Raksha Drache's Quest Chpt.6 Prt.1

November 14, 2010
By freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
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Chapter Six
Through the door came Zanna and Mason. They must have taken a shower. Their hair was wet and their robes were fresh. Mason's hair was brushed neatly and his beard was braided with golden thread. Zanna's hair was braided neatly with gold too, though her's went down her back. Her neon green, purple, and black robes make her stand out like a beautiful red rose blooming in H***. Sorta true.
Zanna started to giggle when she saw my hair and how Moonstar and Jesse had frozen during their play. Mason's deep laugh joined in when he caught the sight. "Well, what a happy party you three are. Did we miss the invitation or what?" Mason asked, sarcastically.
"It might've gotten lost in the mail or something. Sorry though, Dad. Did you and Mom need something?", Jesse asked.
"We came to see if everything went okay. After Raksha left we remembered you were staying in her room. Looks like everythings going perfectly fine, though. Did you help her with her memory?"
"Yeah. She remembers everything about me now. Even about Moonstar.", he added.
"That's great. Two out of a billion. So have you gotten ready for the banquet tonight, young lady? Jesse needs to get ready, too. I think you should sleep in different rooms tonight. Okay, Jesse?"
"Fine with me. I'm gunna' go get ready, okay? I'll meet you on the balcony in an hour and a half. We can hang out untill the banquet." Jesse said, getting off the bed and calling Moonstar. I reluctantly nodded my head.
Getting off the bed, I said, "Yeah, okay. Love you."
"Love you, too." Then Jesse gave me a quick kiss, looked me in the eyes, and kissed my forehead. He left with Moonstar trailing rather slowly behind him.
Mason walked to my bed and sat on it. "So... You remember Jesse. That's great! He's a good kid, Jesse is. When you guys met... Something just clicked. I don't know what it was. Love at first sight with you two, though. I still remember when he came to me and your Mom, asking for your hand in marriage. Ahhh... That was the good old days. Now your weddings in a year. How time flies when you're having fun!", Mason chuckled.
"Anyways, we'll leave you to take a bath and get dressed. Love you, Sweety." Zanna said, giving me a big hug and a kiss on each cheek.
Mason got up and put his hands on my shoulders and said, "Jesse is a great person and his soul is pure. I will give you my blessings, a million times over. As a father and as your best friend I hope you have a long, long, happy relationship. I'll keep you in my prayers every night. I love you." Then he gave me a fatherly hug and a kiss on the forehead.
"I love you both, too. Bye. Wait, what should I wear?" I asked Zanna.
"Oh. I'm sure your memories will guide you along the right path. I'll send a maid up to ready your shower. You'll pick something good I'm sure." Zanna offered, unhelpfully.
"Okay. Bye then."
"Bye." Mason said, leaving through the door.
"Bye." Zanna echoed, disappearing also.
Then they were gone and I was alone. I saw a camo painted door across the room. Not letting my memories prove what was behind it, I walked excitedly to the door. This I wanted to be a real suprise. Closing my eyes, I opened the door. When the door was completely open, I opened my eager eyes.
It was disappointingly small and nothing was in it, but I was not to be fooled by the solid camo wood background. A remote was on the ground so I picked it up. The numbers 0-9 were on buttons along with a red button, a green one, a yellow one, and a black one. My memories told me to press the green one. A voice came out of an invisble speaker and said, "Enter pin please."
I thought, thought, and thought some more. Even Raksha's memories were blank on her stupid pin. After what seemed like twenty minutes of Raksha teasing me with the password, I seized it from her memories. The day Raksha chose our form. It was also our birthday. September 25, 2009.
I typed in the pin, smiling to myself in triumph. "Next." Came the voice. What?! I thought but Raksha decided it was time for her to disapear again. This didn't take me that long. The day Jesse proposed to Raksha. September 25, 2008. Wasn't that early for proposing? I typed it in. "Have a good day, Miss. Drache." The voice said cheerfully.
The camo wall slid aside to show me a huge square room. I walked, speechlessly, to the middle, amazed at what I saw. A large computer was there. It turned itself on when I neared it, making me stumble in suprise. The room was split into fourths and it matched most of the clothes I liked.
The first quarter of the room I even noticed was over flowing with camo. It had all my camo pants. There were so many designs of them it was unbeleivable. Most had chains dangling from them and a gangly look. Looking like boys', they held a slight girl twinge.
In that same quarter were Raksha's mini skirts. They were layered ones, frilly ones, checkered ones, spotted and flecked ones, especially camo ones, and anything else you could think of. There was tons of plain tank tops and others with many company designs on them. There were many, many colors of tank tops. Matching shirts that had chains on them were near the camo pants and the tops to the skirts were near their owners. My new hoodies, chained jackets, leather jackets, and a lot of other jackets hung in their place.
Another quarter of the room had a trillion bikinis in it. It also had over shirts and short shorts that went over the bikini bottoms. Raksha's summer jeans and old blue jeans were hanging there too, ready for me to try on. I could see a couple of skinny jeans, but there wasn't many. I also had boy basketball shorts and swimming trunks.
The third quarter of the room had all of my new shoes, flip-flops, and high heels. There were so many shoes, I couldn't begin to count. It was ridiculous. Who need this many shoes? Over half that quarter was full of converses. Converses that went to my knees, my thighs, and especially ones that went to my ankles. The high heels were sorta cute, but ther weren't many. No disappointment to me. A lot of the flip-flops matched my bikinis. I could see Vans, Zumiez, Adidas, Airspeed, Volcom and many, many more skater shoes, lying on store-like shelves. They all looked brand new.
The fourth and final quarter of the room held Raksha's longer skirts, dresses and other clothes that completed the outfit. I knew this was not going to be wear I would find my outfit for tonight.
I decided to go sit at the random computer. "Hello Raksha. How have you been? What would you like to wear today?" A nice, kind, girl's voice said behind me. I spun around, faster then I thought possible, to see a teenager, who looked a little older than me, standing there. She was a little shorter than I though.
Her eyes were a warm brown and her dirty blond-brown hair hung down her back. She was quite beautiful, actually. Her face was shaped perfectly. The smell coming from her reminded me of freshly baked, chocolate chip cookies with a hint of mint. I felt a connection between her and Raksha and Raksha began to stir with joy inside me.
"Um... Who are you?" The girl smiled kindly. Her smile seemed to brighten the room and Raksha and mine's heart.
"Oh, Raksha. Have they erased your memory again? It's me Carli. Your best friend! Come on, we do everything together! You have to remember me? Do you at least remember Jesse?" Carli said, moving forward a placing her hand on my shoulder.
I blinked just once and memories of Carli flooded me, drowning me in excitement. Raksha and Carli had met when Raksha had tried to hide in a broom cupboard, when she was playing with her father. She was three. Carli was there hiding from the cooks. They had been almost inseperable ever since. This was the longest they had ever been apart.
I opened my eyes and hugged Carli so hard, she lost her breath. I let go immediatly. "I'm sorry, but I've missed you so much! I've been so lonely!" I said, the words leaving my mouth without thinking.
Carli giggled and said, "I've missed you too, Raksha. Mom met me in the hall and told me to come help you. She said you had lost your fashion sense. What kind of clothes do you wear now? Skirts, highheels?..."
"Nope. Camo and converse."
"Dang it! Are you going to wear a skirt tonight? I was invited. Mom said it was for family and I was part of it. Yeah. Right." So this was the maid Mom sent.
"Well, you're my sister. So I'm pretty sure that makes us family. And no, I do not think I'm going to wear a skirt or highheels tonight. Converses and some camo pants tonight."
"Ugh... Please....Pretty, pretty please, will you wear a skirt at least tonight. For me. You can go all boy tomorrow." She had reason to talk. She was wearing a dirty maids outfit and, even though her face glowed with excitement and happiness, it was dirtier than even I got back at the Camp.
"Okay... But what are you going to wear?"
"Well... Since you went away, I've been demoted down to bed chambers servant. They took away my rights to your room. Grandma and Grandpa tried to help me but my Mom wouldn't budge. She said I was born half-blood and there's no way she was gunna let a runt be at high appearance without reason. But now that you're back, our Mom said I can get my suite back and live next door. We can share clothes again!" She looked excited, and I felt happy.
I smiled remembering the terms in which Carli wasn't a slave anymore. She was to be Raksha's only maid. She had to be with her no matter what. "Okay. Let's pick something matching..."
An hour later we were clean and had picked out neon-green and black checkered mini-skirt's with neon skinny jeans underneath for me. I would never wear a skirt that short. Even with shorts it was too open for me. The shirt was a top was a tube top. It was matching green and black checkered. I put on an over jacket and zipped it up halfway, letting my cleavage show.

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