Raksha Drache's Quest Chpt.2 Prt. 2

November 14, 2010
By freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
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"She is a Dragon, but she was five years old when the war between Dragons, Vamp's, and Witches was going on. Zanna's parents begged us to leave her alive. We agreed on one condition: That there was never to be a single Dragon produced again. They kept their word until you came along." Wait.. Until I came along...? He knew more than he was letting on.
"The only way to kill a Dragon is to take of their horns. That's how the Witches beat them last time. All the shifters were loyal to the Dragons, besides Zanna's family. They hid. And came out when Dragons were defeated. They spoke up against Dragon ruling.
"As a punishment, the leading Dragons made Zanna choose her form early and choosing her form for her. They also banished them from the Shifting kingdom. We destroyed them or rather buried the last of the forms deep underground so no one could touch them and become their form.
"Dragons powers are above all others, including Witches. Dragon powers reside in their horns so making them vulnerable and weak without them. They can shift into as many forms as they wan't as long as they touch a living form of that shift first. They can manipulate minds, feel emotions, see the future, and anything else they wish to do."
He asked, "Do you remember?" I nodded.
"Well... Do you feel like telling me?" Even his voice sounded guilty.
"Sure. I'm a D... Dragon." He didn't even ask if I was okay!
Raz's eyes grew huge. He seemed like he was in a transe. "That... That can't be. Unless... Unless you took your Mothers form. But why... Why would she let you? That's why the Reds won't settle for peace. They won't stop unless your dead. That means there's definatley going to be a war.
"You... You should try changing... To see for sure if your shift is a Dragon." Again a wave of guilt, but this time there was fear too. I looked at him, with my own suspicions. If Dragons are as strong as he says I shouldn't have a problem if he really is up to something.
"Sure, but I'm positive my shift's a Dragon." Fear. I closed my eyes and reached into that memory, copying down in my mind exactly how I had felt when I had turned before.
I opened my eyes and tried again. In less than a second I could feel my body changing. My joints were redesigning themselves and my smooth buff skin was turning into light fiery red scales, like a flame being born. My pupils were turning to slits and my vision adjusted to perfection. Everything was much, much clearer. I could not only feel my Uncles emotions but smell and taste them and, boy, were they strong.
I could feel wings as strong as steel growing on my back and I could see and feel my fingernails, usually short, growing into long and pointy sharp claws. I felt something behind me and, somehow, I knew it was my tail. It was as sharp as my teeth and claws were at their tips and a million more times deadly. My teeth grew into sharp canines, sharper than my vampire teeth and my tongue reptiled itself to a point.
I knew this must be a sight for my Uncle so I stopped examining myself and looked at him. He looked astounded and fear, guilt, and surprise filled the air, but fortunately he wasn't out of words. "So it is true, you're a Dragon. The Dragons are back. Oh my goodness. That's why the Reds wan't you. They wan't you to be they're leader!"
The words were out of his mouth, but as soon as he said it he knew he had said the wrong thing. 'The Dragons are back.' He knew I was a Dragon, but the real question is how he knew?
I was suspicious when out of the blue he had asked me to shift into my Dragon form, but now I knew: Uncle Raz wasn't on my side. Or at least not by all his will. Right at that moment of realization I heard a scream from somewhere else in the manson. My super sensitive ears told me it had came from Raz's basement.
Looking back at Raz, I asked, "What?" I said in a deep, feirce voice that suprised even myself. "Was that? Who. Was that?" I was too mad to care that my voice was scary.
Raz knew very well that he was in big trouble. He looked at me with an aristocratic smile and said, before he jumped out the window, "Blue can turn Red. Don't trust anyone." Then he was gone and all he left was a feeling of great pride towards me. Wait me? I knew I could catch him, but I, being my Christian-wanna-be-self, had to find the person that scream belonged to and save them.
Its not his fault Arri. Thats not our real Uncle. Not in the mental sense. My voice said.
Yeah, right.Then who's is it Raksha? I asked, growling aloud with frustration.
Just save these people, they're important to us. Go. The Raksha in me answered my question. Was I going crazy? Nope. I had already gone.
I was already making my way to Raz's office door. Basement, I reminded myself. I swung open the door to the office and flew out. The hall was barely wide enough for my wings, but I carefully followed Barbas's sent trail down the hall. I was flying as fast as I could, following Barbas's acrid scent and instead of walking down the steps I jumped and landed on the floor about five stair flights down.
Leaving Barbas's scent, I let my memories guide me through the whole house to a door with stairs behind it leading to the cellar. The only problem was in front of the door stood five vampires and over a dozen shifters. And who knows how many behind the door., Raksha thought. They spotted me and started towards me with guns, spears, and even some with wooden staffs with steel pointed tips, raised and ready to fire.
They all fired at once. I flinched and tried to cover my face. I was suprised when I heared the bullets ricochey off my skin. When the spears and staffs flew at me they just swirved away. Some magical part of me must have reacted because a red force field came out of nowhere and disintigrated the guards and the whole wall behind them, including the door.

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