Raksha Drache's Quest Prologue

November 14, 2010
By freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
freakinwood97 PLATINUM, Bella Vista, California
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The Dragon tried to go in for the attack again and, like always in my mysterious dreams, I could feel it trying to protect itself. Trying to get out. To be free. And to be free of what, you might ask? Well, to be free of me. Or at least my body. I knew every thought the humongous creature had and I knew it didn't exactly hate me. It was me, but it wanted badly to be free. For me to let it. Believe me, I wanted to let it go, I did. It was cruel to hold something with a mind and feelings hostage but... I was trapped as well... I couldn't let it go, just as much as it couldn't leave.
I dashed to the side of the Dragon's dismal cave as it too thrashed away from me, as if I could actually hurt it. Fire blew from the beautiful beasts snout. Taking a hint, I ducked behind a stalagmite, just as the the fiery red flames shot towards the spot where I had stood only seconds ago. What could I do, but duck and hide, until...? There it was. The ring that pulled me away from my terrible dreams into reality.
My alarm clock, always on time, and always my savior. Then, like always, my Camp's four-thirty alarm went off, a couple seconds after my personal one. I felt myself slip out of my dream and into reality. Sitting straight up in my four-poster bed, I threw my covers off and jumped out of bed, gracefully straightening out the covers to perfection.
In a matter of a few minutes I was standing infront of my personal bathroom mirror, staring at my sweaty face. Grateful to be free of myself and my odd dreams, I forgot about my night sweats and began brushing my wavy red hair. Even in the dim yellow light of the bathroom, my hair shined like a ruby, glistening as I pulled it out of its long braid.
Taking more time than Sullica would approve of, I admired my hair and thought quietly to myself. I heard Sullica hollering from downstairs so I jumped in the shower. Quickly, like all girls at Sullica's camp were taught in their first week to do, I bathed myself and was out and dressed before Sullica had time to holler again.
I gently pulled my thick hair into its daily pony tail. The General knew I hated it up but I obeyed his rules, without complaint, as I always have. Let me take the time to introduce myself. My name is Arrianna Maria Shaldean, and I'm third in charge at my father figure, General Sullica's, famous camp. Sullica's Obedience Camp for Naive Teenage Women. Corny name, I know, but our Camp, the General and I's, is the best in the whole United States.
We range around five-hundred 'naive' girls, monthly. We have around fifty trainers, ten cooks, and sixty officers. When they leave the new, young, and well protected ladies are good-mannered and mature. There social skills are improved and ther hygiene is perfected, as well as their strength. I end up friends with most so I generally get to have fun on the weekends.
We keep in contact and, a couple times a month, I escape with a few of them. We hang out at the mall with their friends and we have an awesome time, sipping Slurpies and watching movies and buying cr*p that I'll never use at my real home. General allows it. He says I need to get out more but he lectures me on my carefulness of who I makeout with and where I hang.
The General says I'm a beautiful weapon. I think I'm a freak. I'm extremely flexible and nimble, I'll admit, but I hate being stared at. My strength averages out to the body strength compacity of a male body builder but my body curves into deceiving ways, working as great bait to most of my common enemies. Guys believe I'm beautiful, but looks are deceiving. I look grand, until I have to beat the cr*p out of you.
Naturally, I attract a lot of attention from the 'male population', as the General puts it. I don't mind much, though the staring gets to me, and nor does the General because, he, like I, know I can kick the a** of every dumba** who tries to touch me.
I am fifteen, but way smarter than any regular fifteen year old teenager. If I wanted to, I could outsmart anyone in the human world. I'm not the one for showing off though. I like to have people think I'm as smart as I should be for my age. This way, when adults talked around me, they spoke freely, not knowing the walls had ears.
The only adult who knows of my brilliance is General Sullica. Im smart, yes, but I dont have to learn knowledge to gain my knowledge. When I need to know ANYTHING the answer comes to me. I don't even have to ask. Sneaking in to places is easy because passwords come to me and nothing stops me if I want to go somewhere.
I see the world in a different light. It feels like I've lived on this Earth for over a trillion years, but really I'm just very young. Animals and, dont ask me how but, plants are attracted to me like air. I don't use my 'special' skills but I can heal animals wounds and whenever I stay in one vegetated spot for a little bit too long, it prospers into a beautiful jungle. For being as close as I am to the earth I know that meat is a necessity to humans. We don't absolutely need it but if we didn't eat meat we would have way too many animals on our, already too small, Earth.
I wear camo. Period. It's my favorite color, besides my birthstone, which is sapphire. It's a color to me, at least. I wear heavy-duty, black converses, with camo pants and a camo shirt. I never wear anything else. I don't and never had anything else. The only clothes I own are six baggy camo pants, seven camo shirts, which I cut and shrink to add some fashion, a week's worth of under garments. I wear camo boxers and a wife-beater to sleep. Laundry day is Sunday and things never change but I'm content.
The things I buy on the weekends stay at my friends' houses and they usually end up owner of them. I don't mind and atleast someone gets the pleasure out of my clothes and, well over, wealthy money. The General and I have over a billion dollars in the bank. We work together even though I can't be second in charge because I'm too young.
My schedule is pretty clear. Get up at four-thirty, make my bed, get in the shower, get dressed, put my hair up in a simple ponytail, brush my teeth, eat a fiber bar and an apple, and meet General in the workout room. Do two hundred push-ups, one hundred sit ups, stretch, do one hundred bench presses with two hundred and fifty pounds in the weight bench, go out side and run ten miles. Then I come home and eat a salad, bench more weights, and do more exercises.
Then either General will invite some friends he associates with from the Camp, who drive miles to get where we are, and their families over to play football and have a BBQ or, he would make up some kind of obstacle for him and I to complete over and over again until nine when I have 'school.' School is where I'm taught, by the General, how to use my 'gifts' to help me improve myself. Or make me more of a weapon. If I get a anything wrong I have to drop and do fifty push-ups. That rarely happened.
If noone comes over I share some kind of fruit and vegetable dish with the General and then go to school. Then I take another shower, brush my teeth, braid my hair, go to bed, and then wake up and do the same thing again. Thats my life. Pretty, exciting, huh?
Well, a couple of things are a positive. I've always stayed buff and I'm not whiney. Even if I'm getting the sh** beat out of me I will stand up as tall as I can and look straight into the fools eye and laugh my a** off. Why, you might ask? Because it annoys the H*** out of them. Whats more annoying then your prey laughing at you? My answer is nothing. Especially when your born a fighter, like me.
Another is I have a tan with a rockin' six pack and I'm not a girly-girl. General allows no T.V. in the house. Besides when would we ever watch it? I have fun though. Small talk with the General is cool and crowds aren't my speciality. For your own information, the date my book begins is June 6th, 2011.
This may seem pretty boring, but if you haven't put down the book yet and gone to look for a more interesting one, well then, it isn't a story. It's my life and, if my life seems fun to you, go ahead, take your pick. I have two. Literally, but I wouldn't trade either of them for anything.

The author's comments:
I don't know if it's good but It's the beginning of 123 pages. I'm gunna put the other 8 chapters in different works of mine. comment...?

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