joruny to the land of lark

November 16, 2010
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Chapter 1
I was taking a shower when I heard a roaring sound. I thought it was coming from the living room. I listened for a few minutes then it went away so ignored it. When I got out of the shower I heard footsteps I just brushed it off and got dressed. When I got to my room someone was sitting on my bed. They said Kakshi come with me. I said who are you what are you and where are you going to take me. He said all will be revealed soon. I said ok and grabbed my bandanna and some other stuff and went with him. We walked towards the living room he said hold on. I was about to say why. When he ran his finger through the air then a vast hole opened up. It was swirly and colorful. He said Kakashi are you ready I said for what? He said the jump to my world we walked though the big hole.
As we walked he told me about his world. He told me what lives there and why he’s taking me there. He told me the chosen one choose me to be his apprentice and that we would go on many adventures. When we got there I saw things I thought I would never see. I saw dragons, vampiers, elves, trolls, gnomes. The police so called the gnome portal. I asked him how do we get to we’re we are going. He said by dragon I said trembling “b by dragon” or we can take a unicorn but it will take all night. OK unicorn it is. After a few hours it was pitch black I couldn’t even see my hand. We were both pretty tired so we stopped and set up camp. I couldn’t sleep at all with all the new sound and smells. In the morning He made eggs and some type of meat. I asked him for his name he said it was Gengen I said ok and started to eat. Gengen said we had to get going to get there on time. We got on the unicorns and got going. Gengen said the chosen ones name was Dagan but I should call him Ace. Gengen told me all about Ace. Gengen said he has a dragon named silversteam.


When we got in to town everyone was watching us walk to the castle. Why are they looking at me like that? I asked Gengen. It’s the way you look. He answered. The way I look? I said confusedly. Your clothes there not of this world and there are no humans in this Great city either. Let’s get you changed ok. Gengen said. We stopped in a tailor’s parlor to get me fitted with new clothes. When we were done I blended in well sort of. Are you sure I will blend in of Course you will this is the best peasant clothes. But of course Gengen was wrong I look like a prisoner but I guess that’s how they dressed in the middle ages but then again I never really paid attention in history. So we went into town market we stopped and ate at a little restraint it was very good. Then we went and bought some fruit and veggies from a stand and then were off to see the king and queen. When we got to the castle I was in awe it was huge it was so big I couldn’t see the top. I wonder how big it is, what they will say to me, will I be rejected. Come on It time. Gengen said cutting into his thoughts. You’ve had long enough to think and don’t worry I’m sure they’ll like you. Gengen said as reading his mind. They walked for what seemed to be an hour then they came to a huge door. I guessed that is where the king and queen’s throne room is when the doors opened there was light everywhere it was so bright I didn’t notice that Gengen was already bowing he pushed me to my knees then I realized that we were in front of the king & queen. King Taico & Queen Yua please take this young peasant and give him your blessing so that he may go out and fight the war under the protection of our god. I shall give him my blessing but he must complete three difficult tasks to prove himself worthy of blessing do you agree king Taico yes I do but he must complete all of them to get my blessing. Thank you Thank you let’s get going kakashi before you ruin this. So we left the Thorne room and went back into town. And got supplies for the first challenge five days in the dark forest. After that Gengen and I started on our way to the forest. He left me at the entrance and went back to town. So five days I can do that let’s get this challenge started. So I walked till I came to a place to set up camp I built a lean-to and made a fire pit then I went to do some fishing. After I got dinner I started a fire and got cooking then I got some bedding I had brought a blanket but that’s all to keep me warm at night. I thought to myself, so this is the dark forest its’ not so scary. Yep I can last at least five days in here. Soon it got darker then dark I didn’t know anything could live in this kind of darkness. Ok I take back what I said last night this place is freaking me out. I had no idea a place could be so dark, but just four more days and I still have a days’ supply of food left. This forest is still scary though. What was it that old man said before I came here? Ho yes he said that task at hand is to find my soul dragon or something before the five days are up. So how am I supposed to do that when I just got to this world damn three hours ago? I don’t know what all this soul dragon junk is. Where’s Gengen when you need him. Ok so let’s gets some sleep for tomorrow. When I woke up it wasn’t as dark as last night so I could see my surroundings.

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