Powers Through a Leaf

November 16, 2010
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Rommy Qattom
7th Grade-Mrs.Hamilton- ELA
The Honor Roll School

Powers Through a Leaf
Final Draft

HONK! William Langston turned around to see another angry driver in downtown Singapore. " All the people here are so short- tempered!", he muttered. William was visiting Singapore on a business trip, but had managed to get one day off so he could look at all the wonderful sights in Singapore. Sadly , he thought all the sights were boring and monotonous. William didn't know all the extraordinary things that were about to happen to him.
William had just walked into a tiny market that contained only a handful of stalls. He was walking by a stall that offered cheap trinkets and necklaces, when the vendor practically screamed at him. He looked up to see an old man with a withered body trying to lure him to buy his dull merchandise. William simply laughed at him and walked away. This surprised the vendor and caused him to generate pure anger. What William didn't know was that the vendor has some ancient and magical powers dating back to the 1200's. So when William was about to step over a tiny weed, the vendor silently cursed the weed .William then stepped on the weed and let off a blood-curdling scream.
When William stepped on the weed , he felt as if his brain and spine were on fire while his head was getting stretched to the limit. While experiencing this pain, his knees buckled and he crumpled to the ground. All the vendors started panicking and screaming since they thought he had been shot with a gun. The vendor who had cursed him had turned very pale. This vendor, who goes by the name of "Linch", had not expected this. He thought the curse would only stop William and would make him come back with apologies. Linch then realized his mistake. He had combined the curse with his anger and this had caused the curse to have some very painful glitches. The vendor then collapsed because of all the stress and guilt coming into his head.
William woke up and found himself in a room that had walls covered with falling plaster and had large cockroaches in its corners. A young, Asian nurse was checking his fever. She noticed that William had awoken and she attempted to soothe him. The nurse suddenly turned toward the door and a familiar, old man barged in surrounded by two tired doctors. The old man started muttering things about guilt and then collapsed with exhaustion. William was also shocked , but was too weary to think about it. He fell asleep about 2 minutes later. Once William awoke, he felt the same exact pain he had felt when he had stepped on that minuscule weed. He started screaming "Help, please help me!", until the young, Asian nurse ran in with her co-workers and started comforting William. William then turned to see the old man look guiltily away. In the few seconds that he saw the old man's face, he recognized him as the crazy vendor. At first, William felt shock and confusion, until a letter was slipped into his hand from the vendor. Once the nurses and doctors had left, William opened the letter. It was written in sloppy English, and at first he couldn't read it so he turned to the vendor, but discovered that he had been transported to another room while William was contemplating the letter. William struggled to read the letter and finally managed to gather up this much info from it: " I..... sorry, I cursed ...plant..., you step on it, I .... I was angry....it ...went wrong, I in room 456.... I could help." At first, William didn't remember any plant that he stepped on besides the few, annoying weeds he had seen in the market. Of course the weeds! William then jumped off his bed with a mighty heave. His balance had improved slightly, so he managed to run out of his room toward room 456. Once he got there he laid his hand on the brass doorknob, but then almost lost all his strength . William heard doctors and nurses running down the hallways toward him. With his meager strength, he succeeded in opening the door and was immediately blasted with a charm.
The charm had instantly dissolved all the pain in his body and had returned all his strength back. William desperately wanted to hit the old vendor, but then realized the man didn't really mean any harm in the first place. He managed to say farewell to the elderly vendor and was soon running out of the hospital to his hotel. William learned that being rude can lead to horrible consequences and that you should always treat people with respect. William managed to complete his business trip and on his last day in Singapore, he coincidentally walked into the old vendor in another market. The vendor introduced himself as "Lee Yang"(this was his proper name). Linch spoke fluent English and gave William an amazing and proper tour of Singapore. This was a memorable trip for William!

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