Raksha Drache's Quest Chpt.5 Prt.1

November 14, 2010
By freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
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Chapter Five
"Yes, Mom. They captured me and Mason, after we erased her memory and placed her with our human friend, General Sullica. I don't think it would be wise to ever erase her memory again. It's getting more and more reluctant to let her remember her past. It might not let her next time.
"I'm very sorry to say Meraz has turned Red. He found Raksha and... I don't know. We were in Meraz's dungeon and Raksha showed up out of nowhere, in full Dragon form, and released us. Raksha, can you tell us what happened between you and your Uncle Raz?", Zanna asked.
"Uh... Sure. A bear shifter came to Sullica's mansion and took me to Meraz. He did his magic with my memories. I got super thirsty, went hunting, and came back. I asked about Mom. He said you were a Dragon. He asked me to figure out my shift and I did. He was so suprised when I turned that he was stupid enough to let his tongue slip. He said, 'It's true. The dragon's are back.' He said the Reds wanted to make me their leader, too.
"Then I knew he wasn't on my side. When I was about to round on him I heard Mom scream. He jumped out the window after saying, 'Blues can turn Red. Don't trust anyone.' To the Arri in me's surprise, my voice turned exactly like Raz's voice was at that moment. "Then he was gone and here we are." I added, sheepishly.
"So the Reds just wanted him to make sure you were a Dragon. Then they just used him. Probally brain washed or bribed him with something he wanted. He gave you good advice though." Zanna commented.
"Well we're glad that you guys are all okay. We'll put extra guards up around the Shifting Kingdom and the Castle. I have an excellent idea. How about we have a buffet dinner tonight. Just the eight of us. Or should we invite Po? I assume you've already seen her?" Papa said. Just the eight of us?, I wondered.
"Po can come. We wouldn't mind and her and Raksha have some catching up to do. We talked to her just before we came here. She gave us a portal to my room."
Turning to me Zanna said, "Raksha, dear, I think you need to get a rightful outfit and a good wash." Zanna said, looking at the deer blood on my pant's and shirt. "Then you can rest up a bit. A maid will show you to your old suite. Your old outfits should be in there. You can watch TV and relax and we'll send a maiden to fetch you for the dinner buffet.", Zanna said.
"Dad, will you please call a maid to show Raksha to-" I cut Zanna off, knowing it wasn't the best move I could've done.
"I can let my memories guide me. I'll be fine." I added when I realized Zanna, of all the adults in the room, was going to protest. "I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself."
"You're... You're right. I should trust you more. Go ahead. I love you, Sweety.", Zanna said, giving me a hug good-bye. Mason did too, giving me another a kiss on the forehead. Then I gave my Grandparents a see you later hug and left the room.
I was deep in thought all the way to my suite. I didn't let Raksha's memories show me what my bedroom looked like. I wanted another suprise for the day. My restless mind kept wondering back to Zanna. She had been so hesitant to let me go on my own. Was she afraid I was going to turn on the empire?
Raksha would never do that and nor would I. I wasn't that way. Raksha and I's people, of both worlds, depended on us and we wern't going to let them down. She had to be strong. For Zanna. Raksha said, but I was thinking other things.
I dont think me and your mother are going to get along too well., I commented but Raksha just laughed.
Noone gets along with my mother. She's a total b**** but Mason, the Grandparents, and I are used to her. You'll learn. You remind me a lot of her. I just smirked. No I didn't.
Bumping into a wall, I looked around to see where my memories had led me. I looked and saw my feet had led me to a door with a Dragon welded into it. Below it said, in impressively artistic cursiving that Raksha's memories proved to be our Dad's, 'Raksha Draches' Suite- Home Is Where The Heart Is, So Follow It Baby Girl.'
That's great advice, I thought. I guess this is my home now. Or has it always been? Raksha was very eager to be home and I was just as eager to see my new room, so I decided to go in. Opening the door, I saw the most perfect room any fifteen year old, converse loving girl could ask for.
Our suite was decked out in camoflauge. The walls had fake metal scales with painted camo colors on them. The comforter on my gourgeous king sized, four poster bed was a really fuzzy camo material. The floor was inches thick of camo colored cotton.
Your feet literally sunk into the ground. Then there was the ceiling. The ceiling was professionally painted camo but it was a rainbow camo. Every color of the rainbow was mixed together to make it at least a little girly.
Across from my bed, on the other side of the room, half the wall had a bookshelf on it a small square, a foot taller than I was now, was cut out of it. A door was there. I went over to it and opened the door. My breath was cut short. A extra large circular spheric room was on the other side of the door. It was two stories full of books, covering all the walls.
In the center of the ceiling a whole was carved out, revealing the sky. A ladder made of rope let you climb to a platform that cut a cross the whole upper story of the room. A circular sidewalk went around the circumference of the upper level so you could reach the books . On the platform an elevator type thing would take you up to the whole in the ceiling. From there, it looked like you could open the ceiling and climb onto the roof.
On the first floor, in the middle of the room, was a huge bean bag chair with about twenty big pillows around it. They were all different colors of camo. Green, purple, blue, yellow, orange, red, and almost all of the colors of the rainbow and more. The only color missing was any shade of pink. Raksha and I's least favorite color.
There were a couple more different colored bean bags, too. Near the edge of the bottom level was a big desk with a computer and a laptop on it. An IPod was charging on the desk. The desk was low enough to where you could sit on one of the bean bags and still work on the computers.
A small light was on the desk, but the huge hole at the top of the orb room let in the sun and enough light to see. I was going to love this room. I turned and reluctantly shut the door behind me. My room was a million times better than I would've ever expected. Gosh Raksha. She didn't answer but I could tell she really wanted to. She was hiding something...
She was excited for something. It was the ultimate secret but I wasn't playing into her games. I'd find out on my own. But whatever it was, she really loved it. I felt her soul, it was happy. Almost giddy. Her happiness was making my stomache have the butterflies and my heart pound like a drum.
On the other side of the room, close to my bed was a brick fireplace. It was burning slowly and when I spotted it, it burst to life in the hearth. A huge bean bag love seat sat across from the fireplace. Two bean bags were on either side of the love seat and I could see myself in the future, wrapped in a warm princess blanket, eating popcorn with... With someone...
Across from the entrance doors were two tall oak doors. I ran to them and flung them open with sheer excitement. The balcony was humongous. It was five times the size of a high school football feild (Including the stands!) A little to the left of me was a gigantic twelve foot swimming pool with a camo tiled bottom. It had a high dive and a low dive. The swimming pool was about one football feild itself.
Swimming in the pool were all kinds of fish. A huge dolphin was swimming with three younger looking ones and they were doing tricks to show off. A huge shark was swimming at the bottom of the pool but it looked friendly enough, if a shark could look friendly.
A little to the right of me was a jacuzzi with a camo tiled bottom too. It was huge and the jets looked great. It looked so inviting. It was at least ten foot and it was almost the size of a football field. Just a little smaller, though.
Farther down the balcony, past the swimming pool, was a volleyball court with a huge gold net. The flooring of the court was Raksha or Zanna in her dragon form with a red camo background. A gigantic bucket was full of volleyballs. This court was about a small football feild, too.
A little past the jacuzzi, farther down the balcony, was a huge basketball court with a tiled flooring. It's stands were made of platinum and the seats were polished wood. It looked like they were polished fifty times a day.
Around the whole balcony, a track was laid down for running. Raksha stayed in shape as well, I could tell. Looking straight forward, past the amazing balcony and the track, I saw a fifty foot by fifty foot stone human sized balcony with a bonfire in the middle and about ten chairs, with a few connecting, spread around it. The only thing I couldn't figure out was who sat at these chairs with me...
"Wow." I breathed excitedly. Looking directly in front of me at three pool tables with solid gold sticks. Near the pool tables were pool chairs and tables. Each chair and table had an umbrella covering it.
The hottest thing about Raksha and I's balcony was... The Pool boy. He is H.O.T. Hot! I thought. He turned towards me when I stumbled over my own feet. OMG! I almost fainted. His eyes were amazingly cute! They were sapphire blue, the color of my favorite gem and my birthstone!

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