November 15, 2010
"Ready?" I asked Rax.
"Ready as I'll ever be, Nax."
We took our stances. Mine was with Diviner vertical to the ground going in a diagonal up to the left in my right hand. Rax's was like she was going to take aim at me. Assassin was in her left hand and the arrow in her right.
"GO!" We shouted.
I ran off to the right as fast as I could and Rax was firing her arrows at me endlessly near my feet.
"Come on, Rax! Hit me!" I yelled.
"Assassin Thunder!" She yelled. She nearly got me.
"Whoa! Not literally, Rax."
"You did say 'Hit me.'" She smiled.
"True, but I didn't mean it literally."
"Sorry." There was a long pause as we stared at each other.
"Divine Blizzard!" The elegance of my blizzard was amazing. It literally looked like a snowflake, only it was blown up a thousand times.
"Whoa! Assassin Reflect!" My attack was sent right back at me.
"Divine Fire!" I pointed the staff at the raging blizzard as it came closer to me. When the fire hit the blizzard, a cloud of smoke appeared in the middle of the P.R.
"Rax!" I shouted. "Are you okay?" I heard some coughing not too far from where I was.
"I'm right here." Rax's weak voice said. I tried grabbing for her arm near the ground closest to me and I found her a couple feet away from me.
"Let's get out of here until it clears." I grabbed for her hand, pulled her up, and got out of there as quick as possible. I found the exit not far from where I was and when I got out, I shut the door immediately.
"Don't shut it all the way. Leave just a little bit open for the cloud of smoke to get out." She said as she groaned.
I shut part way as she instructed.
Rax was gaining consciousness as we sat on her bed.
"How...did you know how to use...a counter like that?"
"It's simple logic, really. Fire is weakened by blizzard and blizzard is weakened by fire. So, they cancel each other out. I read the fine print in the book under blizzard and fire."
Rax looked at me with confusion.
"So, if fire and blizzard cancel each other out, how would thunder and water cancel each other since water conducts electricity?"
I had to think for a bit. Now, how did it go?
"I'll have to look at the book again. I can't remember." I laughed.
"You are too funny, Nax."
I heard footsteps approaching Rax's door.
"Like, what just happened in here?"
Great...It's the evil b**** from the fires of hell coming to see what she's concerned about.
"Was there, like, a fire or something?" Here we go with the "like" bomb. I hate it when she does that.
"No, s**t, I mean, Liaxan." I corrected myself, but I really meant it. "We were trying out our basic elements and we made a cloud of smoke from blizzard and fire."
"Why, you low-life Nobody! You're just jealous that I'm more popular than you'll ever be!"
I can tell she was about to explode. Her face was turning red.
"What are you going to do about it, Liaxan?"
"Want to fight me?"
That I would have never expected to hear from her. I'll bet I can beat her in no time flat.
"What's your newly-acquired weapon, Liaxan? A spoon?" Rax and I laughed.
Liaxan was getting even more mad than before.
"No, it isn't, Naxlu. It's two fans."
Did I hear her right? Two fans? What kind of a weapon are two fans anyway?
"What's her name?"
"Whirlwind." Well, that explains the fans. "And how did you know to call her a 'she?'"
"I have my sources." I smiled at Rax.
"Were you spying on me?!"
"Why would I, anyway?"
"You did, didn't you?!"
"Hell no, I wouldn't." Now, she's about to tick me off. "So, are we going to fight, or no?"
"Yes, we are. My room, now." She pointed to the door.
"Okay, fine. Want to see me cream her, Rax?"
"Sure! Let's go! By the way, it's me, Rax. I can't believe my telepathy works!"
"You sound clear, Rax." I said out loud.
Liaxan looked at both of us and gave us a confused look.
"What are you talking about? She didn't even move her mouth."
"It's called telepathy, Liaxan." Rax answered.
There was a long pause.
"What's telepathy?"
"Are you kidding me?" I yelled.
I can't believe she doesn't know what telepathy is. I never thought she would be this stupid.
"Telepathy is reading someone's mind and talking to them with your mind." Rax explained. "Like, now, you're wondering about who will win the battle much like what Nax is wondering about."
"You 'read' my mind." Rax and I laughed.
"Okay, seriously. Let's go to my room."
"Fine." I followed b****y to her room; it wasn't too far. It was only four doors down from my room.
We entered her room and her closet was in the back of the room. I can tell I don't like her room because it's full of the color tickle-me pink...That color pink is the most annoying out of all the shades.
We walked into her closet, and she went to the right side of the closet to punch in her password.
"Your true name?"
"Anila." Liaxan responded and the doors opened.
"Here's my P.R. Now, let's get on with it."
"You know I'll win." I challenged.
"We'll see about that." She said with confidence. "Hang on a sec. I want this victory that everyone will watch. So, I'm going to bring in my BFF's. I'll be right back!"
The next thing I knew, she was gone in a flash. Does she have super speed? This will make it harder than I thought it would be.
"Here we go! Everyone stay on this side of the P.R. I want you to videotape this, Daxrha." She handed her a camera.
"Okay, Liax!" Daxrha said excitedly.
Daxrha is another one of Liaxan's friends that would do anything for her...They can be really annoying at times. She is the daughter of Larxene.
"So, what's going on here? Is there going to be like some sort of fight?" Yuxkimi asked Daxrha.
"Yeah, between Liax and Naxlu."
"Let's see." Yuxkimi is like a walking, living super computer. She is a really smart member of the Organization aside from Rix. "The probability of Naxlu winning is ten to one. So, Liax has this easily."
"Whatever, Yux." Chaxos said quietly. "I have a feeling Liax will lose this battle."
Chaxos is really shy and barely speaks. I don't know much about her; she can manipulate space and is the daughter of Xigbar.
"Naxlu has this easily." Laxki said.
Laxki is a member of the Organization that can stop time. She never talks to Chaxos for one reason: time and space can never meet. They can transport people around them to a different dimension if they ever did.
"Go, Nax! You can do it!" Kix and Sux were chanting for me.
"Thanks, Kix and Sux. You're the best!" I shouted.
"I know you got this. I believe in you, Nax." Rax said. When I glanced her way, she smiled.
"Thanks, Rax." I smiled back.
"I believe in you, too, Naxlu." Diviner said. "Let me guide you to victory."
"Thanks, Diviner."
"So, are we going to do this, or what?" Liaxan complained.
"You best prepare yourself. I'm going to cream you at your own game." I held my hand out. "Diviner!" She appeared in my hand.
"Whirlwind!" Liaxan called out. She held both her hands out in front of her and two fans appeared in both of her hands. The fans were beautiful. The color, light violet, was so enchanting. Near the middle of both fans, there were three clock-wise swirls in the shape of a triangle. She then placed the fans in front of her facing the middle; her left fan was above her right.
"Ready..." We said at the same time.
I hope I can beat her, even if she does use her super speed. But if she does use it, how will I beat her? I can't just simply stop time. There wasn't even a spell for that in the book. The only one I would know of that can stop time would be Laxki, but she's Liaxan's friend. So, I couldn't use her even if she would let me. I guess I'm on my own...for now.
Liaxan was trying to tease me by going left and right with her fans behind her.
"You thought this was easy, didn't you?" She stopped in the middle, and pointed one fan at me.
"I know it will be." I responded.
"Well, then, you thought wrong...Whirlwind Blizzard!"
A huge group of snowflakes were coming straight towards me. I held Diviner out in front of me.
"Divine Reflect!"
A dome-shaped shield protected me from the blizzard.
"Giving up already? I'm just getting warmed up!" She pointed the other fan at me. "Whirlwind Water!"
She's too strong. My reflect won't hold much longer.
The reflect gave in and I was encased in a block of ice.
"Don't give in just yet. Use Divine Fire to melt the ice as you learned in the spell book." Diviner pointed out.
"I won't give up! Divine Fire!" And the ice melted.
"As I expected. Now, try this on for size!"
She started running in a circle around me and got faster every second. The air was slowly disappearing.
"There's not...much air...left." I choked. The air was thinning and I couldn't breathe. What am I to do?
"Liax's pretty smart if I do say so myself." Yuxkimi stated. "The vortex she created around Naxlu is like a vacuum sucking all the air out in one specific place. GENIUS, LIAX! "
"Okay. Can I get that in English, please?" Daxrha asked.
"She means that Liax is literally suffocating Naxlu." Hixeka explained. Axqua was right next to her.
"Since when did you two get here?" Yuxkimi asked.
"When they started fighting." Axqua answered.
"From what I can tell, Naxlu's spiritual energy is very immense." Laxki mumbled.
The girls looked at Laxki.
"Liax has this easily. So, what are you talking about?" Yuxkimi asked.
"I can see how much spiritual energy a person has just by seeing how much is around them, and Naxlu has a lot. From the energy I see around Diviner, it has twice the amount than Naxlu. Just like my Fate."
"I know this spell isn't in the spell book, but Divine Stop will freeze her in time and you can finish her off."
I hope she's right. I don't have any other choice.
I slowly pointed Diviner at her. I could barely keep my balance after no air.
"What's this? That's not in the spell book!"
Liaxan froze in time from running circles around me.
"As I said before, 'I won't give up.' No matter what the situation is. Divine Thunder!"
I pointed Diviner above me and a bolt of lightning hit Liaxan.
"AHHH! That hurts!"
"Just be glad I didn't kill you."
As I looked from her to the crowd, everyone was staring at me.
"What?" I asked her friends.
"Y-you d-d-defeated L-Liax...That's impossible! How were you able to defeat her?!" Yuxkimi asked, confused about the situation.
"Diviner helped me." I held Diviner out to them. "If it weren't for her..." I looked at Liaxan lying crippled on the floor. "I would've ended up like Liaxan."
"You...won't...get away...with this...Naxlu..." Liaxan was crawling helplessly on the floor to me. She looked very burned. I should probably heal her.
"Divine Cure!" I pointed Diviner to Liaxan and a green glow was surrounding her. She was completely healed in less than a minute.
Liaxan started standing up and regained herself.
"Why heal me? I'm your rival."
"Rivalry isn't always about killing each other. Rivals challenge each other to become stronger. What you challenged me for was asking to become a complete fool of yourself. You should always fight for more than just yourself and humiliate the opponent. Fight...for your family members and friends. They matter the most."
I saw Rax walking towards me.
"Great speech, Nax." She patted my back as if to congratulate me. She looked at the crowd. "This had better be a lesson learned to all of you: pick the fights worth fighting for and fight for the people you love, not for selfish reasons like what Liaxan did."
The girls just looked at us. They didn't know what to say about the speech I gave them.
"This fight is over. So, go back to what you were doing before Liaxan called you over." I said.
The girls left Liaxan's P.R. and went back to their dorms.
"You know, Liax, I did just record your battle." Daxrha said.
"Just delete it. I didn't win anyways."
"By the way, Nax, you were great out there." Rax smiled.
"Yeah, you were great!" Kix and Sux said.
"Thanks, you guys. You're the greatest." I smiled at them.
"So, what should we do now?" Kix asked.
We stood there for a while thinking about what to do next.
"Could you, like, at least, get out of my room?" Liaxan asked.
"Fine. We'll get out of here for your sake." I told her.
We walked out of her room and in the hallway.
"So, should we go to your room, Nax?" Sux asked.
"Sure, why not?"
We started walking down the hall and found my room four doors down from Sl**'s room. When we got in my room, we sat on my bed.
"Hey, I got a photo album from my dad when I moved in here. Want to see it?"
"Sure!" They answered.
I walked to my bookshelf and pulled out my album.
"I want to show you something that's weird."
I opened the album to a group shot at me, my parents, and my cousin. I pointed at my cousin.
"See this person right here in front of my mom?"
"Yeah." Kix answered.
"This is my cousin, but I don't know her name. It looks like someone tore her name off. I wonder who and why they did it. My cousin looks a lot like me."
"Maybe she's your sister that you never saw." Sux suggested.
"That could be a possibility." Kix said.
"But my dad told me that's my cousin." I pondered at that for a while. Maybe she is my sister and my dad lied to me about who she is. But why would he lie to me? "I'll have to ask Diviner tomorrow. I did tell Rix that I would ask her."
"Well, I'm getting tired myself. So, I'll see you guys tomorrow." Rax yawned.
"And maybe we should show you guys Key and Destiny tomorrow, too." Kix suggested.
"That would be a great idea! I'll see you tomorrow, then." I said.
"See you later, Nax." Kix and Sux said together as they and Rax left my room.
I got up, turned the light off, shut the door, and went to bed after a long, tiresome day.

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