somehow, I would try...

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