The Sunshine Jar

November 12, 2010
The girl lives in darkness. Light burns her cream skin. She dances beneath the moon, sings her elegiac song, the moonlight turning her figure ghostly. The moon, the stars, and the night, they are her only companions. They are silent friends, and the girl is lonely.

The boys lives under the sun. He is a average boy, quiet, but average. He is golden, the world is in his grasp. The young boys and girls are noisy friends, and the boy is lonely.

The sun has set long ago, in its daily glorious farewell. The girl emerges, into her realm. She croons her mournful melody as she strolls trough the night. Her voice is crystal, the words undeterminable.

The boys lies awake in his bed. His eyes stare unseeingly at the ceiling until a haunting hymn enters his room. It is the sad ballad of a lost ghost. He follows the song outside.

Her song stops as she senses another presence. She turns and sees a boy peeking out from behind the shadow of a tree. The boy is all golden skin and hair. Light blue eyes. He is the personification of day.

He gazes upon her dark beauty. She is night. Black hair contrasting her white skin like the night to the moon.

“I heard you sing”, he whispers. It is quiet, he is afraid to break the fragility of it all. Afraid to scare her away.

She nods.

“I have never seen you before,”

“Not many people have,” her voice is eerie.

They stand together in silence.

“I have never seen the sun,” she confesses.

“I could bring you the sun. Would you like that?”

“It burns me,”

“I’ll find a way to ring you the sun,” he promises.

“Tomorrow? Same place, same time?”


The next night, the girl arrives at that same place, at the same time. She sits under a tree, sings her song, and waits for her boy and her sun.

The boy cluthes the sunlight in his hands. Once again, he follows the spectral music to the night girl.

The girl stays seated as the boy lowers himself beside her. Her eyes are closed, her head tilted back as she sings the last notes. She opens her eyes, and looks expectantly to the boy. Her hands her a jar. It is glowing from within, a warm yellow glow. The jar thawed her hands as she held it close.

“I brought you sunshine.”
“Thank you.”

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